Huawei smartphones - news, reviews and reviews

Huawei was founded around the same time as Lenovo, but from the very beginning it was engaged not in the production of Huawei smartphones , but in telecommunications equipment. Recently, the Americans suspected the company of close cooperation with the Chinese army and limited access to its market, but this did not particularly affect the reviews of Huawei owners .
In various reviews of Huawei phones , when entering the name of the company, we will see reviews of various modems, routers, but not Huawei smartphones, and on the shelves of companies that provide Internet provider services, there are a lot of mobile wifi routers, etc. Huawei smartphones began to gain their popularity, not so long ago, I can note 2013, when Huawei news appeared, about the "Ascend" line, of course, these products were not officially seen at that time, and there was no support for the Russian and Ukrainian languages in them It was, but in Europe people began to rejoice earlier than in our country. As you can see, competition in the market works wonders, as soon as there is news from one manufacturer about plans to “flood” any piece of land with their smartphones, when suddenly another manufacturer has the same idea. I think that from the Chinese brands, it’s still worth highlighting the main competitor, and in my opinion, this is lenovo, although this brand has a lot more production capacity, but all the same, their development trends are very similar.

History of emergence on the market of Huawei

I think everyone remembers when huawei smartphones began to seep into the squares of our countries, I especially remember a gadget with the name - huawei ascend p6, which first of all stood out for its thickness and unique metal case. After the appearance of this gadget, many different copies appeared, from Chinese manufacturers, both OEM brands and full-fledged companies, I can mention the recent jiayu and kingzone products.
As for the cost of Huawei smartphones, it has never been low, because the corporation positions itself as an A-class brand, in its arsenal it has a proprietary Emotion UI shell, the design of which, in my opinion, surpasses the design of the Lenovo Vibe shell.
The model range of the manufacturer is not so small, but in this respect, they cannot compete with Lenovo, the second one is 5 goals higher.
The company is happy to continue the development of its most popular line and does not hesitate to install not only its proprietary software, but also the recently released Kirin 910, 920 and 925 processors, whose power is at the level of well-known chips from Qualcomm.
I was not very pleased with the cost, for the last of the devices presented today, namely the Mate G7 and G6, if nothing changes in the company's policy, then the expected number of buyers most likely will not increase.
From myself I can add only one thing, the potential in the smartphone market, this company has a very large one, the main thing is not to lose face and continue in the same spirit!

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