Smartphones Lenovo - news, reviews and reviews

Lenovo was founded a very long time ago, long before 2003, when their current time came into effect. Lenovo smartphones are now recognized all over the globe and the reviews of Lenovo owners are 95 percent positive. Lenovo's production capacity is unrealistically large, their plans were to equip everyone and everyone with their gadgets, at the same time, so that users would not particularly feel this on their pocket.
The range of Lenovo smartphones is very impressive, because the policy of this corporate monster is to have at least 3-4 models in the segment, this is done in order to please everyone and everyone, because the population becomes very picky when the smartphone market is so abundant and one is better than the other. In our Lenovo reviews , we clearly demonstrate the operation of Lenovo smartphones and I think no one will object that the models are different. Lenovo's news about the release of a model with an exquisite metal and glass body warmed the heart of every fan. There is also a line of long-playing ones, in general, the choice just rolls over.
In almost every advanced country there is an official lenovo distributor, when any new product is announced, colossal advertising begins, in the news and on billboards, everyone gets acquainted with the future bestseller of all retail chains and this should not be surprising, since the reviews of the sellers themselves make you look at one or another lenovo smartphone.

As for Lenovo's development tree, it was:

From the very beginning, the company began to cooperate with the well-known mediatek brand, which at that time was already famous for its inexpensive chips, with increased autonomy and good performance, while the end user received low cost and not basement China, since the lenovo brand was known consumers, due to computer technology, in which the manufacturer has long been successful, at that time.
At first, the brand did not release flagships, but started with budget models, only with the release of the "K" line, people learned what really power + super design is, a vivid example of this was the lenovo k1 smartphone, which did not climb out of our TV screens for a very long time .
Well, with the advent of p780 (by the way, the release date is identical), people just went crazy, this device still does not leave indifferent the population of the CIS countries and not only, but this should not be surprising, since the hardware of the gadget is really more relevant than ever, but it was the key to success that brought a metal case and a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh.

A few photos about the manufacturer Lenovo: