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I think today, there is not a single fan of Chinese technology who would not know Meizu , this brand has already received excellent reviews from Meizu owners .
Meizu smartphones are one of the most popular and always fall into the "A" class, since the hardware is always top-end and is able to compete with the latest innovations from all over the world, this is confirmed by the Meizu reviews that our company provides.
As far as is known, the Meizu manufacturer has not always been engaged in the manufacture of smartphones, in 2003 they released their first media player, which gained considerable popularity, even then the brand proved to be a good side, after it several more players came out and they were no less popular, this Reviews on meizu testify .
The meizu news , about the production of smartphones, came in 2009 and the debut model was very famous, in the Middle Kingdom, of course, and it worked as a control of the MyMobile mobile operating system, but the malicious Cupertinians noticed the similarity with their product and filed a lawsuit to close the production of this smartphone from meizu , in which they successfully won. This moment brought only positive feedback to Meizu , because this news rushed around the world and even more learned about the company.
The meizu company did not stop there, in the development of smartphones and already in 2011 it released a new gadget, on the Android 2.3.5 OS, already beloved by our darling, the shell was naturally Flyme OS, from that moment the mini era of meizu smartphones began. Ever since that time, the manufacturer began to work closely with Samsung and began to purchase processors, the Koreans' own production.

Meizu models already known to us:

A good example of the use of iron, from Samsung, is a smartphone from meizu - mx4, which is already known to many fans of this brand and not only. As we remember, the device had a Samsung Exynos 4210 processor, at that time it was a powerful dual-core chip that gave the gadget a top-end look. A little later, the flagship was updated to a 4-core version of this processor.
In our time, such names of models are known that are most remembered in the memory of residents of the CIS countries, namely: meizu mx, mx2, mx3 and mx4. All these models were very popular and recognizable by fans of Chinese branded equipment.
The main difference in design compared to the competition is the metal frame and the touch home button, made in a white circle video, with phosphor coating for visibility at night.
As for advice, I would recommend this manufacturer to release gadgets not only with the current top-end hardware, but also finally take on the release of a two-term card.

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