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ZTE products have been on everyone's mind for many years, but many people know this brand, not for the production of ZTE smartphones , but because of the various portable modems that mobile Internet providers offer. Looking at the reviews of ZTE owners , few people can imagine that this company began its existence back in the distant 80s, almost at the same time as lenovo and Huawei. The direction of the company, at the very beginning, did not consist in the production of smartphones, the brand was engaged in telecommunications equipment, in general, the type of activity was intertwined with huawei, in fact, more than half of the company's shares belong to China itself.
Many reviews on ZTE that concern zte smartphones show us a high level of product assembly, excellent support from the manufacturer, when I saw the news from zte that they had released their own Nubia UI shell, I immediately understood that the approach to the production of smartphones would be very serious, later it happened ...
The only frustrating thing is that there is simply no official support for the Russian and Ukrainian languages in the basic firmware (as of 06/12/2014), you have to be content with custom ones, from fans of this brand.

Model range

Around 2012, the manufacturer zte founded a subsidiary, nubia, which, with the support of an already more popular brand, gained popularity among fans.
A special feature of zte smartphones is the touch-sensitive red Home button and the dots to the left and right of it, which are made in the same color design. In general, the design is far from hackneyed, the brand has its own style, which is easily recognizable among fans.
As for the historical tree of already produced smartphones, the most successful example, in my opinion, is zte nubia z5s and an excellent continuation of the line - zte nubia z7 mini, these models competed adequately in the market and outperformed their opponents, due to an adequate price tag and at the same time hardware was - top, at the time of production.
I hope that in the future Zte will open up more widely for the CIS countries and will already install language support in its basic firmware for our market, and in general, a worthy replacement for famous brands, at a more affordable price.

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