AirTag and other search tags may be outlawed

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It's all about the surveillance threat

Many have heard that with the help of AirTag you can arrange surveillance. There is a story about mass thefts of luxury cars , where attackers used tags to track cars. All this has generated a wave of criticism that geotagging violates privacy and can be an effective tool for committing crimes. For its part, Apple has rolled out a number of mechanisms to prevent this, but this has not removed the tension around the topic of spying through the search tracker.


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Politicians decided to take up geotags. A bill has been introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives in the United States that effectively outlaws the mark. It is likely that after its adoption, the state of Ohio will impose a ban on the use of AirTag and other analogues from other companies. Liability will be introduced for "knowingly placing a tracking device or application on the property of another person without his consent."


There is a chance that the bill will be passed and the emergence of similar legal acts will become the norm for other states. All this may lead to the fact that Apple will be forced to reduce the number of released search trackers or stop their release altogether. True, there is also the option that the company's engineers will still come up with some kind of effective tool that does not allow using AirTag as a tool for committing criminal offenses.


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Source: appleinsider

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 17.05.2022


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AirTag and other search tags may be outlawed