Bluboo Xtouch: we share video impressions from unpacking the smartphone

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The Bluboo Xtouch is the flagship of the company and has received a lot of positive reviews, and not only from fans of devices based on Android. The smartphone has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages. Nevertheless, the creators had to go in some things to a reasonable compromise. But in terms of the combination of characteristics, this is more than a worthy product in its class. It's time not only to verbally describe the smartphone, but also to look at it.


Due to its budget, it cannot surprise with some innovative solutions. There is no flagship hardware here and cannot impress the soul with its gigantism. However, the top and bottom bezels on the front panel still surprised us with their large dimensions, as well as the dimensions of the device, which are not much inferior to a 5.5-inch solution with a diagonal size of 5 inches. Visually, the smartphone gravitates toward the classic style, but the acrylic back cover and 2.D-glass on the front add a lot of charm to it. The interface is fast and smooth. In many ways, it is familiar, but there are slight changes in the design of the icons. To evaluate a dish, you need to taste it, and not try to imagine its taste by reading the recipe. Therefore, today we only tasted the Bluboo Xtouch a little and we liked it. Details on the video.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 11.11.2015


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Момент в том что я заказал себе на али експрес этот телефон, но понимаю что лучше бы взял Leagoo elite 1,и момент 11.11 потерян, и продавец ещё начинает кормить обещаниями
15.11.2015 12:37


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Bluboo Xtouch: we share video impressions from unpacking the smartphone