What is HarmonyOS and why is it needed: a simple explanation

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Huawei, which is under the yoke of US sanctions, yesterday introduced its proprietary operating system HarmonyOS 2.0 for various smart devices: from smartphones and smart watches to TVs and computers. The company is pursuing the idea of creating a single platform or "super smartphone" that will connect all devices from the same ecosystem.

For example, starting a video call on a smartphone, it can be transferred to a tablet or TV, and smart watches can receive information about the temperature in the refrigerator. In fact, users will be able to transfer tasks started on one of the devices to other gadgets.

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The company claims that HarmonyOS 2.0 is faster than Android, lightweight, and can be installed on devices with as little as 128KB of memory. It will allow you to keep various applications in the background for longer, and even after years it will not “lag” and “stupid”.

In order to explain to you in a simple and accessible language what HarmonyOS is, what the company is pursuing and what can come out of all this, we have recorded a separate video dedicated to the operating system. Happy viewing!

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 03.06.2021


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Эльдар Молдахимов 1
Пацаны,объясните мне бедному ,допустим у меня щас honor 20 с Гугл-сервисами, и как я читал он будет обновляться с андроида до harmony os, так вот что будет с Гуглом они исчезнут или как?
04.06.2021 09:13
Vital 1
Эльдар Молдахимов, Пока под вопросом, время покажет когда начнут обновлятся
04.06.2021 15:35
Vladislav D -5
в общем было говном как и в целом ХуйВей так теперь ещё говнее!
03.06.2021 21:48


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What is HarmonyOS and why is it needed: a simple explanation