Cube iWork 11: unboxing a sub-ultrabook

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Despite the market being flooded with mini-tablets and large phablets, the 10-inch tablet hasn't gone away. Here Cube iWork 11 is suitable not only for watching videos on the couch, but also allows you to fully work with office applications, text documents and build routes on the map thanks to GPS. About other features of the tablet - in our unpacking.

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Despite the rather low price tag, the tablet has a metal back surface. This greatly increases the reliability of the tablet, although it makes it somewhat heavy. The build quality is at a decent level, all the details are tightly fitted. This model received a 10.6-inch IPS-matrix and the picture quality is quite decent for watching movies and reading web pages. Having a 4-core Intel Atom Z-8300 processor and 4 GB of RAM means pretty good performance. Equipped with a gadget and two cameras, but the first acquaintance with the rear suggests that, in general, you can shoot if there is a need to capture some moment. But there is not much use for the camera. The keyboard that comes with the tablet is not bad, but there are problems with software synchronization of the device, which deprives such a desired comfort of working with it as a netbook.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 29.05.2016


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Cube iWork 11: unboxing a sub-ultrabook