Cheaper slowly: what used smartphones can be profitably sold in 2 months

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Rating of actively cheaper devices in the US market

Which smartphone to buy so as not to lose a lot when selling it after a short time? SellCell, the largest American service for the sale of used equipment, named those models that lose the most in price in just a couple of months from the moment they were released. All devices are considered to be “like new” or in “good condition”, and only the flagships of Apple, Samsung and Google got into the top.


The analysis of experts will be disappointing and disappoint the owners of the flagships Samsung and Google. In particular, the Galaxy S22 line lost an average of 51.1% (good condition) and 46.8% (as new) in price in just 2 months. The least depreciated Galaxy S22 Ultra with 128 GB of ROM (44.2%, like new), and the Galaxy S22+ with 128 GB of flash memory the most (57.5%, like new and 53.8% in good condition). For greater clarity, it is worth saying that just two months after the acquisition, the Galaxy S22 + loses $ 574.99 from the original price.


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Among the outsiders was Pixel 6, which after 2 months depreciated by 43.5% (good condition) and 41.5% (as new). For comparison, these figures for the iPhone 13 were 16.4% and 19.1%, respectively. Among Pixel backgrounds, the Pixel 6 Pro has the worst result with 256 GB of permanent memory. Two months after purchase, it depreciated by 47.9% (good condition) and 45.7% (as new). This is a loss of up to $479 in monetary terms.


The iPhone 13 Pro Max was recognized as the best smartphone that depreciated the least. It showed a drop in value of 4.7% (good condition) and 3.8% (as new) - the maximum monetary loss since launch was only $52. Among the “apple” devices, the iPhone 13 mini with 512 GB of ROM, iPhone 13 Pro with 1 TB and iPhone 13 Pro Max with the same amount of permanent memory were recognized as an outsider. They lose in price 23.8-30.9%, 22-27.3% and 21.5-26.2%, respectively, depending on the condition.


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Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 10.05.2022


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Cheaper slowly: what used smartphones can be profitably sold in 2 months