Details about Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro: what are the flagships?

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Last year, Xiaomi went beyond creating shovels-flagships and introduced a more compact smartphone - Xiaomi 12. The flagship turned out to be pleasant and ergonomic, light and comfortable, which fits into any pockets and does not pull them away. In terms of dimensions, there are no complaints about Xiaomi 12.


The idea of releasing a compact smartphone with decent performance will be continued in Xiaomi 13. Chinese sources are already saying that Xiaomi 13 will be a worthy continuation of its predecessor in terms of dimensions and ergonomics. It is logical that the latest top-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, which can be presented ahead of schedule, will become the hardware basis of the novelty. At the very least, insiders believe that the Xiaomi 13 series could debut as early as November, which means that the latest platform from Qualcomm should be ready by this date.


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Naturally, together with Xiaomi 13, they will give an option for those “who have more” - Xiaomi 13 Pro. Well-known leaker Digital Chat Station has revealed that the firmware will offer a next-generation 2K display with thin bezels. This is a 12-bit E6 panel from Samsung with a new light-emitting material backing and less blue light exposure. The matrix itself will receive curved edges and a hole for the front camera in the center of the upper part.


As for the main camera of Xiaomi 13 Pro, it will still offer three image sensors, where the main sensor will be larger than the width and macro module. But if there are no major changes in terms of hardware, then in terms of the design of the Xiaomi 13 Pro rear camera platform itself, there will be cardinal differences from its predecessor. Glass and ceramics will be offered as materials for the design of the back panel. Although you should not write off the possibility of a “leather” version of Xiaomi 13 Pro.


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Есть претензии к габаритам xiaomi 12! Он вы тянутый, как сосиска, в длину, и тяжелый. Компактный смартфон - с диагональю до 6 дюймов. Габариты чуть меньше ми 9 se (ширина 68-69мм) - будут идеальны для компактного флагмана.
18.07.2022 21:58


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Details about Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro: what are the flagships?