Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro: a review of an inexpensive smartphone with a metal case

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Smartphone Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro is one of the most interesting and controversial devices of this year. The high interest in this smartphone was due to a number of reports from the manufacturer about the unique features of this model. Some of them were subsequently confirmed, while others turned out to be fiction and not the most honest marketing move by Doogee.


So, for a long time, the manufacturer announced that the Valencia 2 Y100 Pro model would receive a solid metal case, and the renders showed that it lacked any seams and inserts from another material. We wondered how the manufacturer managed to solve the problem with the signal passing to the built-in antennas with such a housing design and hoped that Doogee engineers managed to apply some know-how. But in fact, the main material for the manufacture of the case of this smartphone is traditional polycarbonate, which was covered with several layers of special paint, which has aluminum chips in its composition. In addition, the coating received a texture reminiscent of the surface of the metal, which made the legend of the seamless metal case more realistic. It is worth recognizing that the manufacturer revealed this deception in time, preventing a possible embarrassment. Although on the manufacturer’s website you can still find the phrase “Metal unibody” in the description of the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone.


Another surprising fact for this model was the use of Corning Gorilla Glass protective glass in the screen design, which, moreover, also received rounded edges using 2.5D technology. In another situation, the presence of such material in the design of a smartphone would not surprise us, but not in a device that is essentially budgetary. Moreover, the manufacturer stated that in this model the thickness of the protective glass has been increased by 0.8 mm in order to avoid a possible decrease in its strength due to rounded edges. And although this fact is almost impossible to verify without breaking the screen, this feature was also presented with a great deal of pomp. The manufacturer allegedly reported on the numerous studies of engineers who conducted a lot of drop tests, the results of which led to this decision. Also, many of you probably watched the video , in which the screen of the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro broke nuts without the slightest consequences for it.

And finally, the manufacturer announced for this model of the company's line of built-in cameras of 13 megapixels and 8 megapixels, which is also not quite typical for devices costing up to $120, but rather traditional for more expensive smartphones.

One way or another, the manufacturer's marketing campaign has borne fruit, and interest in the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone has reached unprecedented heights for this manufacturer. The premium design of the novelty, as well as its rather low cost, contributed to this. And in the course of this review, we will try to find out whether such interest in this model is justified, or the manufacturer again did not do without insidious tricks. We shed some light on this in our special video review of the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro model, which appeared on our portal channel earlier. And now we will introduce you to a more complete text version of this review. And we will start, according to tradition, with a description of the packaging and appearance of the smartphone.

Options and appearance Doogee Valencia 2 Y 100 Pro

The Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone comes in a small rectangular cardboard box with a black lid and a blue bottom. On the cover you will find an image of the smartphone itself and its name, and on the back of the bottom of the box you will find the main specifications of the device.


Under the lid of the box, you will find the smartphone itself in a separate top tray, at the bottom of which there is a transparent silicone bumper case. Under the top tray, you'll find the user manual in English, a screen protector, and the main compartment of the box with separate compartments for the charger, headset, and USB cable. The complete set of Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro looks like this:

  • Smartphone Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro.
  • Charger with a connector for our type of sockets and with a current of 1A.
  • Black USB cable.
  • Plastic case-bumper.
  • Stereo headset in black.
  • Screen protector.
  • English instruction manual

Well, the quality and labeling of the packaging here is pretty decent, which is not exactly typical for a budget smartphone. I was also pleased with the rich equipment of this device, although the quality of the accessories themselves does not give much cause for joy.

Let's move on to the appearance of the smartphone.

Appearance Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro

The front panel of the device is made of curved edge-protected Gorilla Glass.


At the bottom of the front panel there are three non-illuminated touch buttons.


Whereas in the upper part of the front panel you will find a front camera eye, a speaker slot, as well as 2 light and proximity sensor windows.

There is no event indicator in this smartphone, although there are three of them in the more budget version without the Pro prefix.

The body of the device is made of polycarbonate and covered with several layers of special paint, which contains aluminum powder and gives the coating a metal texture. The back cover of the case also forms its side faces, while it is completely removable.


On the right side of the case, you will find the volume and power buttons.


At the bottom end of the case, the manufacturer placed only the opening of the speaking microphone, and moved the Micro-USB connector to the upper end of the case, where the 3.5 mm headset or headphone jack is also located.


The left side of the device case is empty, and the trays for SIM-cards and memory cards are located under the cover of the device.


On the rear panel of the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro case, at the top you will find the rear camera eye and the LED flash module, and at the bottom there is the manufacturer’s logo and external speaker slots.


After removing the back cover of the device, you will find SIM trays, one of which is for a regular format card and the other for a Mini-SIM format, as well as a slot for Micro-SD memory cards up to 128 GB. Here you will also find a removable battery with a claimed capacity of 2200 mAh.


There is only one radio module in the smartphone, so when making a call from one of the SIM cards, the second one will be unavailable at that moment. Both cards support 4G networks.

The back cover of the case is removed with effort, and the build quality of the device is at a fairly high level, which is not always expected from a budget device. We did not find any creaks or backlashes in the case, no matter how hard we tried.


It is also worth noting that we really liked the case design of the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro. It immediately gives the impression that you have a device in a more expensive segment. At the same time, the smartphone sits very comfortably in the hand thanks to the rounded edges and the curved back surface. Also played by the fact that the display diagonal is only 5 inches, which is convenient for most users.

At the same time, this model cannot be called elegant, because the thickness of its case exceeds 9 mm. The overall dimensions of the device are 72.1 x 142.6 x 9.35 mm and the weight is 151 grams.

Next, let's move on to the technical part of the smartphone, starting with the display.


Diagonal display DoogeeValencia 2 Y100 Pro, as we said, is 5.0 inches. This model uses an IPS matrix, the manufacturer of which is not named. The display design uses OGS technology, in which the protective glass, the touch layer and the display itself are made as a single whole without air gaps.


Again, this smartphone uses a protective glass Gorilla Glass from Corning, while its thickness is increased by 0.8 mm compared to the standard solutions of manufacturers. Thus, in terms of screen strength, the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone can compete with the famous UMI Hammer .


In the Multitouch test, the display of the device showed support for up to 5 simultaneous touches.


The viewing angles of the display in the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone are expectedly high. The picture practically does not fade at different angles. The display has a high level of contrast, and maximum brightness allows you to easily use your smartphone even on the brightest sunny day. It is also worth noting the good color reproduction without any serious distortion of shades.


In other words, the display in the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone pleasantly surprised and pleased us, especially considering the positioning of the model.

Let's move on to the device interface.

Interface and software platform

The DoogeeValencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone runs on the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system with a proprietary DG OS shell from the manufacturer. Differences from the original version of the operating system are not significant. They mainly concern the design of some labels and icons.


The response to touches on the screen is quite fast, and we did not notice any lags or slowdowns in the interface.

Swiping down from the status bar will open the notification panel, and swiping again will take you to the quick access menu to the main functions - adjusting the display brightness, activating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or HotKnot, turning on airplane mode, choosing a sound profile and others.


With a long press of the "Home" button, you will open the tabs of the applications used, and by pressing the "Menu" button located to the left, you can go to the smartphone's settings menu, as well as wallpaper and widget settings. The back button, located to the right of the home button, performs its traditional function.


In the "About phone" section of the settings menu, you will find the over-the-air or OTA firmware update function, the operation of which has been tested and confirmed by us. Also in the menu it is possible to activate various smart functions - unlock by double-tapping the screen or calling applications using a special character that needs to be drawn on the screen in the sleep mode of the device. There are also functions for controlling the device using gestures, which is convenient when flipping through the workbench or viewing photos if you do not want to touch the screen with your hands.


As you have already noticed, the device has the ability to use the HotKnot function for data transfer, in addition to Bluetooth, which is also not often seen in a budget smartphone. Eh, I would add an infrared port for controlling equipment here, and there would be no price for this smartphone ... but, alas.

Otherwise, there is nothing more to highlight in the DoogeeValencia 2 Y100 Pro interface, although its minimal differences from the standard firmware version are very commendable, since Android 5.1 Lollipop is already good in itself.


We did not notice any problems in the operation of the software of this smartphone, and the working OTA function gives hope for good support from the manufacturer of this model.

Let's move on to testing the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro in various benchmarks, starting, as usual, with AnTuTu.

Performance testing and other benchmarks

As we mentioned above, the DoogeeValencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone runs on a 64-bit Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system with a pre-installed proprietary DG OS shell.


The device is powered by a 4-core 64-bit MT6735 processor with a clock speed reduced to 1.0 GHz (version MT6735P). This chip works in conjunction with a 2-core video accelerator Mali-T720 MP2 with a core clock speed of 600 MHz. The amount of RAM in the device is 2 GB, and the built-in memory is 16 GB, of which a little more than 12 GB is available to the user.


Since we did not expect high results from this chip, and even with a reduced clock frequency of the cores, the 20293 points scored in the Antutu v5.7.1 test by the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone did not come as a surprise to us.

Let's move on to testing 3D graphics. In the 3DMark test at maximum settings for HD resolution, the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone showed expectedly low scores - 2004, because we are already familiar with this hardware stuffing.


When tested in the Epic Citadel software, the results were also low - 22.7 frames per second at ultra-high settings for HD resolution.

Let's check the operation of the smartphone in practice in the game Asphalt 8. At medium settings, the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro copes with this game without any problems, like its main competitors with a similar configuration. As expected, when changing the settings to high, the game began to noticeably slow down. As for the heating of the case, after 10 minutes of playing it warmed up slightly, but the temperature did not even reach the subjectively average level. This means that with active use, you will not experience discomfort from heating the smartphone case.

Built-in sensors and GPS testing (see video for details)

Let's check what built-in sensors the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone is equipped with. Traditionally, the Sensor List program will help us in this.

So, DoogeeValencia 2 Y100 Pro has the following built-in sensors: accelerometer, light sensor and proximity sensor. This is a standard "gentleman's set" for budget-level devices.


Let's move on to testing the operation of GPS navigation in the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone.

After a cold start and without a Wi-Fi connection, the smartphone connects to satellites almost instantly. The positioning accuracy is high, but the device does not find GLONASS satellites, which is quite expected for this processor.

Next, we will check the operation of the built-in cameras.

Camera testing

According to the manufacturer, the rear camera of the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone received a sensor from SONY and is capable of producing images with a resolution of up to 13 megapixels. As it turned out, the manufacturer used an IMX219PQ Exmor R sensor here with a maximum resolution of 8 megapixels, but with the help of interpolation, the resolution of images can be increased to 13 megapixels.


In the design of the rear camera, the manufacturer used 6 lenses, a blue filter and a protective glass, and the aperture value was f / 2.0, which gives hope for good quality night shots and low-light shots. The rear camera has a single-color LED flash, as well as autofocus and electronic stabilization, and its focal length is 28mm.

As for the front camera, here the manufacturer was a little cunning, since its OV5648 sensor from OmniVision is capable of producing images with a resolution of up to 5 megapixels, and an increase in resolution to 8 megapixels is also provided using interpolation.


The viewing angle of the front camera is 80 °, while other details about its design are not reported by the manufacturer. It is only known that when processing pictures from the front camera, you can use the Beauty 2.0 function to improve your own portraits in the pictures (lightening the skin, removing freckles, increasing the size of the eyes, correcting the shape of the face, etc.).

The interface of the camera application is quite familiar to us and standard for Android 5.1 Lollipop. Here you will find panoramic shooting modes, Live Photo mode, the ability to activate HDR, slow motion mode and others. The maximum resolution of pictures from the main camera is 13 megapixels, and the video resolution is 1080p at 30 fps.


Autofocus in the rear camera is not very fast, but it does not miss focusing, and the pictures are quite clear. When shooting objects at close range, the sharpness is also very good, which is not expected from a budget smartphone. Color rendition in the pictures does not cause claims. One can only complain about the loss of detail in the shadows and at the edges of the frame when shooting landscapes. We also had no complaints about the operation of the front camera, although we did not make excessive demands during testing. The front camera does not have autofocus, so it’s not always possible to get into sharpness when shooting a selfie the first time.

Summing up the results of camera testing, let's say that in this area the smartphone DoogeeValencia 2 Y100 Pro exceeded our expectations. In other words, for a budget device, the cameras here are very good, even taking into account the fact that the maximum resolution of the images is achieved by interpolation.

Next, we will check the autonomy of the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro.

Battery test

According to the manufacturer, the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone has a 2200 mAh battery from the Chinese company BAK. The battery in the device is removable, so you can always replace it with a new one, the cost of which should not be high due to its country of origin.


In the AnTuTu Battery Test program, the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone showed a modest result of 4240 points. For comparison, a UMI Hammer smartphone with a claimed 2250 mAh battery scored about 3500 points in the same test, although we know that its actual capacity does not exceed 2000 mAh. This gives hope that BAK does not exaggerate the capacity of its batteries, although the results of the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro test do not allow us to expect the device to work with an average use of more than 1 day.

The DoogeeValencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone has a power saving mode, with which economical users can extend the device's operating time up to 2 days without recharging. At the same time, the manufacturer reports that this smartphone has a fast charging function, thanks to which you can charge the battery by 70% in just half an hour.

In general, taking into account the declared battery capacity, our expectations from the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone were confirmed, although, in our opinion, a battery with a higher capacity could be placed in a case of this thickness.


Let's test the sound of the external speaker Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro. Its volume level can be described as "slightly above average". That is, you will not experience any special problems with it. At the same time, the sound quality from the external speaker, as well as the sound quality in the headphones, do not differ in anything expressive. In other words, we cannot single out anything bad or anything good here, but this

We also note that the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone has a built-in FM receiver, for which you need to use a proprietary headset.

And now it's time to summarize the results of our testing.



Let's start with the advantages of the device:

1) The low cost of a smartphone, at which you will receive a device with average technical characteristics, but a premium design, high-quality screen, good built-in cameras and durable protective glass. The retail price of Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro is $119.99, and during the promotion period this device could be purchased for $109.99, which puts this smartphone clearly above its competitors.

2) The work of built-in cameras, the quality of images from which corresponds to the level of more expensive devices.

3) Design and body materials. Let's be honest, the "Metal unibody" feature definitely made its contribution, and the case coating here is somewhat better than in Asus ZenFone 2 (metal imitation is more realistic). Also, we should not forget about the thickened Gorilla Glass.

4) Pretty rich equipment, especially considering the positioning of the smartphone.

5) Software operation and wireless update function.

Let's move on to the disadvantages :

1) The absence of an event indicator (after all, in the previous model there were as many as 3 of them !!!).

2) Lack of illumination of touch buttons.

When summing up, we constantly adhered to the fact that the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro smartphone is a budget device. Some of its features have surpassed the devices of their segment, some have remained at the traditional level. But in general, we really liked this model, and at the moment it is one of the most profitable purchases for those who need an inexpensive and high-quality smartphone. Especially if you manage to get it on sale for $109.99.

Video review

In conclusion of the review, we present all the characteristics of the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro

  • Device type: smartphone.
  • Available colors: grey, silver.
  • Case materials: plastic, glass.
  • Operating system: Android 5.1 Lollipop with DG OS shell
    • Networks: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (band 5/8/3/2); WCDMA: 900/1900/2100 MHz;

FDD LTE: 800/1800/2100/2600 MHz (band 20/3/1/7)

  • SIM cards: SIM + Micro-SIM, Dual Standby
  • Processor: MT6735p, 64 bit, 1.0 GHz, 4 cores Cortex A53
  • Video accelerator: Mali-T720 MP2, 600 MHz
  • RAM: 2 GB LPDDR3, 640 MHz
  • Storage Memory: 16 GB + Micro-SD card slot up to 128 GB
  • Screen: IPS , 5.0'' HD (1280x720), OGS, 294 ppi, 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Communications: Micro-USB 2.0, WiFi 802.11 (a/b/g/n/ac), Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth v4.0, HotKnot, OTA, OTG, FM, 3.5 mm audio
  • Cameras: rear 8 MP with interpolation up to 13 MP (4160x3120), SONY IMX219PQ Exmor R, f/2.0, 6 lenses, autofocus, digital stabilization, LED flash (continuous shooting, digital zoom, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection , HDR, panorama, ISO select, exposure compensation, white balance, self-timer, scene selection), 1080p@30fps video; front 5 MP (2560x1920) with interpolation up to 8 MP, OmniVision OV5648, 80°
  • Navigation: GPS, A-GPS
  • Battery: removable, BAK, 2200 mAh, fast charging
  • Dimensions: 142.6 x 72.1 x 9.35mm
  • Weight: 151g
Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 07.08.2015


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