Doogee X5 and X5 Pro: video review of state employees for the mass consumer

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Today we allowed ourselves to deviate a little from the usual format to make a video review of only one smartphone. Now two almost identical devices Doogee X5 and X5 Pro will enter the scene at once. Their similarity in most parameters prompted us to create one video review. We decided not to pass by these gadgets, because they cost about 60 dollars and at this price they have few competitors with comparable characteristics.


Let's say right away that both models are ambiguous state employees. The manufacturer did not bother looking for original design solutions, but created ordinary plastic monoblocks. More precisely, even faceless "bricks". But at the same time, in such affordable solutions, it was possible to install a completely productive filling, where each of the models has its own advantages and disadvantages. 5-inch HD screen, 2400 mAh battery, OTA function, 9 mm body thickness, 150g weight and Android 5.1. As you can see, there are plenty of compromises, and here the price comes to the fore, which should be the decisive factor, because of which you want to buy a smartphone or not. Still, there are definitely those who want to get decent budget solutions, and in our video review we will tell you in detail about all the pros and cons of these models.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 14.11.2015


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Doogee X5 and X5 Pro: video review of state employees for the mass consumer