Elephone S2: video review of a state employee with a glamorous back cover

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Today, a budget smartphone from Elephone, the S2 model, came to us for testing. In the line of the company, this device is presented in two versions S2 and S2 Plus, which differ from each other by the diagonal of the display and the capacity of the battery. So, Elephone S2 received a 5-inch display and a 2100 mAh battery, while the S2 Plus model got 5.5 inches and 2600 mAh, respectively. But today we will focus on the S2 model, since the older model will appear in our studio later.

Smartphone Elephone S2 is a typical representative of the class of budget devices, if we take into account only its technical characteristics. A 4-core 64-bit MT6735 chip was chosen as the processor for it, and its stripped-down version with a core frequency of 1.0 GHz. The graphics chip here is also one of the weakest among modern ones. Therefore, it is definitely not worth expecting high performance from this device.


However, the strength of Elephone S2 lies not in the hardware, but in its appearance. In fact, this smartphone can be called designer. Everything in it is designed to serve as an ornament in the hands of its owner - an elegant metal frame, glass front and back panels with curved edges. Particularly noteworthy in this smartphone is its back panel, when, say, at a business meeting, your smartphone will lie with the display down. It has a unique pattern in the form of iridescent diamonds with different shades of blue. Although in fact this idea cannot be called unique, since it was copied from the R1C smartphone from OPPO. Nevertheless, Elephone S2 looks really cool, especially in the sun.


Well, we will not go into the details of this interesting smartphone, but rather get to know them in detail in our video review dedicated to testing this device. What this smartphone can do, and what you should not demand from it - you will understand after watching this video, at the end of which we traditionally summed up the results, naming the pros and cons of this gadget. Happy viewing!

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Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 09.07.2015


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Вовчик 0
Гламурный дизайн. Сдыхать начнет быстро, судя по заявленной батарейке
09.07.2015 23:32
Андрей 0
Задняя крышка действительно гламурная, батареи на день с таким процессором должно хватать.
10.07.2015 21:48
Alexey 0
Не понимаю - от чего все производители начали повально отказываться от более интересного процессора 6532. Он же заметно быстрее,а в графике более чем в 2 раза производительнее... Не прогресс, а регресс какой-то... Хотя по внешнему облику - зачет!
09.07.2015 19:50
вася'ан 0
Где он во графике быстрее? Если ты имел введу проц мтк6732 то он в плане производительности видеоускорителя уступает мтк6735.Мне интересно где ты нарил такую инфу, просто бред, наверно ты где то прочитал? Но не в том дело.На мтк6735 стоит Mali-T720mp4 600mhz---40.8gflops(gflops это такая хрень, которая измеряет производительность видеоускорителей). На мтк6732 стоит Mali-T760mp2 500mhz---34gflops. Как видеш видеоускоритель нa мтк6735 более производителен чем на '32 мтк.Я раньше тоже думал что видеочип на '32 мтк быстрее но на самом деле нет.У меня есть хороший источник этой инфи, а у тебя есть какой то аргумент что бы подтвердить свои слова?))
09.07.2015 22:34


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Elephone S2: video review of a state employee with a glamorous back cover