Elephone Vowney: video blitz review of a powerful smartphone with 2K resolution

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Elephone is experiencing a real boom and already has a decent portfolio of devices. One example is Elephone Vowney . We were given an engineering sample to study, so it is possible that some metamorphoses will occur with the serial product. But the test sample helped us draw some key conclusions about the smartphone.

So, the most obvious and main drawback of the novelty is a quiet external speaker. Perhaps this is the worst result among the previously tested Elephone P7000 and P8000 . But among the pluses is a good rear camera and a generally powerful filling. If the manufacturer gets rid of the smartphone from all the obvious flaws, then there is a high probability that he will get an excellent device for its class.


Specifications Elephone Vowney

Fundamental changes have touched the Elephone Vowney hardware and they include 8-core MT6797 (Helio X10) and 4 GB of RAM. In terms of performance, obvious progress is noticeable. It's sad, but we must admit that the processor heats up pretty much in games, and we can only hope that the device will be free of this shortcoming in a serial product. In other words, Elephone Vowney is not finished to perfection, but with great potential. We invite you to watch the video and draw your own conclusion about the model.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 03.10.2015


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helio x10 Это mt6795 а не mt6797!
04.10.2015 09:31


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Elephone Vowney: video blitz review of a powerful smartphone with 2K resolution