Google massively merges personal data, decently earning on it

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According to the logic of Google and security - should be almost synonymous concepts. After all, a company must stand guard over the protection of user data, and it has repeatedly stated that there is nothing more important than privacy and confidentiality. In fact, Google monitors users and all in order to show them relevant ads. It turned out that the search giant does not understand where it transfers almost tons of personal information.


Bloomberg conducted an investigation, the results of which found that out of $68 billion in Google's quarterly profit, about $54 billion came from advertising. To help the company earn such profits, users themselves unwittingly help. Every time a user opens an app on their smartphone or browses a web page, behind the scenes, an auction for the user's data and attention is already underway. Information about it is transferred to third parties to display relevant advertising, and it is received by those companies that offer the best price for obtaining data.


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A report by the Irish Civil Liberties Council found that advertising platforms broadcast data about the location and habits of Americans and Europeans about 178 trillion times a year. According to the report, Google transfers the same data more than 70 billion times a day in the US and Europe. It is known that only data about American users Google transfers to 4700 companies around the world.


Each data transmission, or "broadcast" from Google, as it's known in the industry, includes data about a person's location (including "hyper-local" targeting), personal characteristics, and browsing habits to help advertising firms get insights about each user. Those. in fact, the search giant trades in personal data.


By its behavior, Google actually risks the privacy of the user, since it cannot guarantee that data about it will not fall into the hands of intruders. And such a threat will grow as various smart devices capable of tracking user behavior become widespread.


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Source: bloomberg

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 19.05.2022


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Google massively merges personal data, decently earning on it