Huadoo HG04: video review of a companion for extreme sportsmen

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Classic smartphones are smartphones, and no one has canceled the segment of secure devices. From time to time, not only fragile and ultra-thin devices, but also curious devices of severe appearance from the list of SUVs get to our editorial office. Just about one of these, Huadoo HG04 , we decided to tell in our video review.


In general, the smartphone left mixed impressions, both in terms of everyday use and price. But it was the cost of the gadget that confused us more. Still, $290 for a smartphone from a little-known brand is somehow a bit much. It cannot be said that Huadoo HG04 is a "raw" device, but in terms of software, everything is not perfect. Perhaps the most unpleasant thing was that the flash refused to work at night and it was not possible to shoot a video with all the desire. But the quality of pictures of the 13 megapixel main camera in the daytime pleasantly surprised us. True, the user will have to get used to a rather atypical camera interface.

We took the liberty of testing the performance of the Snapdragon 400, the autonomy of the 3800 mAh battery, the operation of GPS, and even conducted a small underwater survival crash test of a smartphone with a maximum IP68 rating. All details on the video.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 19.10.2015


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Huadoo HG04: video review of a companion for extreme sportsmen