Elon Musk found another reason to criticize Apple

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He thinks the 30% commission on the App Store is overpriced

Elon Musk has never shown favor to Apple. He repeatedly criticized the company for the loss of its products of its former magic, and also repeatedly expressed resentment for poaching employees. Last year, he took a swipe at Apple, criticizing its policy of banning third-party app stores and calling the company a "garden behind a fence."


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Elon Musk does not approve of the company's approach regarding the 30% commission from developers for conducting any transactions within applications. On his Twitter page, he said that "the Apple store is a 30% percentage tax on the Internet" and this practice is not normal. The billionaire and head of Tesla believes that the commission in the App Store is at least 10 times higher than what should be. Thus, he directly indicates that he would consider a fair commission in the App Store of 3%.


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What is dictated by Elon Musk's next attack on Apple remains a mystery. However, he often allowed himself to make loud and eccentric posts without any obvious background for this. In any case, his post about the unfair policy of the App Store has become another impetus for debate on the network whether Apple is overly greedy or justified by its costs of creating a safe environment for software.


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Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 04.05.2022


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Elon Musk found another reason to criticize Apple