Easy ways to bypass Telegram blocking in Russia

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It's no secret that pretty soon the popular Telegram messenger may be blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation. Roskomnadzor has already filed a lawsuit to block the service, so the final closure of access is rather a matter of time. Many users claim that in this case they will switch to Viber, but there are 2 reasons why this is not a solution to the problem. Firstly, it should be understood that Viber is simply not capable of becoming a full-fledged replacement for Telegram. The fact is that Telegram differs from Viber in much the same way that Skype once broke away from ICQ. These messengers, as Jules said, “completely from different series. They are different leagues. Yes, this is not even one sport!

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And secondly, Viber uses the same end-to-end encryption method that is used in Telegram, and therefore it can potentially (and even must) be blocked. Thus, regularly jumping from one messenger to another, you risk coming to the desperate conclusion that ICQ is not so bad. But for those who are ready to fight for their favorite messenger and for the future of the Internet in general, we have prepared some simple ways to bypass the blocking.

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What is "VPN" and what is "Proxy"?

If you explain it quite primitively and “on your fingers”, then imagine that the Internet is a big market where a huge number of people fuss. Previously, you freely moved around this market and could communicate with anyone, but now you have been assigned very strict guards (Roskomnadzor), who, although they allow you to stay on the territory of the market, do not allow you to keep in touch with some sellers. For example, among others, you are not allowed to communicate with a seller named Telegram.

There are several ways to resolve this issue:

The first way is to silently obey the ban and go to the seller named Viber, while they are still allowed to communicate with him.

The second way is to hire a special person ( VPN ), who has not yet been assigned any guards. This person will run around the market instead of you and carry out any of your orders. Thus, the whole market opens before you again. In particular, you can continue to use the services of the Telegram seller. And in general, using a VPN has a number of advantages, but there is one small nuance - if he is not paid at least a little, he will move through the market rather slowly, lazily, without much initiative and enthusiasm. Thus, the speed of completing your orders can be quite slow, but if you give the messenger just a couple of coins, then he will carry out any of your instructions at almost the same speed as if you were doing everything yourself.

There is a third way - to hire a special person ( Proxy ) to communicate with only one specific seller (especially for Telegram and no one else). Thus, the speed of communication with other sellers of the market, access to which is not blocked for you, will remain unchanged, and you will use a designated intermediary to communicate with Telegram (and only with it). It sounds perfect, but this method also has its own problem: free proxies work no longer than a day, and then they quit and you will need to look for a new assistant. Again, if you occasionally give him a couple of coins, he will serve you faithfully. As a result, you will get the maximum speed of access to all corners of the market, and individually for the blocked area (Telegram) you will have a specially trained, faithful and fast messenger who is always ready to run to fulfill any of your orders.

Of course, in fact, there is no “messenger” on the Internet, and all intermediary services are performed automatically. You just surf the internet as you normally would, while the VPN and Proxy do their job quietly and unobtrusively. As a result, the user may not even notice that he is using their services. Today we will consider both connection options, and which one to choose - let everyone decide for himself.

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VPN services

VPN is the most stable, reliable and even secure way to connect to the Internet, however, you should understand that when using it, the speed of your Internet connection will become noticeably lower. This applies not only to the Telegram messenger, but in general to everything that you use: browser, Skype, Viber, Facebook, Vkontakte, etc. - they will all load noticeably slower. This problem is solved quite simply - by purchasing a paid VPN, which will practically not affect the speed of your Internet, but at the same time provide increased connection security, and at the same time unblock any prohibited resources and services. In general, some pluses.

An important technical nuance: VPN uses a dynamic connection to many different servers. If one of them is disabled, users will automatically switch to the other. Thus, VPN is highly stable.

Free VPNs:

Orbot ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.torproject.android )

Turbo VPN ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=free.vpn.unblock.proxy.turbovpn )

Betternet ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freevpnintouch )

Hola ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.hola )

TunnelBear ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tunnelbear.android )

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Paid VPNs:

Express VPN ( https://www.expressvpn.com/en/vpnmentor )

Nord VPN ( https://nordvpn.com/ru/ )

Cyber Ghost VPN ( https://pro.cyberghostvpn.com/ru_RU/ )

What about Proxy?

If a VPN is a reliable and secure tunnel between a user and the Internet, then a proxy is an open and rather rickety wooden bridge without sane traffic encryption. However, this method has its own advantage - it is not necessary to use it to redirect all traffic indiscriminately (similar to VPN), but you can point to one specific application (for example, Telegram). Thus, the speed of the Internet connection in other applications will remain as high as possible.

But there is one serious problem: the proxy method provides a connection to only one specific server. If this server goes down, the proxy stops working. Thus, in the case of using a free proxy server, you need to constantly monitor its status, because at any time it can turn off and you will not receive an important message. High-quality paid proxies almost completely solve this problem, because. they turn off very rarely, but they work stably and quickly.

Note: Proxy should be SOCKS5 (not to be confused with SOCKS4 and HTTP/ S).

Free proxies specifically for Telegram:



Free proxies by country:

US ( http://spys.one/proxys/US/ )

England ( http://spys.one/proxys/GB/ )

Germany ( http://spys.one/proxys/DE/ )

Sweden ( http://spys.one/proxys/SE/ )

Paid proxies:

When choosing a paid proxy, it is advisable to choose servers that are as close as possible to the Russian Federation so that the connection speed is as high as possible. For example, Ukraine is great for these purposes: it borders on the Russian Federation, access to Telegram is not blocked, and the cost of rent is minimal.

The reliability of rented proxy servers is the most important issue. Unfortunately, you can only find out by experience, renting proxies from different providers until you find the best one for yourself. Fortunately, the cost of rent is so low that this process is unlikely to affect your well-being in any way.

Here are some inexpensive services:





How to configure the use of Proxy in Telegram?

Telegram for PC: Menu -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> Connection method: default (TCP) -> TCP over socks5

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Telegram for Android: Menu -> Settings -> Data and disk -> Proxy settings -> Use proxy settings

Telegram X for Android: Menu -> Settings -> Data and Storage -> Proxy

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Let's say you have a proxy like this: "". Everything before the colon is the address of the proxy server, and everything after is its port. Accordingly, we enter “” in the “Server” field, and “1080” in the “Port” field. Some paid proxies can also use a username and password - you will need to enter them in the appropriate fields. Everything is simple!

Telegram special client

"Telegrem Plus - Anti Blocked " is an unofficial Telegram client for Android that promises full functionality even if the service is blocked. Obviously, a primitive client is already built into the application for automatically connecting to proxy servers. For monetization, this application uses quite intrusive ads, but disabling it in all Android applications is a separate topic that we will discuss some other time.

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There is no doubt that as the day of blocking approaches, other unofficial Telegram clients will appear, which will also have built-in tools for automatically connecting to proxy servers.

But in general, as you can see, getting around the blocking of Roskomnadzor is not difficult. There are many different ways to do this, both paid and free. Be sure to share the information in this article with your friends so they stay connected, no matter the circumstances.

Author: Богдан Сокольник Publication date: 11.04.2018


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P.S.Опять американцы намутили,вот же народ подлый!
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Нет,он пионэр,как ты! А ты думаешь,не достаточно того,что ты живёшь в России!
P.S.А досье пускай лежит,пригодится!
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Все как то странно получается: упал самолёт в РФ - да у вас руки не из того места, у вас все лайно редкостное. В США за месяц упало 7!!! - ну подумаешь))) Так и здесь
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не упомянул главное!! как вы будите сидеть через чужой ip(VPN) так же и други могут сидеть через вас, и далеко не факт что они будут не барыги ,после чего можно ждать гостей
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телега сосёт
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