iPhone 12 mini: size matters? Apple was able to compact?

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Big complaints about the small iPhone 12 Mini

Perhaps, of the entire four new iPhone 12, it was most curious to try the iPhone 12 mini in reality. I wanted to know how it is to use a small smartphone. It seemed that it would be terribly inconvenient, because the dominance of giants reigns around. And these fears were justified.

Buying an iPhone 12 mini is more of an emotional impulse than a rational choice. Many will want to return the already forgotten sensations when you hold a small convenient phone in the palm of your hand. In terms of dimensions, this is an almost perfect smartphone that does not fall out and does not pull the pocket, you can put it anywhere and use it with one hand.

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It takes a few days to get used to the size of the iPhone 12 mini, but in the end it comes to understanding that this is a pain and you don’t need to torture yourself. In everyday use cases, 5.4 inches was not enough, it is not easy to live with it. The size turned out to be uncomfortable for writing notes, messages and entering some textual information. Watching videos is also a dubious pleasure. iPhone 12 mini is a pocket-sized smartphone, but uncomfortable in terms of operation. The lack of screen size is felt everywhere.

But it may seem strange, but the battery life of the smartphone is good. It turned out to “squeeze” out of the iPhone 12 mini 2.5 days of work with moderate use. If you actively load it, then charging may not be enough until the evening.

Objectively, the iPhone 12 mini has a lot of what you need for happiness: moisture protection, NFC, an excellent vibration motor, good sound, powerful hardware and wireless charging. He works smartly and does not "stutter". But it is rather ideal only as a means of communication and for those who talk a lot on the phone. In the process of use, you “stumble” on the inconvenience of Face ID, Always on Display is missing, the small screen levels out the power of the platform, I would like to “sink” in the charging speed and get comfort from working with the device. And this is exactly what is missing. More on video.

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 13.12.2020
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Никола 0
А мне лопата двухсотграммовая не нужна и размер дисплея 5,5 дюйма с соотошением 16: 9 меня вполне устраивает и то, что корпус металл устраивает тоже
14.12.2020 09:18
Igor “Barlacuda” Ivanov 0
2.5 дня? Хааааа. Это если его в тумбочку положить... возможно ещё и симку придется вынуть. Откройте форум известный. Как только народ не изголяется, чтобы он хотя бы до 14:00 протянул ))) Дизайн как у 4-ки. Аккум держит так же.
14.12.2020 07:27


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iPhone 12 mini: size matters? Apple was able to compact?