iPhone 2023 will be deprived of Lightning

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Another source confirmed the transition to USB Type-C

Probably, in light of recent events and the desire of the European Commission to transfer devices to a single USB Type-C connector, in the fall of 2023, Apple will release an iPhone without Lightning. And USB Type-C will be installed as a port for charging and data transfer. This was previously reported by well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo , and now this information has been confirmed by an equally authoritative source - Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.


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According to him, Apple is already testing the iPhone with USB Type-C. Such a decision will almost certainly be received positively by many. The transition to this standard will bring with it an increase in the speed of fast charging and data transfer. And in order not to harm the interests of the owners of "apple" equipment with Lightning, the company is preparing an adapter for new iPhones.


We believe that this time Apple will do everything “correctly” and will be able to make good money on the release of accessories in connection with the transition of iPhones to the USB Type-C port. The company will definitely not be at a loss and will find the right words to convey to its audience that the appearance of USB Type-C in 2023 in the iPhone is a timely step and akin to innovation. In terms of marketing, few can compete with Apple.


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Source: bloomberg

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 14.05.2022


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iPhone 2023 will be deprived of Lightning