How to check Xiaomi for originality (authenticity)

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Are you worried that your Xiaomi is a fake? Let's find out how to check its authenticity!

From the very beginning of its existence, Xiaomi quickly gained popularity due to the philosophy of releasing their devices - maximum opportunities for a minimum price tag. When the company was just born, many fans of the smartphone industry perceived Xiaomi as nothing more than another Chinese “basement” brand that makes its products literally on its knee.

However, history has shown that Xiaomi did not turn into a pumpkin after the initial positive reaction from journalists and tech enthusiasts. On the contrary, the Chinese brand literally opened the door to the mass market right off the bat, and now the chances of seeing a Xiaomi smartphone in the hands of an ordinary user are perhaps even easier than the once super popular popular devices from Samsung.

Xiaomi фальшивка

Unfortunately, such a stunning success brought not only obvious advantages, but also negative consequences - Xiaomi did not bypass such a familiar “ailment” of larger manufacturers as counterfeit products. If you decide to get yourself a Xiaomi device, despite the already low price tag of genuine Chinese brand products, you can still run into a fake. How to distinguish the original from a fake? Let's figure it out!

Verification through the official website of Xiaomi

The most accurate and 100% working way will be the simplest and most obvious - Xiaomi's own service , launched, obviously, in order to prevent mass fakes by the Chinese company. In the best traditions of Apple, which Xiaomi is trying to imitate, the site is designed in a minimalistic and understandable style even for an entry-level user.

сайт Xiaomi

Checking by serial number

So, first, let's check the authenticity of the smartphone by its serial number. You can find it on the box in which the device was delivered. The number is indicated by a simple abbreviation - SN (Serial Number - serial number). We enter the "serial" in the appropriate line on the page of the verification site that opens and make sure that the result given corresponds to the model of your smartphone.

Check by IMEI


You can also check if you have been sold some kind of cheap copy by IMEI - an individual international identifier of any smartphone or even a regular "button" phone. It can also be found on the box of the Xiaomi device you bought. The verification process is similar to the first method - just drive in the number and compare the result.

Checking through the AnTuTu Officer app

Antutu Officer

If you want additional verification to close the question of the authenticity of your purchase once and for all, then an application from a third-party developer, namely AnTuTu Officer, can also come to the rescue. As the name suggests, AnTuTu Officer was developed by a team working on perhaps the most famous benchmark, AnTuTu.

Unfortunately, like the benchmark app itself, AnTuTu Officer was mercilessly removed from the Google Play Store - you won't be able to find it with the usual search in the Google store. However, do not be upset - in this situation, as, indeed, always, the forum beloved by many will help us. We drive the query “AnTuTu Office download” into the search bar of the same Google or, for example, Yandex, and now we have a page for downloading the application we need.

So, having installed the program we need, we move on to the very verification of the authenticity of the Xiaomi smartphone. The device verification algorithm is nowhere simpler - you need to click on the Start button and wait for the verification to finish. If necessary, follow the instructions that the application may give you. If your smartphone passes the test successfully, then on the screen you will see the name of your device on a green background.

Antutu тест

Additional Ways to Authenticate Xiaomi Devices

Of course, even despite the official methods of checking a newly purchased Xiaomi phone, only those people who do not know the word “doubts” will be able to be completely sure of the results of an IMEI or serial number scan. For everyone else, there are a few more ways to make sure that the new smartphone is not a fake.

Software check

We have already discussed the importance of the firmware from Xiaomi - MIUI many times. This is not just one of the most popular interfaces based on Android. MIUI is the face of Xiaomi, part of its market DNA. In many ways, it is thanks to the beautiful, functional and in many ways innovative firmware that Xiaomi has become so famous and loved around the world.

In addition to, according to many, beautiful appearance and the presence of many cool features, having MIUI installed out of the box implies not only that the user will be comfortable moving from one Xiaomi device, but also complete confidence in the authenticity of the product. Yes, everything is so simple - if you buy a smartphone from Xiaomi, and it is MIUI installed on it, you can be sure that you have a real “license” in front of you.

фейковый Xiaomi

Like other more famous brands, Xiaomi has been affected by a well-known curse - fakes are equipped with absolutely inadequate, “crooked” software. Usually, the programmers of these one-day companies, which collect cash for gullible buyers, do not really bother with the preparation of “smoothly” working software. And why, if everything else is done so obscenely? Some unintelligible self-propelled gun full of viruses and bugs is installed on the finished disc. Naturally, there is no smell of any certification from Google.

Also, some “lucky ones” who got divorced report that it’s impossible to just unlock the bootloader in order to install the same MIUI - the smartphone will give all possible errors and can forever go into a cyclic download, eventually turning into a “brick”.

So be sure to turn on the device at the time of purchase to recognize the MIUI installed on it.

Checking the scope of delivery and appearance of the smartphone

Another obvious point of general check of the device will be the inspection of the box in which the new smartphone comes. The box should have high-quality typography, it should look trite “shameless”. It must contain the above-mentioned serial number and IMEI, as well as brief technical specifications.

Xiaomi подлинный

Inside the box, be sure to look at the delivery package - regardless of the cost of the Xiaomi smartphone, the inside of the box must be mandatory: charger unit, charging cable, brief instructions and warranty card.

Also, do not forget to inspect the appearance of the smartphone. One of the advantages of Xiaomi smartphones is a fairly good build quality, given the cost of devices. If you note that the details of the gadget do not fit tightly together and when the smartphone is squeezed, extraneous squeaks and other sounds appear, most likely you have a fake.

кабель Xiaomi

Finally, we also advise you to check the compliance of the characteristics indicated on the box with the actual use of the device. Just before buying, ask to listen to a tune to find out the quality of the speakers. Be sure to take a couple of photos on each of the camera modules to see the quality of the pictures - if you get a mid-budget smartphone, and it takes pictures like a push-button Nokia, then obviously you are being deceived.

Be careful before buying, and do not forget that even after purchasing a low-quality (non-genuine) product, you can always return it if something confuses you.

Author: Егор Лебедев Publication date: 30.04.2021


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