How to remove the headphone icon on Xiaomi phone

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Let's figure out how to remove the headphone icon on a Xiaomi smartphone!

With the advent of the iPhone 7, smartphones without a separate headphone jack (mini jack) have become something commonplace. As often happens, many Chinese mobile device manufacturers almost immediately after Apple's presentation began to release smartphones without this convenient "chip" one after another. And for some time, this state of affairs became a common practice - there were fewer new products without a “mini-jack” than with it.

At this time, the market for wireless headphones was actively developing, and despite the dominant position of Bluetooth headsets, there are still a lot of adherents of wired headphones. Fortunately, manufacturers have recently realized that such users should also be pleased with the installation of the same 3.5 mm jack. And one of these manufacturers, of course, is Xiaomi.

minijack iphone

Xiaomi's MIUI firmware may be one of the most popular Android devices on the market, but this does not protect it from unpleasant bugs. So, many users noticed that when pulling out the headphones from the jack, the notification icon about the presence of connected headphones in the top curtain of their devices can sometimes still remain in place. So how to remove the headphone icon on a Xiaomi smartphone?

What is causing this error?

The reasons for the appearance of this bug in a smartphone can be counted almost a couple of dozen, but, in fact, all errors can be combined into two convenient groups: mechanical and software problems.

MIUI разъем для наушников

Software bugs

Basically, all failures in the firmware are associated with obvious problems: an old version of the software, incorrect firmware settings, system garbage, viruses, and whatever. However, the solutions to these problems are not so obvious, and we will talk about them a little later in the text.

Mechanical problems

A little more difficult to solve will be the causes of this error associated with mechanical damage. All of us cannot keep our smartphones in absolutely original form, and even flagships protected from water and washed according to a special class will not give full confidence that raindrops, crumbs, animal hair and other small things will not get into the headphone jack . It is this (literally) garbage that leads to a situation where the headphones have long been disconnected from the smartphone, but the device still registers the presence of “something” at the system level.

Determining whether we have mechanical damage is also not entirely simple - a thorough check with a complete analysis of the device is necessary. However, if you notice the appearance of an error immediately after contact with water, then most likely it is caused precisely by problems from the outside.


Before you start solving this bug, you should determine what exactly caused the error. As we have explained, the mechanical reasons for the appearance of the headphone icon in the top curtain of your device are probably related to the ingress of moisture or dust into the 3.5 mm jack. Consider what can be done to remove this error.

Xiaomi MIUI значок

Drying the inside of the smartphone after getting water

If you accidentally let water get inside the headphone jack, then the first thing you need to do is turn off your smartphone and dry the “insides” of your device. The easiest way is to use a cotton swab - make the tip of the wand as thin as possible and draw a 3.5 mm mini-jack inside several times until the water remains on the surface of the cotton wool. It is better not to dry your smartphone with a hair dryer, so as not to cause the negative effects of overheating.

чистка мини-джек

If the water was inside your device for a long enough time, then the contacts could oxidize. Don't worry, it's not a tragedy. For such cases, there are special cleaning fluids. Perhaps the most popular tool is Flux Off. A couple of drops of this solution should be poured into the connector, hold the smartphone with the product in an upright position for a couple of minutes, and after the procedure, remove the remnants with the same cotton swab. The problem should go away.

чистка мини-джек Xiaomi

Cleaning the mini-jack from excess debris

Sometimes the problem is not caused by the liquid, but by something less obvious - small debris like dust, dirt, hair, and so on. But the solution is much simpler - just take any thin object (but NOT metal) and pass it around the walls of the headphone jack several times. After this procedure, blow out the connector and try inserting your headphones several times to remove any debris.

очистка мусора Xiaomi

Solutions to errors caused by bugs in the system

Before following the tips below, do not forget to carry out the mandatory procedure - reboot the device. Suddenly, just such a banality will solve your problem.

System crash in MIUI

Sometimes the headphone logo does not disappear due to a trivial graphical glitch, and a simple reboot will not solve this problem. However, you can try to carry out one interesting procedure.

First you need to insert the headphones into the jack and unlock the smartphone. After that, simultaneously hold down the power button on the smartphone and the call accept button on the headset. Hold it for 5-10 seconds, release and immediately pull out the headphones from the connector - the error should go away on its own.

Clearing Radio app data

This method is relevant only for Xiaomi smartphones that have a Radio built into the firmware - it is precisely because of the accumulated software garbage in this application that the smartphone may not determine the moment when you no longer use the headphones.

Радио MIUI

To clean, you need to insert the headphones into the jack and open the Radio app. On the first screen, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select "Turn on speaker". Exit the application and go to the general settings of the device. We are looking for the item “All applications”, and inside it, in the list of applications, we find “Radio”, go in and scroll to the end of the page. We find the item "Clear all" and agree to the cleaning. After that, we pull out the headphones from the phone - the error disappears.

MIUI радиоРадио MIUI Xiaomi

As we can see, some ways to solve this problem are not always obvious, and for their appearance on the Web, we must thank the strong community of Xiaomi fans who are always ready to help even in such specific situations.

Author: Егор Лебедев Publication date: 04.05.2021


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