How to enable 90Hz on Xiaomi smartphone

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Smartphone manufacturers are constantly increasing the screen refresh rate to achieve smooth and high-quality images. Now for most flagships and even mid-range devices, the best indicator is a refresh rate of 120 Hz, while state employees give out only 60 Hz. But many have forgotten about the "ideal mid" - 90 Hz. How to set such a frequency on Xiaomi phones - now we will tell.

Why turn on 90Hz: the advantages and disadvantages of such a refresh rate

The 120Hz refresh rate delivers maximum fluidity. This is especially noticeable while playing games and browsing the Internet. Of course, there is also 144Hz, but then users are faced with severe battery drain. Unfortunately, 120 Hz also significantly affects battery life. Energy efficiency is reduced by about 40%. This means that when the refresh rate is set to 120Hz, the phone will drain 10-20% faster than when 90 or 60Hz is selected.

If battery life is very important to you (for example, the phone has a small battery), then you should set it to 60Hz. But be prepared for a lack of smoothness and a fuzzy image. If you want to achieve both good autonomy and smoothness, pay attention to 90 Hz. This is the most optimal refresh rate for most scenarios.

The advantage of 90Hz refresh rate is smooth scrolling and faster response time compared to 60Hz. But this also implies a minus of the increased frequency: 60 does not discharge the battery as much as 90 Hz. If we compare it with 120 Hz, then 90Hz wins in terms of autonomy, but loses in terms of smoothness and picture quality. Therefore, see for yourself which parameters are your priority. We recommend setting it to 90Hz. This will be enough for everyday use, and you will only notice a slight delay in demanding games.

Why is there no 90Hz in Xiaomi settings

And here the user is faced with a big problem: in the settings of many Xiaomi phones, there is simply no 90 Hz mode. This primarily applies to smartphones that support 120Hz. You can select either the maximum or minimum frequency (60 Hz), but there is no average value. Owners of Mi 11i, Poco X3 NFC, Poco X3 Pro, Poco F3, Redmi K40 and some other devices report this problem. If for the phone the maximum refresh rate is 90 Hz, then this parameter can be set without problems.

Why Xiaomi removed the ability to enable 90Hz in the above models is unknown. Other manufacturers such as Samsung, Realme, Oppo, etc. have left this option in the system settings. Luckily, enabling 90Hz is possible even on smartphones where this feature is limited. How exactly - read in the next paragraph.

Enabling 90 Hz on Xiaomi phones - step by step instructions

Consider how to set 90Hz on any Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phone. The procedure is fast and is carried out without an unlocked bootloader, custom recovery and root rights.

Situation 1: there is 90Hz in the settings

This is the simplest situation. To enable 90 Hz, you only need the system settings menu. For example, on my Redmi Note 10 5G, the maximum screen refresh rate is 90Hz, and I can easily activate this setting without resorting to third-party software.

1. We go into the system settings and open the "Screen" section.

Setting 90 Hz on a Xiaomi smartphone

2. Scroll the page to the item "Update frequency".

How to enable 90Hz on Xiaomi

3. Click on the green block with a high refresh rate - 90 Hz.

Turning on 90 on Xiaomi phone

4. We reboot the smartphone for correct display.

Now the smoothness of scrolling will improve significantly. Compared to 60 Hz, the difference is very noticeable.

Situation 2: there is no 90Hz in the settings

Here, the procedure for switching on 90 Hz is already more complicated. The guide is suitable for the models described above that support a frequency of 120. Since the required item is not in the settings, we will need a third-party application SetEdit (Settings Database Editor) . The program works without root rights. Please note that improper use of this application may cause serious problems with your smartphone, so strictly follow the instructions and do not change other settings. We are not responsible for your actions and possible consequences! The application will give the desired result only if the smartphone supports 120 Hz.

1. Download and install SetEdit from Google Play.

2. We launch the application and check that the “System Table” is set at the top.

How to change the screen refresh rate through the application

3. Scroll the page to the very bottom. We need the "user_refresh_rate" string.

Setting 90 Hz in the SetEdit application

4. An additional window will appear in which we click "Edit value" .

How to make 90 hz on xiaomi

5. Change the value to 90 , and tap SAVE CHANGES .

Application to change screen refresh rate

6. We reboot the phone.

7. To check the set mode, go to the item "Screen", and in the column "Refresh rate" should be 90 Hz. If you want to return 120 or 60 Hz, just set this value in the system settings, as described in the previous paragraph.

Now you can turn on 90 Hz on a Xiaomi smartphone, even if this option is not provided in the settings. We hope that the article was useful.

Author: Алина Никитина Publication date: 27.12.2021


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Анатолий 0
В настройках телефона Realme Q2 pro нет пункта частоты обновления, но производитель заявляет, что телефон поддерживает 120 гц. Что делать?
01.12.2022 18:09
Кирилл 0
Подскажите пожалуйста очень надо на редми 9 с сработает? Очень важно,спосибо за понимание!
29.11.2022 19:57
Роман Мишин 0
На 11Т сработало)
Разница между 90 и 120 очень даже заметна, решил на 120 остаться)))))
22.11.2022 06:29
Nurislam 2
У меня нету чистота обновление редми 9а что делала жду ответа
01.11.2022 19:09
Денис 0
Это только для тех смартфонов, чей экран поддерживает частоту обновления в 90/120 герц
21.11.2022 04:19
Вадим 2
Почему на 10s нету? Было же в обзорах например
14.10.2022 22:59
Артем 4
Нет частоты обновлений на 10S
27.08.2022 13:21
Рай 0
На mi 10 s нету 90 или 120 Гц только 60
09.11.2022 18:58
Toffi 0
На 9T тоже нету. Что нету ещё ничего не значит.
13.11.2022 13:29
Forkss 10
Что делать если нету частоты обновления
22.08.2022 21:55
kolya 1
Проверил на Poco F3 miui 13. В настройках после перезагрузки ничего не поменялось, а разницу замети не особо получается.
09.08.2022 00:02
никита 1
что делать, на редми ноут 10с раньше было 90 герц а щас пропали
03.08.2022 18:54
Гном 8
На MIUI 13 в параметре Экран нет кнопки частота обновления.Чо делать?
03.07.2022 02:16
Игорь 2
Видимо, экран устройства поддерживает только 60 Гц. Тут только замена устройства.
19.07.2022 14:36


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