Which version of Android is the most popular

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Nearly a third of devices run Android 11

In the Android Studio section, Google has updated the distribution statistics for various versions of the operating system. Previously, the company reported monthly on the segmentation of the green robot in the market, but this attracted a wave of criticism for poor work on distributing the current version of Android. Therefore, this practice was put to an end and only once every six months it publishes statistics in Android Studio. The latest up-to-date information came from Google on May 9th.


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Devices running Android 11 and later now make up the biggest piece of the pie at 28.3%, up from 24.2% six months earlier, according to new distribution data for 2022. The share of devices still running Android 10 dropped to 23.9% from 26.5% in November.


The number of Android 9 devices is estimated at 16.2% of the total number of green robot gadgets. Android Oreo has 11.6% and Nougat has 5%. The share of those devices that work on Marshmallow is estimated at 3.9%. Still clinging to the market are models running Lollipop (3%), KitKat (1%) and Lelly Bean (0.4%). Alas, the statistics did not find a place for Android 12 and this directly indicates that the proportion of devices with it on board is negligible.


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Which version of Android is the most popular