Which is better to choose an inexpensive Samsung smartphone in 2021

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Samsung descended from heaven to earth

Smartphones under $150

Smartphones under $250

Smartphones under $350

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Samsung smartphones

How do you feel about the Samsung brand? If you think that they are completely “snickering” and put an inadequate price tag on their smartphones, then to some extent you will be right. Only in recent years has the situation changed dramatically. Now more and more people are interested not only in the brand name, but also in technical characteristics. They are ready before buying (sometimes even without the need) to spend time watching or reading reviews, delving into the technical part. And big brands need to adapt to this.

Which is exactly what Samsung does. They produce competitive products in different price categories. If earlier there was a strong gap in quality between Chinese manufacturers and A-brands, now the Chinese are increasingly stepping on their heels. Yes, Samsung remains the top seller, but Xiaomi is already in 3rd place. If earlier semi-slag could be wrapped in a beautiful wrapper and thrown into the masses - “people eat”, now everything is not so simple.

Top Samsungs

Therefore, the question: which inexpensive and high-quality Samsung to buy in 2021 is quite relevant. In this article, we will analyze the latest innovations from the Koreans and, according to the old scheme, we will decompose them into price groups. The only thing worth considering is the lack of new models from Samsung on the AliExpress site, so we will quote prices from local retailers in our countries. So let's try to help you make the right choice.

Samsung smartphones under $150

Let's dot the "and" right away - there is nothing good from Samsung in this category. For this price it is better to look towards the Chinese. The same Redmi Note 9 or Poco M3 from Xiaomi will be much more interesting. But if you still need Samsung, then two models will be the most optimal: Galaxy A 12 and Galaxy M 11 . Here are the technical specifications of both smartphones.

Samsung A12 specifications

Galaxy A12 may be needed for those who value autonomy. The battery in this model is 5000 mAh. The HD + screen resolution and the weak Helio P 35 processor from MediaTek certainly will not let the battery die quickly. A big plus for you can be the presence of an NFC module for contactless payments. The smartphone looks pretty old-fashioned for 2021 - a teardrop-shaped camera cutout in the display and a sad plastic case in three colors: dark gray, blue and red. In short, everything is modest. The price in our countries starts from $145.

Samsung M11 specifications

The Galaxy M 11 also falls into this category. It looks a little more interesting than the A 12. The screen already has a modern hole for the front camera in the left corner. Here, the processor is already from Qualcomm - Snapdragon 450. You will have to sacrifice the camera - the main module has a resolution of only 13MP. But, if you think about it, even the Snapdragon 450… How can I tell you, this is such an ancient processor that its photos exist only on black and white paper. Therefore, if you buy a phone for your grandmother, be sure to warn her not to sit on Instagram for a long time, otherwise the processor will start throttling, and set the minimum graphics settings in ShadowGun Legends. The price for Samsung Galaxy M 11 from official sellers in Ukraine is $ 140 , and in Russia - about $ 146 .

Comparison of redmi note 9 and Poco M3

In general, friends, think again before buying an inexpensive phone from Samsung in this segment. Take a look at least at Redmi Note 9 and Poco M 3 - these devices are head and shoulders above the listed Samsung models in all respects.

Samsung smartphones under $250

Samsung A51 on the table

For that kind of money, you can buy two models: Galaxy A 51 and Galaxy A 32 . It is worth recognizing that the difference between them is not significant. The A 32 has a waterdrop notch (again a new model with an outdated notch) but a more modern back with cameras. It also has a slightly more capacious 5000mAh battery (which is why it is 12g heavier).

Samsung A51 in hand

They both have a matrix made using AMOLED technology with decent PWM, with Full HD + resolution. The A32 has a 90Hz refresh rate display. And from behind, it is the A32 that looks more modern and practical due to the matte finish and the fresh camera module (now you can’t even call it a module, they are inserted by separate elements). Charging for both is supported only up to 15W.

Samsung A32 colors

See for yourself the cameras: the Galaxy A32 has a better main rear camera module - 64MP (against 48MP for the A51), but the front camera is weaker - 20MP (against 32MP for the A51). Only the Galaxy A51 can record 4K videos.

Samsung A51 specifications

The hardware performance of smartphones is about the same. Samsung's own processor, Exynos 9611, is more energy efficient than the MediaTek Helio G 80. In some applications, on the contrary, Helio G 80 wins. But these are all trifles, most likely you will not notice the difference. And gamers don't buy Samsung.

redmi note 10 on the table

Poco X3 with box on the table

Again, the Chinese in this category have a lot to offer. For this money, you can buy yourself Redmi Note 10, Poco X 3 or Realme 6 Pro , which is still on sale. The Poco X 3 is especially impressive against this background - it has a much cooler processor than Samsung ones, a stronger camera, stereo sound, and 33W fast charging. What you might not like is its dimensions (it is noticeably larger) and an IPS matrix, but with a frequency of 120Hz.

realme 6 pro

The Realme 6 pro has decent hardware too, with a 90Hz IPS screen, a 30W charger, a good telephoto camera, and a dual front camera. When recording a video, stabilization will work here, and you can process and edit videos on a preinstalled video editor. Of course, not everyone will like its teenage design with zippers on the back and an IPS matrix.

Samsung smartphones under $350

Samsung A52 on the table

The king in the category under $350 is definitely the fresh Samsung Galaxy A 52 . Compared to the previous model, A51, it already has a more advanced 64MP rear camera with optical stabilization (!), The ultra-wide one also eliminates jitter when recording video. Even if we compare it with the older A71 model with the same cost, it has a number of advantages: again, the main camera has an “opto-stub” (and this is the lot of flagships), stereo sound, an increased screen refresh rate, more powerful 25W charging, moisture protection IP 67.

Samsung A71 in hand

The screen itself should also please with greater clarity, as it is made using the newer Super AMOLED Plus technology. If we compare their processors, then the A52 already has the “older” Snapdragon 720 G , and the A71 has the Snapdragon 730, but in practice they give the same results. Even sometimes the 720th makes the elder in some respects.


Mi 10T

Poco F3 on the table

If we compare the Galaxy A52 with the Chinese, then for this money there are Poco X 3 Pro , Poco F 3 and Xiaomi Mi 10 T on the market. Subjectively, the Samsung A52 looks more interesting against their background (and this is the breakthrough of Samsung!). Poco X3 will be able to offer you only a powerful processor, but in everything else it will lose to Samsa. Poco F 3 already boasts not only hardware, but also a good screen and stylish case; but he has the worst camera among all competitors. And Mi 10 T is, firstly, an overall “shovel”, and secondly, the owner of a display using IPS technology, which is gradually moving away to its ancestors (remember, love ...).

Video guide for choosing an inexpensive Samsung smartphone

All the best and may Android be with you!

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 02.05.2021


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Which is better to choose an inexpensive Samsung smartphone in 2021