Which smartphone to choose with a price tag of up to $400? Found the best

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We continue the series of tops and today it's the turn to determine the best option in the densely populated segment with a price tag of up to $400. The situation on the market is such that there are enough devices that are normal for their class, but it is not easy to find a device that stands out favorably. But we still managed to fish out a pearl in this muddy water.

Fighting only Chinese manufacturers for the wallet of users did not happen. Still, the Galaxy M52 and Galaxy A52 also have the right to compete for the title of the best with POCO F3, Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G NE and realme GT Master Edition. Among them, we will choose the best, and in choosing between them we definitely did not focus on the brand name, we based it on the ratio of price and technical stuffing in each individual smartphone. When comparing the nominees for the award, even minor details were taken into account, but which can affect the overall impression of the smartphone.

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We chose the best in this segment, taking into account the fact that it has a good screen, the processor "drags" heavy games and decent autonomy. We evaluated the speed of work, the quality of the camera, whether there is enough memory and how the fingerprint scanner works. You can poke at random in any of the smartphones mentioned above and you won’t be mistaken - they all more or less demonstrate decent results in these parameters.

But still there are nuances that allowed this or that device to be one step ahead or behind competitors. We have found the smartphone that is worth pointing to when you are asked what to buy for $400, but in such a way that everything is on par with it in all respects. We have found such a balance. Watch the video and find out who is the winner.

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 16.12.2021


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Which smartphone to choose with a price tag of up to $400? Found the best