Meizu MX6: instructions for installing global firmware in the Chinese version of the smartphone

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This instruction will be useful to those who have already purchased a Meizu MX6 smartphone in one of the online stores in China, but are forced to be content with the official Anglo-Chinese firmware or “self-made” Russification from the seller. We will tell you how to install a global multilingual firmware on your smartphone, which will allow you to choose a convenient interface language for use and get rid of annoying Chinese applications.

So, the first and most important step to install the "global" will be getting Root rights for your device. To do this, in the Flyme 5 shell, you just need to register an account (if you don’t already have one) and activate the corresponding function in the settings menu.

1. Getting Root rights.

1.1. We connect to a Wi-Fi network (or mobile data network) and enter the menu item "Flyme Account" of the smartphone settings. If you already have a Flyme account, then go through authorization and immediately proceed to paragraph 1.5 of this instruction. If you do not have a Flyme account yet, then select the “Register” (“Register”) item.


1.2. Flyme account registration is carried out by phone and is quite simple. To do this, in the first line, select the prefix for your country, then enter the phone number to which the message with the code will be sent, and click the "Get code" button.


1.3. In the next line, enter the password that you choose for your account, and even lower - the code you just received in the message. An SMS message may arrive with a delay, and if you have not received it within a few minutes, press the "Get code" button again.

1.4. When all the lines are filled in, press the "Register" button and complete the registration.


1.5. Go to the menu item "Fingerprint and security", and then to the sub-item "Root permission". We agree with the warning about the "disclaimer" by checking the box "Accept", and click "OK". After that, the smartphone will reboot, and root rights will be obtained.


2. Installing the Play Store and the applications necessary for flashing.

If the Play Market is already installed on your smartphone, go directly to step 2.2.

2.1. To install the Play Store in the Chinese version of the Meizu smartphone, you just need to go to the branded App Store (a blue square icon with a white arc on the desktop) and enter the word "Google" in the search bar (tap on the magnifying glass icon). We are interested in the first result among those found, which is the GMS Installer application. Download this application and launch it as soon as its icon appears on the desktop. Once the installation is complete, the "Play Store" app icon will appear on your desktop.


2.2. We go to the Play Store, go through authorization using your Google account and download SuperSu, BusyBox and FlashFire applications from the store. You can install the same applications using File Explorer, having previously downloaded their APK files from this link and uploaded them to the internal memory of your smartphone.




2.3. We download the official multilingual firmware for your Meizu MX6 from the corporate website using this link and also upload it to the internal memory of your smartphone (to the root). If you are downloading the firmware file from other sources, make sure it is named "update" and in zip format.


3. Installing multilingual firmware.

3.1. Install the SuperSu app. During installation, we agree to update the binary file by choosing the NORMAL method for this. In the window that appears, click Allow, then in the next checkbox and click Allow again. After updating the binary, we refuse to restart the smartphone by clicking the "OK" button.


3.2. Install the BusyBox application. To do this, run the application, click the "Grant" button and wait for the installation and verification to complete. After that, we return to the desktop.

3.3.Install the FlashFire application. To do this, we also run the application, press the "Grant" button and wait for the installation and verification to complete.

3.4. Next, go back to the desktop and restart your smartphone.

3.5. Open and minimize the SuperSu and BusyBox applications.

3.6. Open the FlashFire application, press the plus and select "Flash zip or ota ..." in the window that appears. Next, select our zip file with the firmware, leave the checkboxes as they are.

Meizu MX6

3.7. Press the plus again and select “WIPE”, but this time we put checkmarks on points 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 (do not check the 4th point, i.e. it will turn out three in a row, one is skipped and again two in a row).

3.8. The “WIPE” item that appears is clamped and dragged, without lifting your finger from the screen, to the top so that it is above the “Firmware .zip” item.

3.9. After that, press the "FLASH" button and press "OK" in the window that appears. The firmware of the smartphone will start, which will be clear from the running lines. After the firmware is finished, the smartphone will reboot, and if the “global” is successfully installed, the device will go into Android optimization mode, after which you will be prompted to configure it for the first time.


3.10. If for some reason the flashing failed, you must repeat all the steps starting from paragraph 3.5. And if you carefully read the instructions and did everything right, then your smartphone will have the official multilingual firmware (“globalka”) installed, which in the “About phone” menu item will have the index “G” (Flyme Google services after flashing to the "globalka" you can install by going to the "Hot Apps" folder. Do not forget to delete the firmware image from the internal memory of your smartphone so as not to take up memory with unnecessary files, and also log in to your Flyme account again if you need Root rights again!


Please note that at the time of writing this manual, there was no patch that would change your smartphone ID from Chinese to International. Therefore, the software in your MX6 will not be updated “over the air”, and this procedure will have to be carried out manually. As soon as this patch appears, we will supplement this instruction and tell you in detail how to activate the OTA function on your smartphone.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 10.10.2016


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Все обновилось до по этой инструкции. SuperSu ставьте 2.79 - работает
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Как обновиться до Flyme 6?
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