What to do if the fingerprint scanner does not work well on Xiaomi

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Smartphones store a lot of personal information, so users set a screen lock for security purposes. Standard protection includes alphanumeric passwords and pattern keys. A more convenient option is to scan your fingerprint, but this method does not always work. In the article, we will consider how to solve the problem if the fingerprint scanner does not work on Xiaomi .

Adding a Fingerprint to a Xiaomi Phone

adding a fingerprint

First, let's learn how to add a fingerprint on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones running MIUI 12. The procedure will only take a few minutes.

1.Open "Settings" and go to the "Passwords and Security" section.

2.Go to the "Fingerprint Unlock" tab, which looks like a big blue square.

3.Click on the line "Add fingerprint".

4.Put your finger on the scanner from all sides. Tips will appear on the screen to help you position your finger correctly. Hold your finger in one position for a few seconds, but do not press hard on the scanner.

5.When a notification appears that the fingerprint was created successfully, click "Finish" in the lower right corner.

This way you can add multiple prints. They will be displayed in the settings under different numbers.

Note! Hands must be clean and dry. The print will not work if the skin has cracks or cuts. Also, you will not be able to unlock your mobile device using a scanner if you are wearing gloves.

How the fingerprint scanner works

The scanner can be located in three places: on the back of the case, on the side near the power button, or under the screen itself. The first two options are found in phones from the low and medium price segments. Only flagship devices are equipped with under-screen scanners.

Now let's find out how the fingerprint sensor works. The lines on the fingers are called papillary patterns. The minutiae (sections of the pattern) are interrupted, bifurcated and merge in different ways for everyone. It is because of this that the print is unique. The sensor remembers your papillary pattern, and the smartphone is unlocked only if a finger with the same lines touches the sensor.

Fingerprint sensors are divided into three types: optical, capacitive and ultrasonic.

1. Optical sensors are found in smartphones with AMOLED screens that implement under-screen technology. In fact, this is a camera that photographs a print and remembers it. Recognition occurs with the help of light. The user needs to touch the display in a certain place, after which the lock will be released. Of the minuses: the optical sensor starts to work incorrectly if dust or moisture gets on the display.

2. The capacitive scanner consists of conductive plates that are thinner than the papillary pattern. In such plates, a capacitor with a current charge is formed. And the papillary pattern of each person is unique protrusions and depressions. The sensor recognizes them using voltage and determines who owns the print. Such scanners are placed on the case or near the power buttons.

3.Ultrasonic sensors were the last to be implemented in smartphones. This technology was introduced by Samsung . This is the best scanner option that can provide security by creating 3D images. Moisture and dust also do not affect the scanning of the print.

Why is the fingerprint scanner not working?

Added a fingerprint, but it does not work? Let's consider three main reasons that can affect the performance of the technology.

Moisture ingress

moisture in the phone

Liquid adversely affects the fingerprint sensor. If water gets inside the case, the scanner will most likely stop responding to touch. To minimize the consequences, use the instructions below:

1.Clean the phone thoroughly with a dry cloth. Liquid got inside the connectors or got into the recess with the scanner - then use cotton swabs. Do not heat the device with a hair dryer, as this will only disperse the moisture through all the elements.

2. Place your smartphone in a bowl of rice so that the cereal removes moisture. Seal the bowl tightly and leave overnight.

3.Check the device again in the morning and turn it on. The scanner should work properly. If it still does not respond, contact the service center.

Mechanical damage

It is also a rather unpleasant situation, which is not always possible to cope with at home. Most often, the sensor is damaged due to improper disassembly of the phone, when the scanner cable breaks. The problem can be solved in two ways: replace the tape yourself or contact specialists.

A fall from a great height or other mechanical impact also causes the fingerprint sensor to break. This is especially true of optical sensors that are located under the screen and stop working if the display is damaged. Therefore, for practical purposes, it is better to purchase phones with a conventional capacitive scanner, which is more resistant to damage.

System error

system error

Software crashes are rare on Xiaomi smartphones , but sometimes they do. Some users note that after updating the firmware, the scanner stops working correctly. There are three ways to get rid of the problem:

1.Go to settings and create a new fingerprint and delete the old one. Life hack: for faster response, you can make several prints on one finger.

2. Discharge the phone to zero, and then fully charge it. With the device plugged in, test the scanner.

3. Reset Xiaomi to factory settings. Don't forget to back up your important information beforehand.

Solving Common Problems

In addition to the complete inoperability of the sensor, users are also faced with smaller problems. Let's discuss each case separately:

  • The scanner does not always respond to touch - use a damp cloth to gently wipe the sensor. You can use an alcohol-based solution for cleaning, but only if the scanner is not located under the display.
  • The "Fingerprint Unlock" item is missing in the settings - restart your mobile device several times. If that doesn't help, do a hard reset.
  • I can’t add a new fingerprint - again, resetting to factory settings will help.

Now you know what to do when the fingerprint scanner is not working. The above information is suitable for both budget devices (for example, Redmi Note 9) and flagship devices ( Mi 8, Mi 9, etc.). If you have any questions - write in the comments, we will help.

Author: Алина Никитина Publication date: 10.07.2021


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Доброго времени суток, у меня редми нот 8т, в настройках нету даже кнопки, чтобы добавить отпечаток пальца, только разблокировка по лицу и пин-код, как быть в такой ситуации?
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Если датчик не определяется, то и в настройках соответствующего пункта не будет
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Не добавляет отпечаток, несколько раз пробовала. До этого работал норм. Редми нот 10. На днях перестал работать отпечаток, по-новой ввела пальчик и вот опять, но уже не получилось
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Не добавляет отпечаток, несколько раз пробовала. До этого работал норм.
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У меня XIAOMI 11 LITE и сегодня отпечаток пальца потерял в разделе настройки отпечаток пальца нет и не работает. Что делат?
02.02.2022 12:41
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У меня точно так произошло. В начале февраля о в разделе блокировка нет отпечаток пальца.
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Интересно, когда это Mi A3 считался флагманом
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