Inexpensive smartphones in 2021 from Xiaomi: our top value for money

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Inexpensive smartphones in 2021 from Xiaomi: our top value for money

Smartphones under $150

Smartphones under $250

Smartphones under $350

Smartphones under $500

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Someone may immediately object, they say, why only Xiaomi ? Is this really the best choice? Yes, the market is full of other manufacturers, such as Samsung , Oppo , Vivo , Realme , etc. But, let's be honest, you won't have the patience to read a comparison of all brands. And if you consider that there are such names as Ulefone , Umidigi or Doogee on the market, and someone is also buying them, then Xiaomi is the golden mean.

The choice is large - smartphones for every wallet

In just a few months, Xiaomi has released a lot of smartphones. It's hard to imagine what will happen in a couple of years! There will be several models for each change in characteristics: one with a 48MP camera, the other with a 64MP camera; one with Snapdragon 870, the other with Snapdragon 860; one with a glass case, the other with a plastic one; there is a stereo, there is no stereo… And it's still in different variations from memory.


In short, tin, what will be in the head of a person who is thinking about buying an inexpensive smartphone. Let's focus on what is new today and break them down into price categories. In fact, there are a lot of offers only from Xiaomi on sale. But we have selected the most interesting of them for you. So, on our "operating table" we have 10 inexpensive Xiaomi models.

Smartphones under $150

Redmi Note 9 in hand

Two comrades compete in the initial weight category: Redmi Note 9 vs Poco M 3. The most powerful argument when choosing between them may be the presence of an NFC module in only one of them - Redmi Note 9. If contactless payment is important to you, then pass by Poco M 3. Another difference in the case - in Poco it is made of plastic under the skin, and this is already an amateur. In all other respects, Poco outperforms the "redmic": in terms of processor, battery, and the presence of stereo sound.

Poco M3 on the table

For the price, the differences are small: if you take from Chinese sellers with Aliexpress, then for Redmi Note 9 they ask about $ 130 , and for Poco M3 - $ 150 . Comparative characteristics and prices are already lower in our market.

Features of Redmi Note 9 and Poco M3

Poco M3 and Redmi Note 9 prices

The big plus of both smartphones is that the problems that they had at the start of sales have already been resolved by updates, or a solution can be found on the Internet.

Smartphones under $250

In this category, they compete with each other: Poco X 3 , Poco X 3 Pro and Redmi Note 10 . And here, at first glance, there is a clear favorite - this is Poco X 3 Pro . It has a powerful Snapdragon 860 processor and "fast" memory.

Poco X 3 Pro with box

If we compare the two models from Poco , then the X 3 Pro   the plastic cover looks a little better, but the camera is weaker. Here already, as they say - who cares, everything is quite relative. Its price in China starts at $250 with discounts, that is, it is right under the ceiling of our budget. Its younger brother, the X 3 ( NFC version), costs $227 with the same memory.

Poco X 3 with box

Redmi Note 10 will have its fans due to its smaller size, nice materials and elegant appearance, as well as an AMOLED display (hello, PWM!). The processor here is not gaming at all, but it will pull all everyday tasks. One thing upsets, and seriously, it's software. So problematic software has not been seen on a smartphone for a long time. Yes, there is hope that everything will be fixed and get better with updates, but for now this fact remains. Although, many owners use and do not know grief.

redmi note 10 on the table

You can buy Redmi Note 10 for $225 , but you will get less RAM for this money - only 4GB.

Smartphones under $350

Poco F3 on the table

In this group, there will be 4 contenders for the title of your favorite: Redmi Note 10 Pro , Xiaomi Mi 11 lite , Xiaomi Mi 10 T lite and Poco F 3 . The latter is the real top in this category. It has an excellent AMOLED screen with a frequency of 120Hz, a beautiful body with nice materials and powerful hardware ( Snapdragon 870 processor). But this, if you do not take into account one "but". We have already emphasized its weak camera more than once. It seems that everything is not so bad on paper, but in practice it shows disgusting results. The price for Poco F 3 will be appropriate only in the Chinese market.

redmi note 10 pro with box

If the camera in a smartphone is still important to you, then we suggest stopping at Redmi Note 10 Pro . This is the most balanced model of the remaining three. Materials, screen, camera and autonomy are at a decent level, but the processor is from the middle link. Its performance is not enough even to fully support the screen refresh rate of 120Hz. But also consider the problematic proximity sensor during a call.

Mi 10T Lite on the table

For those who care about performance, you should take a closer look at the Mi 10 T lite . It has a more powerful processor than the "redmic" and Mi 11 lite . The camera also takes good pictures. It has the original colors and a round camera block, but its size is not for every hand. Plus, he has one of the four IPS -matrix, although of sufficient quality.

Mi 11 lite in hand

Mi 11 lite is the king of dimensions, it is worth paying attention to those who appreciate ergonomics and cannot bear large sizes in their hands. It is quite compact by today's standards. And besides, this smartphone boasts a nice AMOLED screen and high-quality sound. For comparison, below are prices from local retailers.

Comparison of Mi 11 Lite, Mi 10T and Redmi Note 10 Pro

Smartphones under $500

We choose among the nominees for the "Best of the Best Xiaomi under $500" award. They announced their participation: Poco F 3 again, Xiaomi Mi 10 T and Xiaomi Mi 11 i ( aka Redmi K 40 Pro ) . Everything is not very clear here. It seems that again the light converges like a wedge on Poco . All its main advantages have already been described earlier. But as soon as we remember his camera, we want to put it aside and move on to another applicant.

Mi 10T on both sides

Xiaomi Mi 10 T has a big advantage in photo quality and video recording. The processor is about the same in performance as the Poco F 3, autonomy is also plus or minus at the same level (batteries of different capacities, but also displays of different energy efficiency).

Mi 11i full length

If we mention Xiaomi Mi 11 i , then this is almost an exact copy of Poco F 3 . The differences are in the Damascus steel pattern on the back cover, an improved camera and a more powerful Snapdragon 888 processor . In games, these two smartphones show approximately the same results, so it’s better to ignore the hardware advantage. The price tag for Mi 11 i (or rather, for its processor) immediately tends to go up several steps, and this is at least $ 120 more expensive ... But even if you want to buy it, keep in mind that it has not yet been put on our market. It is only available in China without global firmware and starts at $ 630 .

Video guide for choosing a smartphone

Well, for those who are still determined not to buy Xiaomi , in the near future there will be an article about which inexpensive Samsung to choose in 2021.

All the best and may Android be with you!

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Inexpensive smartphones in 2021 from Xiaomi: our top value for money