Nord will become an independent brand from OnePlus

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Sub-brand games continue

One of the notable trends in the modern smartphone market has been the creation of sub-brands. Chinese companies are launching sub-brands one after another: at the center of the structure is a strong brand, from which one or more brands branch off. As a rule, subsidiaries are strongly connected between themselves and the parent brand. This is clearly seen between Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO, as well as Oppo, Realme and OnePlus.


And there are times when the sub-brand itself believes that it is ripe in order to highlight another brand. This is exactly what OnePlus will do with the Nord brand. It was reported that the company intends to form a separate division based on the Nord brand, which will produce smartphones and other smart gadgets.


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At the moment, devices of the budget and middle class are being released within the Nord family. Apparently, the release of the same devices will Nord already as a sub-brand. There is a possibility that we will witness the emergence of an analogue of the Realme brand, which will build its own ecosystem of products. To do this, he will receive the status of an independent, its own trading network and a team of specialists.


Will the Nord sub-brand be successful? Perhaps the company will start offering good quality devices at reasonable prices. An example of this strategy is just Realme, which, most likely, will be imitated. However, no one guarantees that we will not see a repeat of the experience with the “independence” of POCO, which is focused on the rebranding of Redmi models.


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Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 05.07.2022


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Nord will become an independent brand from OnePlus