Nothing Phone (1) will become a troublemaker or will the name be prophetic?

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In the current realities, the smartphone market has dipped significantly and become monotonously boring. It is uniform and predictable. He is in dire need of young, seething blood, new ideas, a departure from conservatism and a fresh look. And such an influx of freshness is promised by Carl Pei with his startup Nothing.


Nothing Phone (1) will premiere on July 12 and a lot is known about it. To complete the picture, only a couple of touches are missing, including the cost. But already now we can tell you what to expect from Nothing Phone (1) and whether expectations from it are exaggerated.


Marketing is everything

It is worth saying right away that Carl Pei knows his stuff. He is the one who stood at the origins of OnePlus and developed the brand. As you know, this company has been very successful in marketing and spinning intrigue around their devices. Therefore, it is not surprising that the upcoming Nothing Phone (1) is being actively promoted to the market through various tools, and here one can clearly see the positioning of the novelty as a geeky device. And the desired effect of increased expectation and interest has been achieved. Suffice it to say that Marcus Brownlee's exclusive video showing the Nothing Phone (1) has already gained more than 7 million views.



Now the Nothing team has only 300 people, but thanks, above all, to a successful marketing campaign, we managed to collect almost 200,000 pre-orders for Phone (1). A number of users, motivating their choice, referred to the authority of Karl Pei, to the fact that he knows his business and there are those who compare him with Steve Jobs in terms of attention to detail and indefatigable pursuit of excellence.


Geek dude


As opposed to boring smartphones, Nothing Phone (1) will offer a transparent back panel with 900(!) LEDs. They will light up in certain scenarios of using the smartphone. For example, while charging, receiving a notification, and recording a video. At this stage, only white coloring is known, but whether other colors will be available is a mystery.


In imitation of Apple, Nothing Phone (1) is positioned as a "green" device made from recycled materials. So, they promise to use 100% recycled aluminum and more than 50% bioplastic and other materials when creating plastic components. As with the first OnePlus smartphones, the company relies on design and materials, wants to evoke associations that this is a geeky device and a kind of mainstream in the market.


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In terms of inside-out design, Nothing Phone (1) looks really original and will allow its owner to stand out from the crowd. But in terms of hardware, it will not be the most advanced device. So it turns out that the preference will be given to efficiency and restraint, rather than pure performance and excess. At the same time, smooth, smooth and stable operation is promised.


Here the company assigns a significant place to Nothing OS - a unique interface. And here we can trace the tactics that OnePlus used at the start, offering outlandish CyanogenMod for many. This decision is also an attempt to advertise Nothing Phone (1) as a device for geeks. The firmware will be minimalistic, thoughtful, with a unique "visual language" and a sense of simplicity. They promise unique sound effects, melodies, themes and features. But despite all the chips, it will still be a redesigned Android with its advantages and disadvantages.


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Calculation or magic?


Returning to the topic of the filling, let's say again that Nothing Phone (1) still can not claim the title of "flagship killer". He is credited with a Snapdragon 778G + chipset (Snapdragon 7 Gen 1?), a 6.55-inch OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, 8/12 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB of internal memory, a 16 MP selfie module with aperture f / 2.2 and dual rear camera 50 MP (f/1.8) + 16 MP (f/2.2).


All indications are that Nothing Phone (1) may be just another mid-range Android smartphone with an unusual design, slightly different software and a cheeky name. He won't try to be what he really isn't. He obviously does not claim to be the "killer of the flagship" laurels. The smartphone will be funny and atypical in appearance, but no more. On the other hand, it promises to be balanced and meet the needs of most users.


It is the balance and original exterior that can appeal to a decent number of users. Naturally, subject to an adequate price and the opportunity to purchase Nothing Phone (1). The firstborn of the company will be sold, like the first OnePlus devices - by invitation. Do not forget about the shortage of components, which may not allow a young brand to snatch the required number of components in the race with more venerable brands.


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Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 05.07.2022


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Nothing Phone (1) will become a troublemaker or will the name be prophetic?