4 Ways to Update MIUI 12 on Xiaomi

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The proprietary MIUI firmware from the Chinese company Xiaomi is one of the most popular in the technology market. The manufacturer regularly releases fresh builds, in which interesting features and tools appear that greatly simplify the use of a smartphone. Therefore, many are wondering how to update Xiaomi phone to the current version. There are several basic methods that will suit both a novice and an experienced user.

How often do MIUI updates come?

Since most people in Ukraine and Russia use Xiaomi smartphones with global stable firmware, we will pay attention to it. Updates come to Miyuai quite often, about once or twice a month. We are talking about small assemblies, in which there is an improvement in existing functions, increased stability and a small percentage of innovations. This includes the latest security patches from Google.

When compared with competitors, for example, Realme UI from the brand of the same name, then new versions come every few months. Frequent updates could be called an advantage of MIUI, but fresh builds do not always work correctly. Users are constantly reporting new lags, errors and freezes. Realmi Ui is updated less often, but the builds are more stable. But we will not compare these firmware now, since there is a separate detailed article on this topic.

MIUI Updates

Major MIUI updates come out every six months or a year. Usually this is a transition to a new version of the shell. The current version at the moment is MIUI 12.5, but the global release of MIUI 13 has already begun. We talked more about the thirteenth firmware here .

Does it make sense to update immediately? Controversial question. Before that, you should read the opinions of other users on technology forums. Since there is a risk that after the next update, the mobile device will work worse. Miyuai is quite buggy, and this is no longer a secret to anyone. It remains to be hoped that in MIUI 13 this moment will really be worked out well.

How to update MIUI firmware on Xiaomi phone

Here are the step by step instructions for updating MIUI. Using them, you can update your smartphone to the latest firmware version.

Method 1: Automatic update "over the air"

This is the easiest and fastest method. If you have a stable global, European or Russian firmware, new builds should arrive about once a month. You will only need to give permission to download and restart your phone to install the latest version. Thus, you can get only official (not custom) firmware. The following conditions must also be met:

  • bootloader is locked;
  • no root rights;
  • installed system, not custom recovery.

To find out if there are new updates, you need to:

1. Go to "Settings" - "About phone".


2. Open the item "MIUI Version".

OTA updates

3. Click "Check for Updates" below.

How to upgrade

4. If an update is available, click Download.
5. Wait for the download to finish and click "Restart".
6. Wait 5-10 minutes while the phone is being updated. At this time, you can not reboot or turn it off yourself.

You can also enable automatic download of new versions and installation of updates at night when the smartphone is not in use. To do this, on the page with updates, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select "Settings". Activate the sliders opposite "Download via Wi-Fi" or "Download via mobile Internet". When choosing the second option, keep in mind that traffic will be consumed. A little lower we indicate the time during which autoload is possible.

Setting up OTA updates

Auto download updates on MIUI 12

Also check the box next to "Update automatically". If you want to receive early updates, activate the corresponding line. But be prepared for the fact that some functions or the system itself will not work correctly due to early updates.

Auto updates on MIUI 12

Method 2: Manual update through "Three dots"

If we talk about manual installation using OTA, then the process here is longer. You need to connect your Xiaomi phone to a PC, choose the appropriate version yourself, download it and transfer it to the memory of your mobile device.

The huge benefit of updating through the "three points" is security. The phone is at minimal risk compared to flashing via Fastboot or TWRP recovery. Therefore, this method is ideal for inexperienced users.

Note! You can only update the same versions of MIUI, namely:

  • Global→ Global .
  • China → China.
  • Russia → Russia.
  • EU → EU.

If China ROM is installed on the phone, and you try to install Global via OTA, the consequences will be sad. At best, it will just give an error, at worst, the device will “brick.”

As noted above, only identical versions can be updated. Therefore, it is important to know the type of your shell.

1.Open the settings and go to the "About phone" tab.

about phone

2. We look at the line " Version MIUI ». If the firmware is global, the assembly name will contain the letters " MI ", for example, QCMMIXM . The Chinese assembly is designated as " CN ", Russian - " RU ", European - " EU ".

MIUI Version

Downloading the assembly

1. We go to the global Mi Community forum and open the " ROM DOWNLOADS " tab.

ROM DOWNLOADS 2. Choose your smartphone model.

phone model 3. A new window will open, in which the firmware versions are indicated on the side. Click on the desired skin.

4. Click " Download Full Rom ".

Download Full Rom 5. We wait until the download of the archive is completed.

archive download

6. We connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable.

7. We transfer the downloaded archive with the firmware to the smartphone’s memory.

Now we start the manual update through the "three points":

1. Charge your phone up to 50-70%.

2. Open "Settings" and go to the "About phone" section.

3. Go to the tab " Version MIUI "And click on the logo several times. An inscription should appear at the bottom of the screen that additional functions are activated.

Version MIUI-1Version MIUI-2

4. Now click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner. We need the line "Select firmware file".
select firmware fileselect firmware file-1

5. Specify the path to the previously downloaded archive using the built-in explorer.
built-in conductor

6. Confirm that you want to restart your smartphone now.

7. Wait while the device is updated. During this time, do not perform any operations with the smartphone.

This is how you can update the firmware through the "three points". Also, OTA mode allows you to install full firmware. This is relevant if some functions do not work on the phone, and the bug is related to the shell.

OTA mode

Method 3: Firmware via Fastboot and MiFlash

This is already an unofficial method that will suit experienced users. Fastboot mode will allow you to update your phone to the latest version if the over-the-air assemblies do not arrive. This method is often resorted to by owners of outdated devices that have ceased to be officially updated.

Also, this option is suitable for smartphones that were in a bootloop state. But only on the condition that all the required steps have been completed earlier, since during a permanent reboot it is impossible, for example, to enable USB debugging or unlock the bootloader. Access to a PC is required to perform the operation!

Before installing the firmware in Fastboot mode, perform the following steps:

1. We create a backup copy so as not to lose important data.
2. Unlock the bootloader. We will have a separate article on this topic. In short, you need to link the Mi account with the phone and unlock it through the Mi Flash Unlock utility.
3. Turn on USB debugging. To do this, open "Advanced Settings" - " For Developers " and move the slider to the active state opposite "USB Debugging". We confirm our choice by checking the box "I understand the possible risks ..." and click "OK".

Developer Mode on Xiaomi

USB Debugging on Xiaomi

Enabling USB debugging on MIUI 12

4. Install the necessary drivers on the computer: usb, fastboot and adb. They can be found on the w3bsit3-dns.com forum, in the section with your model.
5. Download the archive with firmware suitable for Fastboot Mode. There is a separate page on the XiaoMi Community forum where such assemblies are presented. Unpack the contents of the archive into a separate folder.
6. On the PC, download the Mi Flash program. It can also be found on 4pda. Install the utility on the system disk.

After carrying out all the above procedures, you can start flashing Xiaomi:
1. Launch Mi Flash.
2. Turn off the phone and put it into Fastboot mode. To do this, hold down the power and volume down keys.
3. When the device enters Fastboot Mode, connect it to the computer using a USB cable.
4. In the Mi Flash program, click on the "select" button and specify the path to the folder with the firmware.
5. At the bottom, select the type of firmware: clean all - delete all user files, save user dat - save personal data, clean all lock - firmware with subsequent blocking of the bootloader. It is best to use the "clean all" option so that after installing the new firmware there are no problems. We do not recommend choosing a flashing together with a bootloader lock, especially if you install a global firmware on the Chinese version.
6. Click on the "refresh" button to display the connected model.
7. And finally, tap "flash" to start flashing. We are waiting for some time. The smartphone will reboot on its own, and you will see the inscription “success” in the “result” line. Only after that you can disconnect the phone from the computer!

Update via MiFlash

You may be interested in: What to do if Xiaomi phone does not turn on after update .

Method 4: Installing firmware via TWRP Recovery

This is also an unofficial version, which is great for installing both official firmware and custom ones. Some users like flashing through recovery more than through fastboot, since there is no need to connect to a computer.

The two main requirements are an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery installed. The appropriate firmware for your model must also be downloaded. As always, you can find it on w3bsit3-dns.com.

TWRP Recovery for Xiaomi

Now start installing a new shell through TVRP Recovery:

1. Put your mobile device into recovery mode by turning it off and holding down the power button and volume up.
2. Now format the internal memory. This is a required step. To do this, click on the “Clear” tile in the recovery menu and select “Format Data”. Type "yes" on the input line.
3. The cleaning process does not end there. Now in the “Clear” item, tap “Selective Wipe” and check all files except “MicroSD card” and “USB OTG”. Swipe right to confirm.
4. Return to the original menu and click "Reboot" - "Recovery". Swipe right again. The smartphone will reboot from recovery to recovery. This is necessary in order for all changes to take effect after clearing the memory.
5. Next, proceed directly to the firmware. If you have a memory card, transfer the firmware file there. If not, you will have to connect your smartphone to a computer and transfer the archive to memory.
6. Click "Install", and in the lower left corner, tap "Select a card". Specify the drive on which the archive is stored - "Internal memory" or "MicroSD card". Using the built-in explorer, find the firmware file, tap on it and swipe to the right to confirm. This completes the flashing process. It will only be necessary to wait for the operation to complete and reboot the smartphone into the system.

Note! If you install official firmware, you need to patch the kernel or install SuperSU / Magisk . This is necessary so that after the firmware, the custom recovery does not fly off.

See also: How to flash a Xiaomi phone in EDL mode and through TestPoint .

What is the difference between OTA, fastboot and Recovery firmware?

OTA firmwares have only part of the data if they arrive "by air". That is, the user does not download the entire shell weighing 2–3 GB, but only new updates, which generally weigh 600–800 MB. If the full assembly is downloaded on its own from the Mi Community website, then it does not differ in weight from the recovery.

MIUI 12 updates on Xiaomi

Versions for Recovery and Fastboot are more stable. Owners of OTA firmware often complain about lags and incorrect operation of some services. But in order to reflash a smartphone through recovery or Fastboot, you need an unlocked bootloader. This is a big disadvantage, especially for beginners. The advantage of Recovery and Fastboot firmware is that you can install a different version. For example, flash Global to Custom ROM.

We told you what are the ways to update the MIUI firmware . As you can see, there are both simple and complex multi-stage options. Choose the method that suits you, based on what firmware you want to install and what condition the phone is in. Also write in the comments what other Xiaomi instructions you would like to see on our website.

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