Renewed Moto Razr series has a chance to become popular?

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A new approach and pricing policy will contribute to this.


The first two models of the updated Moto Razr series were not very popular. And it was predictable, because they offered users mid-range processors, very mediocre cameras and a beautiful, but extremely impractical design, starting at $1,400. But the upcoming Moto Razr 3 clamshell is set to change that.


Moto Razr 3


According to online leaker Steve H. McFly, the new version of the Moto Razr will be available in Europe for €1,149 (roughly $1,200). You also need to understand that European prices have never been low, and in other markets, a smartphone will cost even less.


And this despite the fact that the Moto Razr 3, unlike its predecessors, will run on the flagship Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen1, will receive a good camera system consisting of a main 50-megapixel sensor and an ultra-wide resolution of 13 megapixels, and will also get rid of a huge chin in bottom of the screen. And in principle, the design of the novelty will be more similar to the Galaxy Z Flip than the original Motorola Razr V3.


Moto Razr 3


The presentation of Moto Razr 3 will take place in July. Whether all these changes will help make Motorola's clamshell popular, only time will tell.


Source: phonearena

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Renewed Moto Razr series has a chance to become popular?