Reviewing Redmi Note 11 Pro: the same as before top for the money?

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Choosing a model from the new Redmi Note 11 line is not easy. It's one thing if the soul lies to show off and you want to flaunt 120W fast charging, then the choice is obvious in favor of Redmi Note 11 Pro +. At the same time, the basic Redmi Note 11 will suit everyone who drowns for IPS and moderation in performance. We got a brand new Redmi Note 11 Pro for review, walked around with it for a while and are ready to share our impressions of perhaps the most balanced solution in the series.

Let's express our thoughts on the ergonomics and dimensions of Redmi Note 11 Pro. We will complain about the plastic frame and be glad that the back of frosted glass remains pristine clean and does not get dirty. You will find out what is included in the package and what is wrong with the complete silicone case.

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After talking about the appearance and a miniature cutout for the front camera, let's talk about the display. After it, you will understand that Redmi Note 11 Pro has the best display in its class and that the company still does not want to offer a full-fledged Always on Display. Let's be glad that Dimensity 920 turned out to be a good and rather nimble system on a chip. Most of the current and heavy games are quite playable here.

We will definitely pay attention to the camera and understand whether the company has taught inexpensive devices to take high-quality pictures. Of course, we will measure the autonomy, talk about the sound and other little things that create the overall impression of the smartphone. Let's make our verdict on the viability of this model and the expediency of acquiring it. See the full review and enjoy watching.

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 16.11.2021


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Reviewing Redmi Note 11 Pro: the same as before top for the money?