Redroad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner review

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The young brand Redroad released a new vacuum cleaner last fall - V17. This is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, which should make the cleaning process much easier. The advantages of this model include high power, a well-thought-out filtration system, silent operation and a lot of necessary nozzles in the kit. At the same time, the price of Redroad V17 is significantly lower than that of competitors. We are sure that you are interested in this device, so let's start the review.


Cleaning type


Suction power


Vacuum power

26 500 Pa

Rated power

450 W

Motor rotation speed

125,000 rpm


5 levels of filtration, HEPA filter

Operating modes

Turbo, Med and Eco

Noise suppression

9-stage noise reduction system

Noise level

65 dB

LED screen

There is

Dust capacity

0.6 l.

Battery capacity

2500 mAh

Battery life

60 minutes (in Eco mode)

Full charge time

3.5 hours

The weight:

1.6 kg

According to the technical characteristics, we already see that the Redroad V17 is the best in its price category. The vacuum cleaner has all the necessary parameters and features that may be needed for high-quality cleaning of premises, furniture and even cars. You can learn more about the brand and their products on the official website .

Contents of delivery

Redroad V17 pleasantly surprises with its equipment. In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself, the set includes:

  • main motorized roller brush with additional roller and turbo brush;
  • metal extension pipe;
  • flexible knee;
  • extension flexible hose;
  • narrow crevice nozzle with backlight;
  • two retractable crevice nozzles;
  • turbo brush from dust mites;
  • battery;
  • Charger;
  • wall mount for storage;
  • documentation.

Delivery set of the Redroad V17 vacuum cleaner

The kit really contains a huge number of useful elements. There are all the brushes a user might need. Most attention is drawn to the main motorized brush, which we will talk about later.

Appearance and assembly

Redroad V17 is made in a standard design for handheld vacuum cleaners. The main colors used in the design are red, white and grey. The handle is pistol grip, and at the bottom is a non-removable plastic trash can. There are two HEPA filters under the cover. The large filter contains activated carbon. An additional small filter is attached to it. The top panels are removable. You can also change the color of the lid by purchasing new linings.

Redroad V17

On the back side there is a small LED screen that displays information about the status of the device, the percentage of charge and the current mode of operation. On the screen, you can specify the operating mode: Turbo, Med or Eco. The button with the mode does not need to be held during operation, it is fixed automatically by a long press. If desired, you can not fix the work, but simply hold and periodically release the trigger, which is important when saving charge. Another long press opens the settings in which you can select a language from 13 available.

Using a plastic bracket, you can attach the vacuum cleaner and all additional equipment to the wall. This will save free space.

Using brushes and extension tubes

The Redroad V17 motorized brush has two different brush heads that move asynchronously to each other. One roller with a soft surface, so it copes better with smooth surfaces (tiles, linoleum, laminate). The second roller has a V-shaped overlay with artificial pile. Thanks to the different nozzles, the two-roller brush cleans different surfaces much more effectively than a conventional turbo brush. Moreover, it does not wind hair, wool and threads, as sometimes happens with such brushes. The rollers can be removed, washed, swapped or replaced with similar ones. The kit comes with additional nozzles, so you can put, for example, two soft rollers or two V-shaped ones. The motorized turbo brush is equipped with LEDs, which are needed to illuminate the surface during movement.

Turbo Brush Redroad V17

The second turbo brush that comes with the kit does an excellent job of cleaning upholstered furniture from dust mites. This brush literally sucks all the dust out of sofas, beds and pillows. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is also convenient to use for cleaning the interior of the car.

The other three attachments are no longer as interesting, but they are also important when cleaning. The elongated crevice nozzle has a bright light and is used, as the name implies, to clean small gaps (for example, gaps in a sofa). Two other nozzles with artificial pile of different hardness received a retractable design. They can be used to clean furniture, curtains and other dirty places.

The nozzles are connected to the body of the device thanks to a long metal tube with a matte finish. This is a standard and familiar pipe for upright vacuum cleaners. The cleaning process can be simplified by an extension flexible hose, as well as a bendable elbow. Thanks to him, you will not need to bend over to clean under the bed or other low furniture.

HEPA filters and noise reduction

Particular attention is paid to HEPA filters. As noted above, the main filter contains activated carbon, which purifies the air and removes odors. The filters capture 99.97% of fine dust. During cleaning, we get clean surgical air, which is very important for people with allergies. Even those who are sensitive to dust and odors can safely use the Redroad V17 without harm to their health. The vacuum cleaner has five levels of filtration, and this avoids secondary pollution due to flying dust.

Redroad V17 handheld vacuum cleaner

Redroad V17 also boasts quiet operation. Noise reduction consists of 9 levels, including a brushless motor, the use of polymer cotton to absorb high sound waves, seamless assembly, so there is no vibration noise, etc. Of course, it is impossible to make the vacuum cleaner completely silent, but in Redroad V17 noise minimized by all available means. In Eco mode, the noise level is 58-59 dB, in Med - 61-62 dB and in Turbo - 67-69 dB.


The battery capacity is 2500 mAh. The battery can be charged both separately and in the vacuum cleaner itself. As is the case with almost all cordless vacuum cleaners, autonomy is average. In Eco mode, you can achieve 60 minutes of operation, but in Turbo Redroad V17 it will last only 10 minutes. For comfortable cleaning, an average level will be enough, with which the operating time will be 30-40 minutes. This is enough to clean the entire apartment.

Redroad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner


You can buy Redroad V17 on AliExpress by going to the product page . The price is significantly lower than that of competitors, given the excellent characteristics of the vacuum cleaner and the complete set. We can safely recommend this model for purchase. An upright vacuum cleaner will clean not only floors, but also furniture, thick carpets, curtains and even car interiors. Follow our Telegram channel not to miss the best offers. Write in the comments if you liked Redroad V17.

Author: Алина Никитина Publication date: 23.02.2022


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