Review of the Huawei Band 6 fitness bracelet - you must take it!

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Huawei Band 6 is a great replacement for Xiaomi Band 6! Or not?

Appearance and display



Phone Interaction

Functions and interface



Huawei Bend 6 on the table

Slowly, everyone is starting to forget about Huawei . New products continue to come out, but they do not cause such a stir as before. Smartphones without Google services, what else is there to see? A picture is created that all other gadgets from this former leader are also of no interest. But it was not there! Today we have a wonderful Band 6 fitness watch from Huawei on review.

Huawei Bend 6 and Honor Bend 6

You can immediately note the confusion due to a similar model from the subsidiary brand Honor . And their model is also called identically - Band 6. Yes, indeed, the watches are very similar to each other both externally and in functionality. There are differences, for example, in colors, the placement of the side button and the logo on the end; small differences in the interface and the number of training modes ( Honor has only 10 of them). Otherwise   everything is the same.

Interestingly, there was no 5th model in the line. The latest version was the Band 4 watch and immediately Band 6. Again, this is not a smart watch, but a fitness tracker - you can’t make or answer calls with it, exchange messages, etc. (except for one function - more on that later). Therefore, we will compare Band 6 with Band 6, only from Xiaomi . Everything is logical.

Appearance and display

Huawei Bend 6 on a bench

In appearance, the watch has a classic for them rectangular case with a display rounded at the edges. The radius of curvature is not as strong as the Apple Watch , for example, but more restrained. On the right side we have a physical control button.

Side Button Huawei Bend 6

The shape of the watch is a matter of taste, here it's an amateur. It is more convenient for someone to use oval and elongated Xiaomi watches, while for someone it is more convenient to have a rectangular shape. Xiaomi Band 6 has a larger display diagonal - 1.56 inches versus 1.47. But in practice, the screen area is larger for Huawei . Yes, and the ratio to the frames of the body is higher, 64.7% versus 61.4%.

Huawei Bend 6 and Xiaomi Bend 6 included

But due to the low resolution, the pixel density turned out, on the contrary, less - only 282 ppi . That is, if you really look closely, the graininess will be slightly noticeable. At the same time, we understand that by increasing the screen resolution, the manufacturer sacrifices battery autonomy. Or you could sacrifice the thickness of the case if you increase its capacity. But then the price will increase by an order of magnitude ...

Huawei Bend 6 in the subway

Compared with the previous generation of Huawei Bend, the screen of the 6th model has grown by 1.5 times! In general, I must admit, the display turned out to be valid! With some dials it looks even more cool. The brightness, the intensity of which can be controlled manually, is enough on a sunny day. The viewing angle is also not satisfactory.


Colors Huawei Bend 6

The silicone straps from the kit are quite pleasant to the touch and comfortable, even a little softer than Xiaomi 's. The material is hypoallergenic. It is stated that they are even treated with UV radiation (they would still say that they wiped it with alcohol). Three colors are available to choose from: black, green and coral. The latter comes with a gold-colored case and looks very original, both on a female and a male hand.

Back Huawei Bend 6

Contacts for magnetic charging are displayed on the back of the case. By the way, also pay attention to the thickness of the watch case from Huawei - 11 mm; his fellow countryman-competitor has a case with a thickness of 12.7 mm.

Huawei Bend 6 and Xiaomi Bend 6 messages

There are no complaints about the convenience of interaction with the touch screen. The display responds well to touch, the sensitivity is sufficient. Reading messages, for example from telegram , is much more convenient on such a large display, only it does not support emoji.


Features of Huawei Band 6:

·        Size: 43×25.4×10.99mm

·        Display: 1.47" AMOLED , 194x368 pixel resolution, 282 ppi pixel density

·        Battery: 180 mAh, up to 14 days of work without recharging

·        System requirements: Android 6.0 or later; iOS 9.0 or later

·        Sensors: Pulse and oxygen sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope

·        Water resistance: 5ATM

·        Communications: NFC (optional), Bluetooth 4.2 GHz, BT5.0, BLE

·        Functions: 96 training modes, sleep and heart rate monitoring, pedometer, calories burned monitoring, menstrual cycle monitoring, call and message alerts, SMS answering a call, camera and music control on a smartphone, vibration

·        Colors: Amber Sunrise (coral), Forest Green (dark green) and Graphite Black (matte black)

·        Weight: 18g

Phone Interaction

Huawei Health App

In order to fully use the fitness watch, you need to "make friends" with your smartphone. It does not matter what model the phone is, the main thing is that the operating system is supported - at least Android 6.0 or IOS 9.0. For interaction, Huawei Health 's own application is offered, which is available in the Playmarket or the App Store .

Pairing Huawei Bend 6

With the watch, you can control some of the functions of your smartphone, such as:

- play music in the player

- press the camera shutter

- watch the weather

- reject incoming calls with quick replies

- read incoming messages (Russian language is present)

You can find your phone with the help of a bracelet - this is a very convenient feature for those who often forget where they put it.

Functions and interface

In its commercial, Huawei explicitly alludes to round-the-clock monitoring of blood oxygen levels. A competitor from Xiaomi cannot do this. The heart rate is analyzed 24/7. In addition, the little assistant will control the quality of your sleep. These features are named after such big words as TrueSeenTM 4.0 and TrueSleepTM 2.0 .


The TrueRelaxTM 2.0 feature takes care of stress control and will offer to calm down if necessary. And in general, more than 200 useful tips and suggestions are implemented here in various situations.

In addition to the fact that the indicators are recorded in the watch itself and the application on the smartphone, all these functions are designed to warn you if any alarming symptoms appear. For example, this may be in the case of a risk of sleep apnea. The bracelet will vibrate if it notices something suspicious. Yes, in our time to control the state of your health is very important.

There are as many as 96 modes for training here. Again, if compared with Xiaomi , then there are only 30 of them. Auto-detection of the training mode also works. There are daily goals, and their implementation looks like filling multi-colored rings on the screen.

Daily Goals on Huawei Band 6

As for the dials, the Huawei Bend 6 also tries to keep up with this. Huawei Health has a huge variety of watch faces, you can use your own photos. But even without the application, more than 100 native dials are already built in. To change it, just hold your finger on the main screen and swipe to scroll to the desired one.

watch face huawei band 6

The interface itself is implemented in a very convenient and similar way to smartphones - by lowering the curtain on the main screen, you can see the status and active / inactive settings items. If you swipe up from the bottom, the latest messages open. Swipe to the left to open health analysis elements. And additional applications (training, alarm clock, flashlight, settings, etc.) open when you press the side button.

Status bar on Huawei Bend 6

Functions for women are also present. The clock helps to control the calendar of cycles.


The survivability of the watch is provided by a more capacious 180 mAh battery compared to Xiaomi Band 6. This should mean that the Huawei Watch will last about 45% longer. Manufacturers claim 2 weeks in normal use and up to 10 days in active use. But you and I know that in practice these figures are always less, at least by a third.

Charging Huawei Bend 6

The charging connector was replaced with magnetic contacts. A full charge takes 1.5 hours. And even after just 5 minutes of recharging, the watch should live for at least 2 more days.

Huawei Bend 6 under tap

Moisture protection is declared standard for this level and implies 5 ATM . Calmly wash with the clock -   This will only make them cleaner!


In terms of comparison, this watch is similar to its big brother, the Huawei Watch Fit , only smaller, without workout animations and, in all likelihood, with a weaker chip. Huawei Band 6 is priced at $43 for the non- NFC version. At the time of writing, they can be bought on AliExpress with a discount of $12.90 .

You can buy Huawei Band 6 at a discount using this link . Hurry before they run out!

I must say that for the money this is quite a worthy fitness bracelet! Especially for those who are not very sympathetic to the oblong shape of Xiaomi watches, and the rest of the market representatives are either no-name brands or expensive products from the elite. But even if you do not compare the forms, the Huawei Band 6 still looks like a more muscular guy in terms of capabilities.

Let's look at the advantages of the model again:

  • full size (but not too big) display
  • all modern sensors, including SpO2
  • 96 workout modes
  • 24/7 health monitoring
  • low price
  • capacious battery
  • a wide variety of dials
  • convenient interface and management
  • nice strap material

The disadvantages against this background do not look very serious:

  • no emoji support
  • lack of animated workouts (compared to the older model)
  • low screen resolution
  • no Always On Display

Workout animations on Huawei Watch Fit

If you want a bigger screen with a higher resolution, workout animations, Always On Display , but are willing to sacrifice battery life, you can pay twice as much for the Huawei Watch Fit .

Good health to all and may Android be with you !

Author: Фесенко Тимофей Publication date: 22.04.2021


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