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Xiaomi is constantly releasing new mobile devices. There are so many models that it is easy to get confused in their names and characteristics. Today we have a fresh novelty - the Poco X3 GT smartphone, which is the global version of the Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G, released, respectively, for China. Let's find out what parameters the Poco X3 GT can boast of, and whether it can compete with such top-end devices as the Redmi Note 10 Pro and Poco X3 Pro.

Poco X3 GT

Brief characteristics

In order not to rush into the pool with your head, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with a brief list of the main features of the Poco X3 GT.

Screen diagonal: 6.67 inches, screen occupies 84.9% of the front panel
Permission: Full HD+, aspect ratio 20:9
Matrix: IPS
CPU: 8-core MediaTek Dimensity 1100
Software MIUI 12.5, Android 11
Main camera 64 MP (f/1.8 aperture) + 8 MP (ultra wide-angle lens, f/2.2 aperture, 120˚ FOV) + 2 MP (macro, f/2.4 aperture)
Front camera 16 MP (f/2.5 aperture)
Memory: 8/128 GB and 8/256 GB
Battery: 5000 mAh, fast charging at 67 W.
Colours: Stargaze Black, Wave Blue, Cloud White


Poco X3 GT equipment

All Xiaomi phones from the middle price segment are equipped with almost the same. The manufacturer adds only the necessary elements to the kit. Along with the Poco X3 GT, the user will find in the package a regular silicone case, a USB Type-C cable, an audio jack adapter and a 67W charger.

67W charging

You will not find headphones or any other nice bonuses here. Although one nice little thing is still present: the film is already on the smartphone screen, you don’t have to glue it yourself. By the way, the display is additionally protected by tempered glass Corning Gorilla Glass 7 Victus.

Dimensions and design

Poco X3 GT dimensions

The phone is quite large and heavy. Dimensions are 75.9x163.3x8.9 mm, weight - 193 g. The device looks nice: the thinnest frames and an eye for the front camera in the middle. The fingerprint scanner is located on the right side. The back cover, unfortunately, is plastic, but there is a logical explanation for this: a glass or aluminum case would increase the cost of the device.

case Poco X3 GT

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Color solutions are calm and pleasant - gray and blue with a gradient and plain white. The main camera block occupies an impressive place on the back cover, but it is made neatly and stylishly. In the lower left corner is a small inscription Poco. I am glad that there are no huge logos, like the Poco M3 Pro and X3. In a word, the novelty looks nice and not catchy.


screen Poco X3 GT

The screen diagonal is 6.67 inches. Agree that this is not a compact device at all, as, indeed, all new items from Chinese brands. But it is very convenient to consume content on such a display. The resolution is 2400x1080 pixels (Full HD +), the refresh rate is 120 Hz, the pixel density is 399 ppi. Everything is cool here, except for the matrix. Instead of the expected AMOLED, we are met by LCD IPS. Cons of such a matrix:

  • relatively faded colors, shallow blacks;
  • poor energy efficiency;
  • maximum brightness is not enough, especially in the sun;
  • there is no Always on Display function;
  • branded live wallpapers from Xiaomi do not work correctly.

AMOLED displays are devoid of the above disadvantages. Their only negative is annoying flicker due to PWM. Yes, and this problem is solved with the help of DC Dimming technology. You can find more information about PWM in a separate article .

Poco X3 GT display

So, in terms of the matrix, the novelty from Poco loses not only Redmi Note 10 Pro, but also the more budgetary Note 10. Those who, on the contrary, prefer IPS, will not be disappointed.


Poco X3 performance

Now consider one of the most interesting parameters - smartphone hardware. On board the Poco X3 GT is an excellent 6nm MediaTek Dimensity 1100 processor running at 2.6GHz. Last year it was a real flagship solution, and even now this platform deserves respect. The graphics are handled by the equally cool Mali-G77 MC9 accelerator.

In AnTuTu, the phone scores approximately 661077 points. This is a good indicator, which is confirmed during the gameplay. Poco handles demanding toys like Genshin iMpact, Shadowgun Legends, PUBG Mobile without any problems. FPS is stable at 59-49 frames, heating is minimal.

appearance Poco X3 GT

In everyday use, there are no problems either: applications open quickly, system animation does not lag. The smartphone absolutely does not slow down during multitasking, when many programs and tabs are open. So you can’t fault the performance of the Poco X3 GT, even taking into account the fact that the phone has MIUI 12.5 firmware installed, which in itself is not stable.

Of course, the flagship devices (the same Mi 11) are far superior to the novelty from Poco in terms of hardware. But we are talking about power, emphasizing that this is a mid-range smartphone with a fairly low cost. In this price segment, only the Poco X3 Pro works just as cool.

Main and front camera

Poco X3 GT camera

The main camera has three modules: the main one at 64 megapixels, an ultra-wide lens with a resolution of 8 megapixels and a macro lens at 2 megapixels. In terms of numbers, everything is quite modest, because Redmi Note 10 Pro is equipped with a 108-megapixel camera. But in fact, the new Poco photographs just as well, and even better, than the competitor.

main camera Poco X3 GT

Photos are very saturated and detailed, the white balance is correctly maintained. With sufficient lighting, noise is completely absent. Video recording is also on the level: videos can be recorded in a maximum resolution of 4K. A nice addition is electronic stabilization. And, of course, there were some small features, such as digital zoom, autofocus, touch focus, continuous shooting, HDR support, night mode, white balance adjustment, etc.

photo comparison note 10 pro and Poco X3 GT

camera comparison poco x3 gt and redmi note 10 pro

The front camera is more modest: it has only one 16-megapixel module, but this is quite enough for selfies. Video writes in maximum quality 1080p@30fp. The frontalka did not receive any more special buns, so let's move on to other characteristics.

Poco X3 GT front camera

photo from the front camera Poco X3 GT


Poco X3 GT sound

In terms of sound, the Poco X3 GT also holds up well. The phone is equipped with stereo speakers that produce surround and loud sound. The speakers were produced by the world famous company JBL, but this is just a marketing ploy. Of course, you will not hear any grandiose sound at the level of JBL speakers. The sound is just good: loud, clear, without squeaks, hisses and other surprises. What else do you need for a smartphone? If you are a demanding music lover, you will have to connect third-party acoustics.

acoustics Poco X3 GT

The only unpleasant moment is the lack of a 3.5 mm port. The company is gradually phasing out this connector in its smartphones, explaining this by the fact that most users in 2021 use wireless headphones, and wired ones are already outdated. But this, of course, is a matter of taste. Yes, and you can always use the adapter that is already in the kit.

Communication technologies

technology Poco X3 GT

In terms of communications, the Poco X3 GT is doing great: Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6, GPS, infrared port for remote control of equipment and NFC. So all lovers of contactless payment will definitely appreciate this phone. The module should work correctly in Ukraine and Russia.

Poco X3 GT slots

But there is no radio, as well as a slot for a memory card. If you can still put up with the first fact, then the second will definitely cause tension, because almost all modern Android smartphones support an SD card up to 512 GB. But nothing can be done: if you plan to use the phone very actively, then immediately purchase the maximum modification.


Poco X3 GT memory

We smoothly moved on to memory options. 8 GB of RAM, which is the golden mean: 4 or 6 GB may seem small, and 12 GB is not yet necessary for everyday use. The volume of permanent storage is 128 and 256 GB. I am glad that the developers began to move away from 64 gigabytes, which are no longer enough. The storage type is called UFS 3.1. This is a high-speed memory that is able to ensure the fast operation of all applications.


Poco X3 GT battery

The POKO X3 GT has a 5000 mAh battery. There is also a fast 67-watt charging that will feed the smartphone up to 100% in just 42 minutes. Wireless charging, of course, was not delivered. You won’t find it even in flagships during the day with fire, but here is a mid-level device. Another nice feature is the USB Power Delivery 3.0 standard.

Autonomy is good, and this is due to the capacious battery. The phone will work quietly for two days, but if you conduct special tests and compare it with Redmi Note 10 Pro, then Poco loses. The explanation is simple: as we already know, the smartphone has an IPS matrix, which cannot boast of energy efficiency. AMOLED screens are more advanced in this regard.

Communication standards

communication standards Poco X3 GT

Poco supports 5G network and is a cool addition for the future. But in the present, oddly enough, there may be problems with 4G. The fact is that the phone does not work with band 20. This range is common in some cities of Russia, so when buying, be careful and check all the details with your operator in advance. All other popular bands are supported (3rd, 7th, 38th, etc.). A feature such as LTE-A (4G +) is also available - frequency aggregation that combines several bands into one for better communication.

Versions and firmware

Poco X3 firmware

Poco X3 GT is released in the international version with global firmware, so there will be no problems with the choice of language and the availability of applications that we actively use. But officially the phone is still not intended for Russia and Ukraine. The geography of distribution is Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

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Do you feel that this model is allegedly not for Europe? Of course not, except for one thing - band 20 will not work, but you already know about it. There will be no other difficulties.


Poco X3 GT price

The cost of new items is $ 299 for the basic version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of permanent memory. How much the improved modification with 256 GB will cost is still unknown. The start of sales is scheduled for August, but the exact dates are not reported. Whether it will be possible to purchase the phone officially in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan is unlikely. AliExpress and other Chinese online stores will help you.

Our findings

conclusions Poco X3 GT

Well, friends, we discussed all the important characteristics, and it's time for the results. In one phrase - a cool smartphone, you can safely take it ... (if you need a powerful mid-range device at an affordable price). Of course, there are some disadvantages, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.


  • Powerful processor.
  • Stylish design.
  • Loud stereo speakers.
  • Triple chamber.
  • 5G support.
  • The price is 300 dollars.


  • No memory card slot or headphone jack.
  • IPS screen.
  • The battery does not hold a charge for as long as competitors with AMOLED.

Poco has up-to-date hardware, high-quality cameras, 8 GB of RAM, a full set of communication technologies, a large battery. What else do you need for everyday use? AMOLED screen? Perhaps, but some users, on the contrary, love IPS and hate AMOLED. If you are one of them, you will definitely like the novelty from Poco.

The closest alternatives to the Poco X3 GT for the price are the Redmi Note 10 Pro, Poco X3 Pro, and even the Mi 11 Lite if you get it on sale. We will not compare these models in detail, since this will require a separate article. Let's just say that the Poco X3 GT is on par with its competitors: in some ways it is better, in some ways worse.

Do not forget to write in the comments how you like the new smartphone, and whether you plan to buy it for yourself.

Video review

Author: Алина Никитина Publication date: 31.07.2021


Total comments: 8
Nikonov Alexander 3
Классная цветопередача.
И не надо хаять IPS-дисплеи! "Правильно приготовленный", он и яркость выдает нормальную, и контраст. iPhone 11 с IPS-матрицей имеет более 600 нит. То, что тут - всего 450, означает, что сэкономили на производстве, компонентах...и - да, отсутствие мерцания - это очень большой плюс... Для меня лично глаза дороже, чем вырвиглазная картинка, меньшая толщина аппарата и чуть большее (в среднем) время работы от батареи...
17.10.2021 00:38
Антонов Frigat.nasvai 4
"примерно 661077" - жаль десятые и сотые автор не указал, без них ооооочень приблизительно!
"новый Поко фотографирует так же хорошо, и даже лучше, чем конкурент." при этом фото с ноте10про чётче.
И, автор, IPS не недостаток, как не недостаток малый клиренс у гоночного авто против внедорожника - у каждого свои преимущества.
19.08.2021 17:11
Местный Волкодав -2
*(тот же Mi 11) намного превосходят новинку от Poco в плане железа*
*В этом ценовом сегменте так же круто работает разве что Poco X3 Pro.*
Господи какой бред!
"Намного превосходит* это на 10-15%, а "так же круто" - это 25% отставания по всем параметрам, ЦПУ ГПУ.
11.08.2021 16:35
Гербертович Спайсовый Барон 0
Смартфон сбалансирован. Но это вновь не про камеры. Понятно, что стандартные сценарии он отработает предсказуемо хорошо. Однако основным модулем тут является омнивижн с маленькими субпикселями и матрицей с устаревшим размером 1/2. Это бюджетный уровень. Да и сами омнивижн позиционируют данный модуль как бюджетный, для компактных смартфонов.
У них есть модули куда лучше.
Тут Суоми конкретно так сэкономили на покупателях. И тот же поко х3 так и остаётся лучшим в камере во всей линейке.
Одним словом, если хотите среднебюджетный камерофон, а не только звонилку и поиграть, вам не к поко х3 gt, берите рн10про или поко х3.
02.08.2021 06:54
Юрий 2
отличный телефон, большой плюс очень быстрая зарядка и ips дисплей
31.07.2021 22:51
Гарагуля Ирина -5
31.07.2021 20:54
Skos999 Rosrus@gmail.ru 4
Спасибо за первый живой отзыв, посмотрел с удовольствием. Poco X3 GT несомнено отличный сбалансированный аппарат. Давно ждал его выхода, хочу использовать в качестве второго смартфона. Рад, что воздержался от покупки Х3 pro. Жалко, что пока нет продавцов, отправляющих этот смарт в РФ.
31.07.2021 19:38
Skos999 Rosrus@gmail.ru, полная ерунда Ваш выбор
31.07.2021 22:24


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