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So the regular version of Realme 8 arrived for review. You can find an overview of the Pro version here. Everyone understands in advance that this version should be a little simpler than the older brother, but at a more affordable price. In this review, we will analyze what simplification touched on and what not, and how this model generally differs from competitors in its price segment. About everything, as usual, in order.

Realme 8 with box on the table


By tradition, the smartphone itself is in the yellow box, on the screen of which a protective film, a transparent silicone case, a paper clip and a 30W charger with a USB type - C cable are pasted. Oh yes! We almost forgot about the instructions (I wonder if someone reads it? Write if there are any).

realme 8 set

So we saw with you the first difference from the "firmware" - less powerful charging. The 8 Pro had a 65W unit, although the device only supported 50W.


In terms of dimensions and arrangement of elements, there are no differences from the older model. This is still the same compact by modern standards smartphone in the style of Realmi. The two brothers still have external differences. Although the back cover in the Pro version was also made of plastic, but now it is glossy plastic, as opposed to matte pearl. Needless to say, it looks and feels cheap. It’s just that now the case in the kit will come in handy, since with such a coating, prints and scratches cannot be avoided. The assembly of the case is made soundly, nothing backlash and does not creak.

Realme 8 and Realme 8 pro

Along the entire lid, the inscription " DARE TO LEAP " flaunts on a mirrored background that shimmers with rainbow colors. For those who didn’t know, the inscription literally means “to dare to jump”, and the semantic translation is “changing standards” (you may know other translations of this phrase). Well, let's see what other standards have changed in the Realme 8 model.

realme 8 colors

The fingerprint scanner is in the display. The display itself has a hole for the front camera on the left (it turns out that this is the right eye). Not so long ago, Samsung emphasized that in their model the front camera is in the center, there are no angle shifts (Realmi is changing standards ...).

See also: Realme will have its own laptops.

The power and volume buttons are also made of plastic. But the SIM card tray is full here - you can install two SIM cards and a memory card. At the bottom, everything is familiar: a headphone jack, a hole for a microphone, a charging socket and a speaker. In general, it's time to move on, otherwise we lingered on appearance.

Realme 8 and Redmi Note 10S


realme 8 screen

It makes no sense to write a lot about the display, since it will have to be repeated. The advanced version did not have a particularly advanced display, so the younger one has exactly the same display. An AMOLED panel with a 60Hz refresh rate is everything Realme has to offer in the budget segment. But thank you for not stinting on a full-fledged Always On Display and DC Dimming (you can find this feature in the Realme Lab settings section). You can see the readings of PWM measurements with flicker elimination turned off and with it turned on in the screenshot below.

Realme 8 PWM


·        Dimensions/Weight : 160.6 x 73.9 x 8mm, 176g

·        Display : 6.4 inch S - AMOLED ; 2400x1080 FHD+ resolution, 20:9 aspect ratio; 60 Hz (frequency response 180 Hz); pixel density 409 ppi; peak brightness 1000 nits.

·        Memory : RAM 4/6/8 GB LPDDR 4 x ; built-in 64/128 GB UFS 2.1 with the ability to install a MicroSD card up to 512 GB.

·        Processor : MediaTek Helio G95

CPU: 8 cores, 2 x Cortex-A76 up to 2.05GHz + 6 x Cortex-A55, 12nm

GPU: ARM Mali-G76 up to 900 MHz

·        Cameras : main module - 64 MP Omnivision, sensor size 1 / 1.73 ″, 0.8 μ m, aperture f / 1.8, PDAF; ultra wide-angle module - 8 megapixels , angle 119º, aperture f / 2.3; macromodule - 2 MP , aperture f / 2.4, minimum distance 4 cm ; depth sensor - 2 MP , monochrome , f / 2.4 aperture; front camera - 16 MP , aperture f / 2.45

·        OS : Android 11, Realme UI 2.0 shell

·        Battery : 5000 mAh

·        Charger : 30W, support QC3.0

·        Features : NFC in the global version, no stereo sound , fingerprint scanner in the display, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Hi-Res Audio, aptx , tray for 2 SIM cards and memory cards.

·        Colors : silver and black

How Realme 8 shoots and sounds

realme 8 cameras

The main camera in the block is from the manufacturer Omnivision and has a resolution of 64MP, f / 1.79 aperture. Pictures on this sensor are quite good for themselves when compared with competitors in this price segment. In a few cases, it has shown itself to be even a drop better than its older brother - Realme 8 Pro . Well , if you compare with Poco X 3 Pro , then in most scenarios you will be more satisfied with the shots with Realme .

realme 8 photo 1

realme 8 photo 2

realme 8 photo 3

realme 8 photo 4

realme 8 photos 5

realme 8 photo 6

realme 8 photos 7

realme 8 photos 8


In the camera application, they did not remove the modes available in 8 Pro . You can shoot stars in a special "astronomy mode", there is a "dynamic portrait mode", etc. This is not to mention the usual "night" mode or shooting mode in full resolution.

The 16-megapixel front camera shoots on a solid 4-ku. Purely subjective, for the same Poco X 3 Pro , the front camera shoots a little clearer. Compare yourself.

realme 8 photo front 1

realme 8 photo front 2

There is simply no point in discussing 8MP wide-angle lenses or 2MP macro modules in devices of this level. They are just there, for show.

realme 8 photo width 1

realme 8 photo width 2

Video Realmi 8 Pro shoots tolerably, but I would like better. Colors are slightly oversaturated. Stabilization is only available when recording video in Full HD . But pleases the quick change of focus.

realme 8 video

For the sound in the smartphone is responsible for one speaker at the bottom. It is worth mentioning that Realme does not equip its budget models with stereo sound. Therefore, a certain volume is not enough. But still, the G8 sounds at a good level, even better than the same Realme 7 Pro .

realme 8 bottom end


And for connoisseurs of high-quality music in headphones, there is support for Hi - Res Audio and the aptX codec for listening through bluetooth headphones (although this is strange, because this development is the property of Qualcomm , and the processor here is from their competitor - MediaTek ) .

What's on iron

The Helio G 95 processor from MediaTek shows quite good results compared to similar models from competitors. The operation of the interface and the performance of everyday tasks is an order of magnitude faster with Helio G 95 than with Snapdragon 720 G or 732 G.

If you look at the scores in various tests, then everything is pretty great. In some situations, the result will show even higher than that of Realme 8 Pro on Snapdragon 720 G. But the result of the throttling test gives a not very pleasant picture: in just a few minutes, drawdowns up to 73% of the total power follow. For the average user, this result is unlikely to say anything, but keep in mind.

Realme 8 throttling test

Interface operation

The smartphone is preinstalled with Realme UI 2.0 operating system out of the box. In general, the sensations from this operating system are pleasant, and for this we must pay tribute to the developers. From the very beginning, the firmware does not have any “glitches” or brakes, as we are used to seeing in the first batches of Xiaomi models. And in general, more and more people prefer this operating system as more stable and smooth.

realme 8 interface

A separate realme UI 2.0 bun is a pre-installed application for simple video editing Soloop . Young people will appreciate this, given the general interest in vlogging.


A capacious 5000 mAh battery is another difference from the Pro version, in which the battery is only 4500 mAh. I must admit that our test subject was surprised by autonomy. In our signature test, it took 7th place, lasting 10 hours and 6 minutes. It would seem that the processor with its 12 nanometers should be more “gluttonous”. It is not clear how Realme achieved this. Maybe this is facilitated by a well-thought-out optimization of the firmware. But the fact remains, we entered the result in the table.

Realme 8 autonomy

The charger was “lightened” a little - 30W power is available through the wire. Wireless charging is not supported here. Manufacturers promise that up to 100% smartphone can be charged in 65 minutes. A lot or a little - you decide. But one more declared figure attracted attention - up to 40 days in the on state. It looks like all communications for this should be disabled.

realme 8 power supply


At this stage, you can list the advantages and disadvantages of this model and then compare with offers from competitors for the same money.


  • AMOLED screen with full DC Dimming and Always On Display
  • Good 5000mAh battery
  • Stable and smooth software
  • Sufficiently powerful processor
  • Low cost for a good amount of memory


  • No increased screen refresh rate
  • Sucks vibration (who cares)
  • No stereo sound
  • Glossy plastic body

You can buy Realme 8 at this discount:

PROMO CODE: " AETECHA1090 " (Ukraine) / " P3XCNVAQ " (Russia)

Based on the above, the device is well worth the money. Realmi cannot be reproached for putting an inadequate price tag on their smartphones, selling people complete “bullshit”. But to say that this model changes the standards is definitely impossible. If you want more powerful hardware and a higher hertz display, take a closer look at the slightly more expensive Poco X 3 Pro . But remember that it has an IPS screen, a weaker camera, and the appearance and dimensions are generally not for everybody.

Realme 8 and Poco X3 pro

Redmi Note 10 S for about the same price loses at least unstable firmware and cameras shoot worse. But its conversational speaker is involved in the reproduction of sound in stereo. Otherwise, they are plus or minus the same.

Realme 8 and Redmi Note 10S

Realme 8 video review

All the best and may Android be with you!

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 11.05.2021


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Вы забыли добавить что у Realme 8 стоит испарительная камера и телефон не так греется как это чудо от Redmi 10s которое при нагреве тормозит и лагает как г....
29.05.2022 07:11
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Обновите картинку автономности, у Вас там 2 модели Realme 8 pro, на 13 и 15 местах.
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