Redmi K30 review – You were the chosen one!

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Redmi K30 review – You were the chosen one!

Redmi K30 is perhaps the most controversial smartphone from all the new products from Xiaomi. Possessing just bombing characteristics on paper, he managed to disappoint almost everyone in real use. And now in order.

Design and equipment

Redmi K30 is a continuation of a certain line, the founder of which was the almost legendary Redmi K20. However, the Chinese followed the trend by replacing the retractable front camera with cutouts in the screen. It looks modern, but somewhat less neat than a “clean” screen without bangs and cutouts.

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Okay, the appearance of the front camera is a matter of taste. Much more questions arise to the plastic frame. Glass front, glass back, plastic in the middle. It is clear that in order to keep the price at the level of last year's average budget, something has to be sacrificed, but this decision is somewhat dubious. Although this decision did not affect the appearance - the device looks more expensive than it costs. Plus, it's quite heavy on its own, and a metal frame would make it even heavier.

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Nothing really new in the kit: waste paper, a paper clip, a simple transparent silicone case and a 27W charger with a type-C cable. The cover is really necessary: firstly, the phone is quite beautiful, and in any of the three colors available - blue, lilac and red, and secondly - it is unusually slippery. The back cover is made of glass and covered with oleophobic, so that the smartphone seems to be trying to slip even from horizontal surfaces.

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Rear Redmi K30 also looks good - the main camera for 4 modules is not shifted to the right or left edge and is enclosed in an almost mirror circle in the color of the case. Lovers of symmetry will definitely appreciate it. The camera protrudes a little above the body, but not so much that it began to interfere.

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The fingerprint scanner is located on the side - for some it will seem unusual, but for others - a pleasant innovation. On the one hand, in principle, it was impossible to place it on the screen (a scanner on the screen is the prerogative of devices with AMOLED displays, with IPS such a thing does not work at the physical level), and on the other hand, it does not disfigure the back panel, which is already “loaded” decorative circle around the camera. Previously, such a solution was found in SONY and Meizu smartphones and was generally very warmly received.


One of the main features of Redmi K30 was called an IPS display with a refresh rate of 120 hertz. Its diagonal is 6.67 inches with an aspect ratio of 20:9 and a resolution of 2400x1080 pixels. Why the Chinese manufacturer abandoned the AMOLED matrix is not entirely clear, because it bypasses IPS in both energy efficiency and color reproduction. In addition, uneven backlighting is noticeable in the area of the front cameras, which also indicates the low quality of the screen. Apparently, the point is the same reduction in the cost of the final product, as in the case of a plastic frame.

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120 hertz, as it turned out, looks cooler on paper than in real life. The animation is still more “torn” than, for example, OnePlus 7 with its 90 hertz display. Frequent microfreezes and twitching animations are annoying even with “classic” 60 Hz screens, and even with the declared 120 Hz, they generally feel almost a personal insult. The problem, for sure, is more software than physical, but still unpleasant. In addition, there are not so many games that support such a screen refresh rate yet. On the other hand - perhaps the appearance of a mid-budget device with such a hertz will push software manufacturers to release more games and applications and support this technology - someone must be the first in its class.

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Even more offensive is the fact that when snacking on Game Speed Booster proprietary gaming software, all games, even those that support a screen refresh rate of 120 hertz, still run at a “base” frequency of 60 hertz. That is, it is impossible to test this innovation anywhere except in the lag interface. On the other hand, for Xiaomi (and therefore for its Redmi division) it has long become the norm to release smartphones with “raw” firmware, and fix bugs as updates are released, so it’s worth waiting a couple of months and waiting for more stable software .

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Much more questions about the cutouts for the front cameras. There are 2 of them, by the number of modules, and the space between them is programmatically filled with black. Redmi placed the front camera in an IPS display, but this technology turned out to be damp: over time, yellow overflows appear in the camera area. It is ironic that the head of the Redmi division is aware of this problem, but has officially stated that the presence of this defect is not a reason for a warranty repair. It is not clear how to perceive this, but there is little pleasant in this whole situation.

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The Redmi K30 has a fresh Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor. In China, a 5G version with a Snapdragon 765G processor will also be sold, however, due to the fact that 5G networks will not appear in our countries soon, it hardly makes sense to overpay and take such a modification.

Snapdragom 730G is a high-performance mid-budget chip designed for gaming machines, as hinted at by the letter G in the name of the processor. With debugged software, this stone is comparable in speed to top flagship solutions (although not quite equal to them, which is quite logical - the Adreno 618 graphics fail), but here, as you might guess, not everything is going smoothly either. If you run a utility that overclocks the processor to the declared frequencies, games do not allow you to set the available (in theory) screen refresh rate to 120 hertz. And if you don’t start it, the processor simply “does not pull out” such a frame rate and we get, in fact, the same 60 frames per second that a regular 60 hertz screen is able to produce. That is, in the end, when you turn on the Game Speed Booster, we get the same picture as without it, only the smartphone’s attempts to display what is happening on the screen at a frequency of 120 hertz land the battery in vain.

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If we digress and leave alone the “main feature of Redmi K30”, it turns out that the overall performance of the device is at a high level. All popular games run perfectly at high graphics settings and give out a stable 60 frames per second. For a relatively inexpensive device, this is a very good result. Knowing the “handwriting” of Xiaomi, we can assume that within six months the problem will be solved by artificially lowering the hertz, and the powerful processor will finally start to cope normally with such a frame rate and the Redmi K30 will really “bloom”. But it is not exactly.

With the amount of RAM and permanent memory, such misunderstandings do not arise. 6 or 8GB of RAM allow you to keep a large number of applications in memory, although MIUI's proprietary "battery optimization" is trying hard to close all the "excess", and various modifications offer built-in drives with a capacity of 64, 128 or 256GB. Of course, there are no record numbers here, but for a mid-budget device, the parameters are quite worthy. However, when buying, it’s worth remembering that the SIM card slot is combined here, and if you need to use two SIM cards at once, it’s better to overpay a little and take the version with 128 or 256GB of permanent memory so that you don’t have to choose between installing unnecessary applications and another photo shoot or music album.

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The main camera consists of four modules: the main one at 64 megapixels, wide-angle with a viewing angle of 120 degrees at 8 megapixels, and a macro camera and a depth sensor at 2 megapixels.

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In theory, photos should be at least as good, if not better, than their predecessor. In practice, the raw firmware immediately “comes around”: in daylight, the Redmi K30 shows a slightly better result than the K20, and in difficult conditions the difference is blurred, so it becomes not clear what was pulled up at all and where is the difference between 48mp for its predecessor and 64mp for the current device .

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The wide-angle module does not please at all: the detail, as they say, is “below the plinth”, and incomprehensible noises in the shaded areas. As in many other devices, the width is “just there”, but there is not much sense from it.

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The front camera shows itself best of all - good color reproduction, excellent clarity. By the way, face unlock also works clearly and stably - apparently, the front camera was “pumped” precisely for this, and high-quality selfies are something of a side effect.

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Video recording is approximately at the level of its predecessor, stabilization works as it should. The sound also writes decently, modern Xiaomi / Redmi got rid of the old “disease” with disgusting sound recording.


Redmi K30 received a 4500mAh battery. Given the diagonal of the screen, comparable to the “old man” Mi Max 3, this capacity seems almost negligible, but in fact the device stably “lives” for about a day on a single charge. With the screen refresh rate set to 120 hertz, power consumption is expected to increase and the charge is consumed 20 percent faster. For the sake of saving the battery, it is worth preferring 60 hertz - anyway, from 120 there is not much sense yet. However, it is not clear how the battery will behave in the future, because there will probably be a lot of software updates and stabilization of most services in the coming months - then the real situation with energy consumption will become clear.

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The smartphone comes with a 27-watt fast charger, with which the device is charged by 56% in half an hour, and it takes less than an hour to fully charge.

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Redmi K30 is a “paper warrior”, from which they expected much more than they received. A large proportion of its problems are associated with the dampness of early firmware - this is the misfortune of almost all smartphones from Xiaomi and its sub-brands, but this particular model turned out to be simply a failure due to the many innovations that were promised and simply did not have time to finalize. To buy it at the start of sales means almost certainly to be disappointed. And if some software jambs are almost guaranteed to fix future updates - fixes for a low-quality display and “non-warranty” yellowish overflows in the camera area can only be expected in the next batches - if the Chinese will fix this trouble at all.

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If you don’t expect too much from him, you can agree that the Redmi K30 is quite a decent successor to the Redmi K20, although not without controversial points and compromises. And Xiaomi fans have long known about the features of the first firmware of smartphones from this company and are often ready to wait for edits and updates in order to eventually get a powerful device for relatively little money.

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Вот уж скучный обзор и в нем постоянно сквозит какая-то недосказанность, нехватка аргументов, выводы сделаны на бегу и теряется логичная нить. Вот уж воистину Стас прав, когда стебется по поводу «но об этом позже». Похоже, что все это стиль одного автора, который не стремится полноценно раскрывать какие-то моменты и погряз в противоречиях. Не поленился выписать «перлы»:
• это продолжение некой линейки (НЕКОЙ???)
• Чехол действительно необходим: во-первых, телефон довольно красив (если крсив, надо прятать в чехол???? Серьезно???), при том в любой расцветке из трёх доступных – синей, сиреневой и красной, а во-вторых – он необычайно скользкий.
• Сканер отпечатка находится сбоку – кому-то это покажется непривычным, а кому-то – приятным новшеством (новшество? М.б для Redmi новшество?) И через пару предложений уточнение «ранее такое решение встречалось в смартфонах SONY и Meizu и в целом было встречено очень тепло.
• 120 герц, как выяснилось, на бумаге смотрится круче, чем в жизни. (Пжл покажите 120 Гц на бумаге) или вы имели в виду, что характеристика выглядит многообещающе, а по факту шлак?
• Ещё обиднее то, что при закуске (Вы закусываете?:))) фирменного игрового ПО Game Speed Booster все игры
• SnapdragoM 730G – высокопроизводительный чип среднебюджетного уровня, предназначенный для игровых аппаратов, на что намекает (именно намекает, а не прямо указывает???) буква G в названии процессора.
• Если отвлечься и оставить в покое «главную фишку Redmi K30»…(фишка чип или 120 ГЦ???) тема явно не раскрыта
• с объёмом оперативной и постоянной памяти таких непоняток не возникает. А бывают НЕПОНЯТКИ с объемом памяти? И слово «непонятки» из каких произведений классиков взято?
• в сложных условиях разница смазывается (не видна, ее нет) смазывается тут как-то неуместно.
• Широкоугольный модуль вообще не радует: детализация, что называется, «ниже плинтуса», а в затенённых участках непонятные шумы. Как и во многих других аппаратах, ширик «просто есть», но толку от него не много. Не находите, что тема основной камеры не раскрыта? Я понимаю что толку мало, но хотелось бы знать почему и в чем это проявляется.
• Любимая моя часть: Лучше всего показывает себя фронтальная камера – хорошая цветопередача, отличная чёткость. Кстати, разблокировка по лицу тоже работает чётко и стабильно – видимо, фронталку «прокачивали» именно ради этого, а качественные селфи – это что-то вроде побочного эффекта. Селфи-камеру похвалили и претензий не высказали, но сделали вывод, качество селфи тут побочный эффект. Как-то не логично ни разу.
• Redmi K30 получил аккумулятор ёмкостью 4500мАч. С учётом диагонали экрана, сравнимой со «стариком» Mi Max 3, такая ёмкость кажется практически ничтожной (ничтожной??? 5500 мАч против 4500 мАч это прям ничтожно? А если 3000 мАч то это как в сравнении?)
По мне все же главная проблема, что читается скучно. Это как писал школьник по ТЗ, а не человек, который держал аппарат, тестил его и пытается передать свои впечатления. Мало конкретики и много общих фраз.
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Улыбнуло такое обильное наличие текста, явно Хейтер) Не знаю где вы там потеряли логичную и что вам там не понятно было, мне как человеку который к30 не видел вживую, с обзора понятно что это шлак, хуже к20, все понятно и доходчиво. А если вам скучно, лучше смотрите Стасика с его облизыванием мейзу и огромным ЧСВ . P.S. вообще пох на блоггеров и эту войну, просто бесят такие персонажи как вы.
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