Review of a good "middle peasant" Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro with almost flagship characteristics.

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The golden mean is a good place, but boring. People spend their whole lives trying to find it in all areas. The same applies to the choice of gadget. Everyone wants an adequate price tag and top-end features. Xiaomi company gives such a chance to the user and releases worthy models (and not so) for an acceptable price. True, it is necessary to erect a monument during their lifetime to people who will be able to tell all Xiaomi models, even if they are the Note line, as a keepsake. Last week, the company introduced the world to three new smartphones. Among them, there is a good option in the face of Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. And how good or boring it is, we will now figure it out.

Complete set at the level

Review of a good "middle peasant" Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro with almost flagship characteristics. – фото 1

The company supplies the Redmi Note 10 pro in three colors - grey, blue and orange. The latter, in my opinion, should be the most interesting and “fun” because spring is ahead and you need to add more colors and positive to your life. The box contains the phone itself, a Type-C USB cable, and a 33W charger. Oh yes, I almost forgot, where without our beloved, esteemed cover.

The Chinese, in this regard, so far, that they are great and delight their users with pleasant little things. The case looks good, it has “sides” on the sides to protect the screen, a matte surface, and a plug for the charging connector. Another nice addition is the presence of a film on the screen. So, when buying a smartphone from Xiaomi, you are fully equipped for the first time and you do not have to spend extra money on buying various kinds of accessories. Now, if it were so with Apple... And we finished unpacking the smartphone and it's time to move on to the appearance, and there is something to see.

Flagship design

Review of a good "middle peasant" Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro with almost flagship characteristics. – фото 2

When I first saw the phone live, I was pleasantly surprised. It looks, as it feels, expensive - rich. Dimensions:

  • Height 164 mm;
  • Width 76.5mm;
  • Thickness 8.1mm;

The screen is protected by 5th generation Gorilla Glass. The back cover of Redmi Note 10 Pro is also made of glass, which makes the phone more premium, but at the same time fragile like your girlfriend's shoulders. In grey, the back cover is glossy and collects fingerprints. All other colors are made with anti-reflective coating and the smartphone does not strive to fall out of hands. Also on the back cover is the camera module, which looks impressive, but sticks out quite a lot. And saved all the same on the frame. It is made of plastic.

But there is a chance that the paint will not peel off as quickly as with a metal frame. On the right side, there is a volume rocker and a smartphone lock button. A fingerprint scanner was built into it, which in my opinion is quite convenient than under the screen.

Review of a good "middle peasant" Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro with almost flagship characteristics. – фото 3

Another important fact is that the scanner received support for gestures. Now by double tapping you can turn on the flashlight or open your favorite application. On the left is a tray for a SIM card and a flash drive. Below the charging connector and the first speaker. And yes, you heard right, as there is a second speaker on top for stereo sound, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a nice bonus in the form of an IR port for controlling appliances at home. As for the speakers, I will stop separately. The sound is clear and bassy.

It is not every day that you come across such a sound, especially for a more or less acceptable price tag. For a better understanding of the iPhone 12 level, which warms the soul even more. In general, the sound of "Agony". Perhaps I would be happy to criticize the design and assembly of the smartphone, but the language does not turn to say something bad. There is nothing to add in appearance. The little fingers of Chinese engineers did a great job. But the buns of this device are just beginning.

Big Trouble in Little China

Review of a good "middle peasant" Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro with almost flagship characteristics. – фото 4

I agree, the title is very interesting, but nothing is clear. And the commotion lies in the display. The Redmi Note 10 Pro has an AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 2400x1080 and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Finally, the middle segment will be able to enjoy full stereo sound and smooth animation when scrolling a page on social networks. The screen itself is 6.67 inches in size. According to Xiaomi, the display received a brightness of 1200 nits, 100% coverage of the DCI - P3 color space. Now lovers of IPS screens will start their indignation and talk about the level of shim, but I hasten to upset them. Judging by the fact that the DC Dimming function could not be found in the settings, and after testing the screen flicker at minimum brightness, the shim level was about 15%, we can conclude that the Chinese take care of your eyes and have made this function Always On.

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It is also worth mentioning that now the owners of the Note line will be able to please themselves with Always on Display, as the AMOLED matrix contributes to this. And not only the matrix, in the system itself, you can configure Always On for yourself, starting with inscriptions, ending with pictures and changing the color scheme of symbols. I want to summarize. This is the best screen in the Redmi lineup, with good viewing angles, excellent color reproduction and of course a 120Hz AMOLED screen. If someone is thinking about changing the device from an earlier Redmi, then feel free to look towards the Redmi Note 10 Pro.

Megapixels are everything

Review of a good "middle peasant" Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro with almost flagship characteristics. – фото 5

According to the camera, the Chinese decided to take the number of not only modules, but also pixels. Now we will understand. The main camera is based on a Samsung HM2 sensor with F/1.9 aperture, which is not surprising. In turn, the module has 108 MP. It looks impressive on paper, but ... more on that later. There is also a not bad “width” at 8 MP, F / 1.9. You can’t say much about him, there is and there is. For lovers of close-up photography, there is a 5 MP macro lens. A trifle, but nice. Portrait mode will work more correctly with a 2MP depth sensor.

Also, to help with 108 megapixels, Xiaomi has implemented a technology that combines 9 pixels into 1. In theory, this should make the photos better, but in reality everything is not as we would like. In the daytime, the smartphone photographs well and flawlessly. Detailing at a decent level, but there is still work to be done. Colors in photographs almost always come out natural. Just what you need for Instagram. As for me, with 9 pixels in 1 technology, and without it, the photos would be the same.

It's more like just a marketing ploy. In portrait mode, the smartphone clearly defines the subject in the frame, and blurs the background correctly. As for the night mode, everything here is also average. The only thing I can note is not bad detailing in night photos compared to previous models. For video, the smartphone can shoot 4K 30 frames per second. Like many in this mode, video stabilization is not available, but in 1080p and the same 30 frames, stabilization works at a decent level.

Review of a good "middle peasant" Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro with almost flagship characteristics. – фото 6

I also forgot to mention the front camera. It is 16 MP with f / 2.45 aperture. This camera was able to surprise in a good way. Selfies are very personal, bright, bright and clear. In general, they are what they should be. The sound is recorded clearly, but the feeling of "like in a barrel" is present. The maximum video resolution on the front camera is only 1080p. As you already understood, the number of pixels and all sorts of technologies do not give a big boost in mobile photography, but in the meantime, the phone produces good pictures, good video and will please you with this in everyday use.

Not bad and not good

Review of a good "middle peasant" Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro with almost flagship characteristics. – фото 7

This device uses a processor from the familiar Poco X3 Snapdragon 732G phone. It was made according to the 8-nm process. The frequency of this processor is 2.3 GHz, and the number of cores is 8. Of these, 2 Kryo 470 cores that operate at a frequency of 2.3 GHz and 6 Kryo 470 cores that operate at a frequency of 1.8 GHz. It works in tandem with the ADRENO 618 graphics accelerator. In fact, this is a slightly overclocked Snapdragon 730G. The performance difference is about 15%. Blaming the company for taking an old chip, slightly modifying it and selling it in a new smartphone is not worth it. This is how it works these days. And why invent something that does not work so badly.

RAM is available in two variations 6GB/8GB. This is the minimum that is needed at the moment. Also internal memory of 64 and 128GB. Let me remind you that if this is not enough for you, then you can always expand the memory using a flash drive. For a comfortable game, the performance of Redmi Note 10 Pro is enough for the eyes. In PUPG, in some scenes, the smartphone gave out up to 40 fps. And in general, in demanding games, the smartphone kept the picture around 30 fps.

But in all this barrel of honey there is a fly in the ointment. And this is the vaunted 120Hz, or rather its absence in games. And here all the prophecies of the skeptic came true. Indeed, in games, the processor does not pull out 120 Hz and lowers the screen purity to 60. But it is possible that an error in the software can still be corrected with the next updates. And we can only wait and hope. From the box on Redmi Note 10 Pro, there is a proprietary MIUI shell. For Xiaomi lovers, this shell needs no special introduction. Everything works smoothly and stably, given the screen at 120 Hz. And of course, the NFC module is also built into this device.

Heating and throttling

Here I would like to reiterate. This smartphone from Xiaomi, with a Snapdragon 732G processor, is suitable for the average user. Various benchmarks show that CPU performance is reduced by up to 70 percent in 45 minutes of running. In turn, this is due to the fact that the “perc” begins to gain temperature and then resets the frequency, thus cooling itself. In defense of Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, I want to say that it does it smoothly and tries to keep it stable without big drawdowns.

In real life, when playing games, he will not wildly “lag” and keep a stable picture. And if these are not too demanding games, then you will not notice anything at all and will use the phone as if nothing had happened. That is, we can conclude With a long, heavy load, Redmi Note 10 Pro loses about 30 percent of its power. Yes, Xiaomi still has work to do, namely cooling, but I repeat, there are no sharp jumps and the phone behaves very stably and quickly.

Autonomous work of the "middle peasant" from Xiaomi

Review of a good "middle peasant" Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro with almost flagship characteristics. – фото 8

The battery was set to 5020 mAh. If we take into account the screen with a high hertz, then long battery life should not be expected, although we will check this now. I remove my smartphone from charging at 6 am and by the evening, around 10 pm, you will have to put it on charge. I am a fairly active user and for the whole day my smartphone works in different messengers, receives a lot of calls, plays YouTube videos at maximum resolution, about 2 hours, also not too demanding games for about an hour and a half and a few photos.

I want to say that in this use case, Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro has proven itself on the good side. Not every smartphone will last until the evening with a screen of 60 Hz, but here the phone worked for “all the dough”, that is, at 120 Hz. Also, do not forget about the complete, 33 W fast charging, with which you can quickly charge your smartphone in emergency situations. After approximately 30 minutes of charging, the battery of this device will show you a mark of 59 percent charge.


If we enter a price plus or minus $280 on the Internet, then we will be knocked out by last year's smartphone from Xiaomi in the face of Redmi Note 9 Pro with a slightly weaker processor and without 120 Hz, which is not very good. The next contender is Realme 6 Pro, but it also has a weaker processor, a 90 Hz screen and a less powerful battery. Approaching the characteristics of Poco X3, here it is already a matter of taste.

Also on this list, we can see smartphones from Samsung, but we all know that they will not be able to offer the characteristics that Xiaomi offers for this money. And in general, we can say that not many smartphones for $ 280 are catching up with our today's hero of the occasion Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. Although who knows, perhaps companies will look at the success of this phone and soon we will see a worthy competitor, and most importantly with a 120 Hz screen.


The conclusion of this fable is

Xiaomi has outdone itself. Decent device for a reasonable price. The basic version will cost the user $280. Do not forget that this is the start of sales and in a couple of months the price will drop significantly. For your hard-earned money, you get a good package, with all the protective devices in the form of a case and a diaper, an AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, an average processor that can handle everyday tasks and games (though not in high hertz) and not a bad camera which will be able to please you with its image quality on the module as much as 108 pm.

Another good fact is the high maintainability. Xiaomi itself posted a video where it showed how, what can be disassembled and replaced. And judging by it, if something fails, then you (if you have hands from that place) or specialists can easily bring this smartphone to life. For a medium-state employee, this is a good plus and, in general, a big money saving. I would recommend updating from older Note series devices. In general, I want to say that the price-quality ratio is very good. The 120 GHz screen will give you a new experience of using and feeling the speed of a smartphone at a nice price tag.

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