Samsung Galaxy A52 review: is it worth buying?

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Galaxy A52 Review: Really Best in Class?







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I would like to dwell on the latter in more detail. The basic version will cost about $ 360, and for the top one they ask for 430. Agree, quite expensive. The price is also due to additional options that competitors do not provide. In any case, it is suitable for fans of the brand, and I would recommend switching from the A51 to a more recent solution. Fans of Chinese companies should look for something else.

Galaxy a52 screen

Most recently, Samsung has released 3 new A-series smartphones. These are Galaxy A 32, Galaxy A 52, Galaxy A 72. Smartphones are aimed at the popular middle price segment, which is in the region from 7 to 15 thousand rubles . UAH As you know, Samsung is hard to compete in this price range against the background of the Chinese, but perhaps this time they will succeed .

As I said above, the company presented 3 smartphones in total, and we decided to start the review with the Samsung A52. In my opinion, this device personifies, so to speak, the middle of the middle. That is, of all three, this device has a good value for money, and it should sell more and better than its counterparts. But time will tell, but now we'll go through the smartphone itself and see what the company has rethought over the past year.

Galaxy a52 colors

Body , appearance and memory

The manufacturer pleases us with a rather pleasant variety of colors: white, blue, purple and black. So every person, regardless of gender and tastes, will be able to find a suitable solution for themselves. I would choose white, and I advise you to look at them live and determine for yourself a worthy option. The back cover, oddly enough, is similar to the current flagship Samsung S21.

At first glance, an ordinary user will not immediately understand which smartphone you have in your hands. This look really suits me. Three cameras look very good, but this is my vision. As they say , tastes differ.

Galaxy a52 in hand

By itself, the Galaxy A52
fits comfortably in the hand and does not cause discomfort during everyday use, although it has grown in size compared to the A51. Dimensions:

  • Height 159.9 mm
  • Width 75.1 mm
  • Thickness 8.4mm
  • Weight 189 g

case Galaxy a52
The case is made of matte plastic. It does not collect fingerprints, which is a big plus. Perhaps
many would like to see glass on the back of the device, but think about this thing - 90% of users wear their smartphones in cases , and in a few days you will not care whether you have plastic or glass.

But in the event of a fall, in the event of a crack in the glass back cover, you will have to pay a rather large amount for repairs. So plastic is good. But Samsung could have strengthened the frame, since it is made of the same plastic. There are already savings.

Galaxy a52 plastic camera frame

Samsung Galaxy A52: specifications, announcement time and price

The control buttons in the form of a volume rocker and the power button are located on the right side. A tray for a SIM card was placed on top and ... And here is either another SIM card or a memory card. Although I would like to remind you that last year the A51 was doing well in this regard.

Do you want two SIM cards and a flash drive? Get it. True , to justify the A52, I will say that the minimum configuration on board has 128 GB. And yet the fact that the manufacturer forces you to choose between all this is a little embarrassing. Well, okay, it's all a matter of taste.

Galaxy a52 internal storage

Since the conversation turned to internal memory, it is worth recalling that the phone will be supplied in two versions - 4 GB and 8 GB. And here a
completely logical question arises: “Where is 6 GB? Ideally, I would take the version with 8GB and 256GB of my memory. So you kill two birds with one stone. And the phone will "digest" all applications without brakes , and two SIM cards can be used without losing your photos and videos.

But here's another stumbling block - and that's the $70 difference between versions. The thought involuntarily creeps in that Samsung did it for more profit and simply forgot about 6GB. But who knows?

Galaxy a52 sim card tray

There are positives to be found in all of this. And here I would single out the protection class according to the IP67 standard. To clarify, this means that the Samsung A52 is dustproof and can be submerged in water up to 1m for no more
than 30 minutes. For this price segment, this is very good. Not every manufacturer can boast of this.

Galaxy a52 screen

There is not much to say about the front of the smartphone. Almost all the space is occupied by the screen. The frames on the
sides are not too large and you should not have accidental clicks. The lower chin is slightly larger than the upper chin, but this is noticeable only if you look very closely. Also on the top of the screen there is a small dot in the form of a selfie camera . In my opinion, it looks pretty nice and neat.


Galaxy a52 launch games

And now we smoothly approached the fact that Samsung is able to draw conclusions and learn from its mistakes. Finally in the mid-price segment, they have replaced their proprietary Exynos processors with Snapdragon and Mediatek .

True, while this cannot be seen in all smartphones of the company, but they are already taking the first steps for the better. Although, on the other hand, some kind of competition is lost , which is also sad. But now is not about that.

So , on board is not the freshest, but far from the old Snapdragon 720G paired with Adreno 618 (500MHz) graphics. Processor frequency 2.3 + 1.8 GHz. It is made on 8 - nanometer technology. In practice and feeling with this processor, the performance of the Samsung A52 has increased compared to last year's A51.

The phone works pretty fast. I did not notice microfreezes and “lags”. On top of the operating system is the proprietary One Ui 3.1 shell. It's still the same One Ui , which you all know very well , with its pluses and minuses.

Galaxy a52 one ui

Galaxy a52 throttling test

According to the tests, the smartphone pleased me so well. When checking for throttling
, which lasted 30 minutes , the processor gave out an average of 97% up to 20 minutes. After dropping the power to just 87%. Agree , this is a very good indicator.

At the same time, the smartphone was slightly warm. It is not known in which vat of potion Samsung lowered this device, but it paid off. It must be the chilling . But it is possible to find out only after the autopsy . Let 's leave that for other bloggers.

As I already wrote
(or said?) Earlier , in simple tasks like a messenger or not resource-intensive processes, the smartphone works fine and without microfreezes. But what about games?

Galaxy a52 desktop

Everything here is at an average level, and you
should not expect anything more . For example, in the game ShadowGun Legends at high graphics settings, the smartphone showed 36 FPS. Which, you see, is a good indicator for this smartphone. Of course, if you compare it with competitors, then its FPS is higher and it plays more stable.

At the same time, as in the throttling test , the smartphone was only warm and did not cause a desire to lower it into cold water. In general, it is good against the background of competitors, but in general - everything is at a confident average level. Samsung can give itself a small plus for this in the fight against Chinese brands.

Galaxy a52 in shadow legends


With screens, Samsung almost never has problems. And in this case, they are at the top in terms of increased screen hertz in the middle price segment. But do not rush to rejoice, as there are jambs. Let's go in order.

Galaxy a52 display

The Samsung A52 has a Super Amoled matrix with a resolution of 2400x1080 pixels, 407 ppi and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. I really like these trends to introduce a higher screen frequency into the middle segment.

This means that we will not have to pay extra to feel all the delights of 90 or 120 Hz. I think that all subsequent smartphones that will be released in this price policy, regardless of the brand, will be with increased hertz. As they say , wait and see.

Galaxy a52 bottom

Samsung Galaxy A52: best in class for video quality

Of course, they could have put the screen at 120Hz, but that could have made the A52 more expensive and useless. And
from my own experience I will say that you can hardly notice the difference between 90Hz and 120Hz. But the increased price tag, I think you will see right away. It is also unknown how the Snapdragon 720G would render the interface at 120 Hz.

Again, with a 90Hz screen, the Samsung A52 produces smooth animations with no lag, and it's a pleasure to use the phone. But at the same time there are some shortcomings, for example
, viewing angles. If you look at the screen at an angle , you can notice the distortion of colors, which is not entirely pleasing.

The maximum brightness is 470 nits. In practice, the smartphone will be quite comfortable to use on the street in sunny weather. In the screen settings menu, you can adjust the color reproduction.

Galaxy a52 color settings

There are two modes for the user - these are "saturated colors" and "natural colors". If in "natural colors" Samsung engineers decide for themselves what kind of picture you will see, then in "saturated colors" the user is given a slight adjustment of the three primary colors RGB (red, green, blue). I trusted the device and decided not to interfere with the settings.

What can I say? As for me , the screen in the "natural colors" mode is set up very well, the eyes do not get tired and do not "eat away". But in "saturated colors" the picture is expected to become brighter , but I do not approve of this mode too much. Although my friends such a decision "went" and they do not feel any discomfort. Here is a matter of taste.

Galaxy a52 hertz

In the same screen settings, you can select the screen frequency. There are 60 and 90 Hz to choose from. True, with a mode of 90 Hz, the Samsung A52 will choose for itself where it will be 60 and where it will be 90 Hz. But this can also be attributed to the plus, less battery power will be consumed. I also wanted to note the full-fledged Always on Display with deep blacks.

Galaxy a52 always on

Another disadvantage is PWM. At maximum brightness, it is not so noticeable, but as soon as the brightness adjustment rocker is lowered to the minimum value, the screen starts to flicker noticeably. It is still not clear to me why some Chinese
brands were able to turn on DS Dimming in the settings, and Samsung neglects its users. The question remains open and it's not bad so spoiled my operating experience.

  • 100% - 57%
  • 75% - 55%
  • 50% - 52%
  • 25% - 110%
  • 15% - 157%
  • 0% - 23%

Since we are talking about the screen
, it is worth mentioning that the fingerprint scanner is located, like the A51, under the screen. It does not work as well as usual, however, like most of these solutions. Perhaps Samsung should think about a scanner built into the on / off button.


galaxy a52 camera

Now let's move on to the camera block. There are 3 of them on the back panel. The first camera is 64 megapixels with optical stabilization, f / 1.8 aperture and autofocus. The second, already familiar to everyone, is an ultra wide-angle 12 - megapixel camera with f / 2.2 aperture and electronic stabilization.

The third one, which no one needs for me, is a 5-megapixel camera with f / 2.4 aperture and an auxiliary module for 5-megapixels for determining the depth of the scene. Oh yes, I almost forgot, the front camera is 32 megapixels with f / 2.2 aperture. With the characteristics of the camera finished, let's move on to the tests.

Galaxy a52 camera module

This year, the Samsung A52 added optical stabilization. I want to note that its presence has significantly raised the quality of images to a decent level compared to last year. In daytime shooting, the device shows itself worthy, however, like most smartphones. Detailing is good.

Thanks to the vaunted stabilization, getting a blurry shot is extremely difficult. Photos are obtained in the style of Samsung - more saturated and bright than competitors. Just something to post on Instagram.

photo comparison at night Galaxy a52 with note 10 pro

Galaxy a52 photo comparison with note 10 pro

Samsung Galaxy A52 camera test: evaluating photo quality

Night shots on the A52 are good. I will say even more, he photographs better than his competitors. Noise in the photo is minimal, detail in dark areas is at a decent level.

It is worth noting that by default the phone shoots at 16 megapixels, in the camera settings you can switch to 64 megapixels. In fact, you will not notice serious changes, except that when you zoom in on the image, you will see more details.

Galaxy a52 zoom options

There is also a 2x zoom and a 10x software zoom. I don’t know how often you use this feature, but I don’t focus on it much. You don’t have to talk for a long time for “wide . The 123-degree field of view helps capture the most important things in the frame. The edges of the photo do not smear, the dynamic range is normal. In general , it will.

Galaxy A52 photo comparison on a wide-angle module with Redmi Note 10 Pro

Galaxy A52 photo comparison on a wide-angle module with Redmi Note 10 Pro (crop)

Portrait mode is nice too. Not to say that the additional module decides, for me
it's pampering. The object in the frame determines correctly, due to which there is no noticeable blur in unnecessary places. Well, the very quality of the picture is hard to find fault with.

back cover a52

Macro photography is just there. A really high-quality picture still needs to be tried. Perhaps my hands are shaking a lot and the pictures are blurry. Only after 5 times it was possible to look at them.

macro Galaxy A52 1

macro Galaxy A52 2

The front camera is a bit of a let down. The pictures turn out not to say that they are very bad, but as for me
, the sharpness is too high. Also, the color reproduction is lame. Photos are not quite natural, you may need to twist in the settings.

Galaxy A52 front camera photo comparison with Redmi Note 10 Pro

A52 front camera photo comparison with Redmi Note 10 Pro

According to the video, Samsung A52 can be praised. It shoots in 4K at 30 frames per second. If you reduce the resolution to Full HD, then the smartphone will be able to shoot up to 60 frames per second. There is enhanced stabilization, which helps a lot when shooting. Sound quality is average.

battery and sound

Galaxy A52 back cover

In terms of battery capacity, it could have been more, but it’s not bad either . The A 52 has a built-in 4500 mAh battery. This will be enough until the end of the day of more or less active use, but if there are pure calls and a few instant messengers, then it will last up to a day and a half . For comparison, the A51 kept about 86 hours in quiet mode, and our hero of the occasion 105 hours. We can say that the processor, screen and slightly increased battery have done their job and extended the life of the A52.

In the kit, the manufacturer put a charger with a power of 15 watts. Still, Samsung is still quite greedy for powerful bundled charging. The smartphone itself supports up to 25 watts. I had such a charge at hand, and I measured the speed of the charge. From the complete unit, the phone took in an energy charge from 0 to 100% in 2 hours, in turn, 25 watt charging reduced this time by 30 minutes.

speakers A52

How is the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy A52: battery life test

Samsung A52 also supports stereo sound. The implementation is slightly truncated, but still better than the A51, since the second speaker uses a conversational speaker. In general
, YouTube videos are comfortable to watch. There is also a rich selection of settings. In the menu you can see support for Dolby Atmos and an equalizer to customize the sound to your own needs.

For lovers of wired headphones, there is a nice bonus in the form of a 3.5 mini-jack connector. And for the wireless solution, the Samsung A52 phone was equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0, as well as support for the aptX codec, which is a nice bonus for music lovers.

galaxy a52 in hand


Let's summarize. Pros:

  • Screen at 90 Hz
  • IP67 protection class
  • Battery Life
  • Camera and video

Of the minuses:

  • Small selection of RAM
  • Selfie - camera
  • Trimmed tray for a SIM card
  • Price

I would like to dwell on the latter in more detail. The basic version will cost about $ 360, and for the top one they ask for 430. Agree, quite expensive. The price is also due to additional options that competitors do not provide. In any case, it is suitable for fans of the brand, and I would recommend switching from the A51 to a more recent solution. Fans of Chinese companies should look for something else.

Galaxy A52 video review Samsung Galaxy A52 camera test: evaluating photo quality (in Admin panel)

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