Vivo X70 Pro Plus review - the new best Android smartphone?

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Vivo X70 Pro Plus review - the most "charged" Android smartphone today



Design and dimensions


Performance and memory


Sound and system features

Battery and battery life



Video review

Hi friends! We have prepared a brand new review for you. This time the guest will be a premium smartphone – Vivo X70 Pro Plus. According to the manufacturer, this phone is one of the best camera phones in the world. Let's add here another great screen with a huge number of chips and top-end hardware. Is everything so good in reality - we will figure it out today.

Смартфон Vivo X70 Pro Plus и фирменная упаковка


Screen diagonal




Display resolution

1440x3200 dots

Additional display features

Screen refresh rate from 1 to 120 Hz, support for 1 billion colors, peak brightness of 1500 nits


164.5x75.2x8.9mm, weight 209g

Housing material

Metal + glass


Black, blue, orange


5nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ 5G

graphics accelerator

Adreno 660


1 Kryo 680 core 3.0GHz, 3 Kryo 680 cores 2.42GHz and 4 Kryo 680 cores 1.80GHz

Memory modifications

8/256 GB, 12/256 GB, 12/512 GB

Main camera

First module (main): 50 MP with f/1.6 aperture, 1.2µm pixel size, PDAF autofocus, OIS optical stabilization.
Second module (periscope, telephoto): 8 MP with f/3.4 aperture, 1.0µm pixel size, PDAF autofocus, OIS optical stabilization, 5x optical zoom.

Third module (telephoto): 12 MP with f/1.6 aperture, 1.22µm pixel size, PDAF autofocus, OIS, 2x optical zoom.

Fourth module (ultrawide): 48 MP with f/2.2 aperture, 114˚ FOV, 0.8µm pixel size, gimbal OIS.

Additionally: Pixel Shift technology, dual-tone LED flash, support for Panorama, HDR and HDR10 modes, video recording at maximum quality 8K@30fps.


32 MP, f/2.5 aperture, 0.8µm pixel size; video recording in maximum quality 4K@30fps

Communication technologies

Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, set of navigation services (A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo), NFC, infrared port


Android 11, Funtouch OS 12 (Global Market), OriginOS 1.0 (Chinese Market)


4500 mAh

fast charging

Wired 55W, Wireless 50W + Reverse Reverse Charging (Wired and Wireless)


8/256 GB $853, 12/256 GB $1088, 12/512 GB $1204 (for China)

As you can see, according to the technical specifications, the Vivo X70 Pro Plus is just a monster. In theory, this is one of the best Android devices on the market. The price, of course, is overpriced, like all Vivo phones. But is this price justified? You will soon find out the answer to this question.


Как комплектуется телефон Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Since the Vivo X70 Pro Plus belongs to the flagship segment, we will pay special attention to the packaging. After all, you see, it’s nice to pick up a box and immediately realize that you are holding a premium-level smartphone.

So, X70 Pro + comes in a square gray box with a gold-plated inscription. The packaging looks massive and quite interesting. We open it and we are met by a pencil case, in which lies a telephone. A special hole is made in the case, through which the camera block and the glass panel of the Vivo X70 Pro Plus are visible. We remove the pencil case and move on to the next layer: here is a 66-watt power supply and wired branded headphones with Type-C. It is very nice to see headphones included in the kit - this is a rarity for modern devices. But the power supply is simply huge: it feels like 120 watts were shoved into it, not 66.

Зарядное устройство у Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Документация в комплекте Vivo X70 Pro+

Next comes an envelope with a paper clip and documentation. There is nothing interesting in it, but let's take a closer look at the cover. It is made of plastic, but looks like leather. It is immediately clear that the case is of high quality and fully corresponds to the price of a smartphone. Thanks to the cover, the camera block will not touch surfaces and, accordingly, will not be scratched. In general, a good thing. At the bottom of the box we find the Type-C cable. This completes the package, but we already get everything we need + nice features, such as headphones and a good case. The package bundle of Vivo X70 Pro Plus leaves a pleasant impression.

Design and dimensions

Дизайн смартфона  Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Let's take a look at what a smartphone looks like. Let's just say that the design is cool and will appeal to most users. On the front panel in the center is a small front camera module. The working area occupies 90.1% of the entire screen, that is, the frames are very thin. Note that the edges of the display are heavily rounded. It looks cool, but during use it can be a little annoying and interfere. Also at the edges you can see the refraction of light, and this is already a minus. But phantom clicks happen rarely and only in special positions. In short, see for yourself on the front panel of Vivo. For some, such rounded edges can be a significant drawback.

Дизайн задней панели Vivo X70 Pro Plus

The back panel looks interesting and unbanal. At the top of the left side of the body is a block of cameras, on the right - a small glass insert. These elements are located close to each other, so they bring a special zest. The body of the Vivo X70 Pro + is matte, but there is a subtle sheen. The material is very pleasant to the touch. A huge plus is that fingerprints do not remain on such a coating at all, and it is problematic to stain the material. In addition to black, there is blue and orange.

Как выглядит корпус Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Vivo X70 Pro Plus measures 164.5x75.2x8.9mm and weighs 209 grams. The phone is quite heavy, but for a flagship, this is normal. By the way, Samsung S21 Ultra weighs 227 g, and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra weighs as much as 234 grams. If you are used to large modern smartphones, Vivo's size should not be a problem for you.

The mobile device has an IP68 standard, which in theory means protection against water and dust. We categorically do not recommend dipping your phone in a bathtub or pool, but you don’t have to worry about splashing. By the way, the front panel is protected by tempered glass Corning Gorilla Glass Victus.

Качество дисплея Vivo X70 Pro Plus


Новинка Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Screen quality is another cool feature of the Vivo X70 Pro Plus. The smartphone has a 6.78-inch display of the latest generation E5 from Samsung. In the same top-end Mi 11 Ultra, there is also the previous generation E4. The resolution is 1440 by 3200 pixels, and the maximum brightness is 1500 nits. Impressive parameters, agree. Matrix LTPO AMOLED, not LTPS. How are they different, you ask. The fact is that LTPO is more energy efficient, and supports adjustment from 1 to 120 Hz in 1 Hz steps. There's also, of course, HDR10+ mode and 1 billion color recognition.

A huge plus is that a full-fledged DC Dimming was brought to the Vivo X70 Pro +. That is, PWM can be almost completely removed. Here are the indicators we have with DC Dimming turned off:

  • 50% - 32%;
  • 25% - 31%;
  • 15% - 64%;
  • 5% - 71%.

And this is how the picture changes if you activate DC Dimming:

  • 100% - 33%;
  • 75% - 33%;
  • 50% - 32%;
  • 35% - 32%;
  • 25% - 31%;
  • 15% - 31%;
  • 5% - 29%;
  • 0% - 12%.

In general, there are no complaints about the Vivo X70 Pro Plus display. The screen is really cool: the color reproduction is accurate, there is plenty of brightness even on the sunniest day, the colors are deep and saturated. Vivo X70 Pro Plus display is recognized as one of the best in the world.

Funtoush OS Vivo X70 Pro Plus

But it was not without drawbacks. A significant disadvantage is the lack of a True Tone function. You will have to manually adjust the brightness and warmth of the screen. I also personally annoy the rounded edges. The situation is saved a little by the illumination of the edges, which looks nice and unobtrusive.

Performance and Memory

Тест производительности Vivo X70 Pro Plus

The performance of the Vivo X70 Pro Plus is good on paper, but in reality there are problems, because Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ 5G is on board. This is a top-end chip, but we all know how terrible the heat of the Dragon is. Manufacturers are trying to cope with heat by simply cutting down on processor power. As a result, we get the same result as on smartphones for 200-300 bucks. It's sad, but it's a fact.

Температура Vivo X70 Pro Plus в играх

It is quite comfortable to play on Vivo X70 Pro Plus, in 30 minutes the case temperature is about 45°C. But the throttling is strong: 25% of the power of the graphics chip was lost in 15 minutes of the game. Artificial increase in frame rate also does not save the situation: in powerful games, it is simply not available due to excessive heating. In the same Shadowgun Legends, the function cannot be enabled. In general, you won’t get high FPS in games, so you shouldn’t consider Vivo’s new product as a gaming option. Processor power is better revealed when working with photos and videos.

Задняя крышка Vivo X70 Pro Plus

In terms of memory, the Vivo X70 Pro+ is a real beauty. There are three versions: simplified 8/256 GB, basic 12/256 GB and top 12/512 GB. You can also activate the increase in RAM - 4 GB of additional virtual memory is available. If you shoot a lot and use a lot of applications, we recommend that you immediately take the 512 GB modification and don’t worry. After all, the phone does not support an SD card.


Основная камера Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Vivo X70 Pro Plus is simply called the perfect camera phone. In order not to delay, let's say right away that his cameras are excellent, but there are still jambs. Let's start with the benefits. Each sensor has optical stabilization. The coolest stabilization is declared in ultra-wide. The camera has cool optics from Ziess. All this beauty is complemented by a separate proprietary chip V1. It greatly improves the quality of photos and videos during night shooting.

We will not describe all the technical parameters of the cameras, you can find them in the table with the main characteristics. Now we’d better tell you how the Vivo X70 Pro Plus takes pictures in reality. Photos, of course, of excellent quality, with the most detailed detail and correct color reproduction. This applies to both daytime and nighttime photos. There is simply nothing to complain about here: Vivo takes awesome pictures, no worse than competitors.

Как фотографирует Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Сравнение фото Vivo X70 Pro+ и Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Как фотографирует Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Сравнение фото Vivo X70 Pro Plus vs Galaxy S21 Ultra

Как фотографирует Vivo X70 Pro Plus в темноте

Ночная съемка на Vivo X70 Pro Plus

But in the process of use, we found a huge minus, which significantly spoiled the impression of Vivo cameras. Rather, it is not the cameras themselves that are to blame, but the functionality, greatly curtailed by the developers. So what's the deal? The thing is, you won't be able to shoot video on a 3x or 5x zoom TV in 4K resolution. If you want 4K - set only 2x zoom. It seems that the manufacturer has done something with the capabilities of the telephoto. We highlighted this point separately, because for many users it is very important.

Проблема при съемке видео на Vivo X70 Pro Plus

We also draw your attention to the fact that when the video is zoomed, the center of the frame shifts to the side. The reason is in crooked algorithms. There is no way to simultaneously shoot on the main and front camera. You can only switch between modules before you start shooting video. Macro video and video portrait are also missing. In short, the Vivo X70 Pro Plus has a decent main module and ultra-wide, and the telephoto for the most part disappointed.

Как снимает фронтальная камера Vivo X70 Pro Plu

The front camera is not bad, but it's nothing special. We have a 32 megapixel module with a pixel size of 0.8µm. But the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a cooler front camera in terms of detail and color reproduction.

Стеклянная вставка на корпусе Vivo X70 Pro Plus

By the way, we came up with an interesting life hack. As you already know, there is a glass insert near the main camera block on the back of the Vivo X70 Pro Plus. And it can work like a mirror. That is, you look into it and take a selfie on the main camera. You can be sure that in this case, the selfies will turn out just gorgeous. Yes, this is not a second display, as in Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, but a useful use for glass can also be found.

Sound and system features

Телефон Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Here we will not dwell on such banal things as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC, but will immediately talk about sound quality and software. The Vivo X70 Pro Plus has stereo speakers, but the second speaker is more conventional, because it is of little use. The sound is good, but there is no “wow” effect. The maximum volume is also at an average level. By comparison, the OnePlus 9 Pro sounds much cooler and louder. The vibrator is excellent, no worse than competitors. In the settings you can choose the vibration intensity. Please note that a weak vibration response is installed out of the box, which can be misleading at first.

Меню системных настроек на Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Now let's say a few words about the firmware. The international version of the Vivo X70 Pro+ runs Funtouch OS 12, and for some this may be a disappointment. We are sure that many were waiting for OriginOS, which boasts originality, an unusual interface and other goodies. But OriginOS is only available for the Chinese version, so we'll have to settle for Funtouch. We can't say anything bad about this shell. Everything works stably, smoothly and beautifully - these are not Xiaomi phones with buggy MIUI. I would like to note a huge number of different animation effects. There is also a good built-in photo and video editor: its functionality will be enough for everyday tasks.

Системный видео и фото редактор Vivo X70 Pro Plus

But annoying system application "Music", which can not be disabled. And there are not enough additional options compared to realme UI and ColorOS. Some applications only work at 60 Hz. If you want 120 Hz, you will have to force such a parameter in the settings, despite the wild discharge of the battery. Otherwise, you can’t find fault with the work of the software on Vivo.

And, of course, we cannot but mention the terms of device support. Vivo X70 Pro + will receive updates to fresh Android for no more than 2 years. The same Pixel 6 will be updated to Android 16, which is exactly 3-4 years of support. Therefore, Vivo X70 Pro Plus is definitely not worth considering as a durable device.

Battery and battery life

Смартфон Vivo X70 Pro+

In terms of autonomy, Vivo X70 Pro + did not show cool results. The phone is equipped with a 4500 mAh battery. Considering the diagonal of the screen, I would like 5000 mAh. In our proprietary test, the smartphone lasted only 7 hours and 30 minutes. Pretty average, but it's still better than Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra with 7 hours and 4 minutes of battery life and Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus (6 hours and 40 minutes). But among the competitors there are more impressive figures, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - 8 hours 19 minutes.

In principle, if the Vivo X70 Pro Plus is not heavily loaded, it will easily last for a day. But stretching it out over two days would be problematic. The picture is complemented by fast 55-watt wired charging and 50-watt wireless. There is even reverse charging by wire and wireless. But please note that fast chargers from third-party brands (Dash Charge from OnePlus and Realme) are not supported. All you need is a Flash Charge charger from Vivo.

Проводная зарядка Vivo X70 Pro Plus


Корпус Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Vivo X70 Pro Plus is only sold in India and China for now. Whether the Pro Plus version will come to Europe is a big question. So now let's report the prices for the Chinese market:

  • 8/256 GB - $853;
  • 12/256 GB - $1088;
  • 12/512 GB - $1204.

In India, for a basic configuration of 12/256 GB, you need to pay 1050 bucks. If the smartphone is still sold in our countries, then according to the assumptions, the price for the younger version will be at least $ 1,100, which is 28,976 UAH and 79,203 rubles at the current exchange rate. We agree that it is very expensive, but all top flagships (for example, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra) cost about the same.


Обзор Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Vivo X70 Pro Plus really turned out to be a good flagship. Yes, there are drawbacks, as with any model. For those who are looking for a top mobile device with a great screen and cameras, we can recommend to take a closer look at the new product from Vivo if it appears outside of Asia. The cost is quite adequate, given the hardware and sophisticated technology.


  • Cool display quality.
  • Nice design and nice body material.
  • The main camera module and ultra-wide camera take great photos and videos.
  • 4 GB of virtual RAM.
  • Stable operation of the proprietary interface.
  • Reasonable processor heating.
  • IP68 protection.
  • Suitable vibrator with intensity adjustment.
  • Edge highlighting in different scenarios.
  • Flicker reduction due to DC Dimming.
  • Full-fledged Always on Display.
  • Functional built-in photo and video editor.
  • Adequate price.


  • Cut TV.
  • Average front camera, worse than competitors.
  • Rounded display edges.
  • Offset of the center of the frame when zooming video.
  • Low FPS in games and noticeable throttling.
  • Lack of True Tone.
  • The maximum volume and sound quality are not impressive.
  • Funtouch OS firmware, uninteresting in terms of customization.
  • Fast discharge.
  • Support only Vivo branded charging.

Vivo X70 Pro Video review

As always, leave your impressions about Vivo X70 Pro Plus in the comments and watch the video review!

Author: Алина Никитина Publication date: 19.10.2021


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