Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra review: specifications, pros and cons of the smartphone

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Review of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra - brothers, this is a full house !










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Xiaomi has released its best brainchild. Mi 11 Ultra is an attempt by the company to prove to the world that it is capable of producing not only consumer goods, replete with compromises, but also really top-end devices.


Let's see if this model is devoid of shortcomings and if there is at least some savings. Although, what kind of savings can there be - have you seen his price list? Read the article to the end and you will understand everything.



Xiaomi packaging was made as discreet as possible: black and compact, minimalist cardboard box. In the center is a large number 11, and below the inscription Ultra with an additive indicating premium sound. The younger brother did not get the charging unit in the kit, but this was not done with the older brother.


Inside the box: the smartphone itself, a 67 W charging unit, a USB - type C cable , a paper clip and a case, a protective film is glued to the screen. I must say, the silicone case-bumper on the background of the device does not look premium at all.

Charger for Mi 11 Ultra


Flagship appearance

Mi 11 Ultra thick cameras

Let's start with something that anyone who picks it up will immediately pay attention to - this is its camera module, which occupies a solid panel on the back of the head! It instantly catches the eye, because the world has not yet seen such a huge platform.

Of course, we will discuss what the presence of a trunk with such guns brought with it. Looking at this array, you understand what the manufacturer wanted to emphasize. Against the background of the white case, the block looks even more brutal.

Mi 11 Ultra near the mountain


Whether you can call it a beautiful element or not, it's hard to even imagine how to fit all these huge sensors. Yes, and a small additional display is available here! A 20-megapixel front camera is embedded in the upper left corner of the front panel. Initially, due to the dark wallpaper, it is not even noticeable.

Mi 11 Ultra in hand


The body itself is made royally, of ceramics. Of the available colors - black and white, succinctly. They also announced a white marble color, but the sellers do not have it in stock yet.

Mi 11 Ultra colors


Talking about the location of the elements, we can mention the lack of an audio jack for headphones. The SIM card slot has been moved to the bottom edge. Both the top and bottom ends are flat, both have holes for speakers for stereo sound. The speaker sounds from a barely noticeable thin cut in the upper edge. As usual, there is also an infrared port on top.

The upper end of the Mi 11 Ultra

The bottom end of the Mi 11 Ultra



The display has relatively small rounding inherent in flagships. We have repeatedly emphasized the lack of rounding, and this disease is also present in Mi 11 Ultra . Entering text while holding the smartphone with one hand can be difficult; swipes on the keyboard (especially for those who use continuous input) will not always cause the right reaction.


Due to the rather large ultra-screen at 6.81 inches, it seems like a giant , but it's still not the most overall smartphone. The same Poco X 3 with a large height, width and thickness (165.3 x 76.8 x 9.4 mm) has a smaller display diagonal of 6.67 inches. In general, it is not felt with a shovel in the hand, and the camera block does not interfere with holding it.

Comfort in the hands of Mi 11 Ultra


The weight of the phone is added by this puck with cameras on the back of the head. We can say that he is in the top of the heaviest smartphones, if you do not take into account folding and protected.


On the front panel under the display is an optical fingerprint sensor, and it works out perfectly. By the way, due to the wide camera block, the smartphone will not stagger on the table when you press the screen to unlock or type on the keyboard. There is still some benefit to this.

Mi 11 Ultra on the table



Key Features of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra :

·        Dimensions/Weight : 164.3x74.6x8.38mm (12.5mm thick with camera block), weight 234g

·        Display : 6.81 inch AMOLED , 3200 x 1440 QHD + resolution, 20:9 aspect ratio, 515 ppi pixel density, 120 Hz refresh rate (480 Hz response rate), HDR 10+, Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Victus

·        Memory : RAM 8/12 GB LPDDR5, 3200 MHz, built-in 256/512 GB, UFS 3.1

·        Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (1 Core - 2.84 GHz, 3 Core - 2.84 GHz, 4 Core - 1.8 GHz), GPU - Adreno 660

·        Cameras :

Main module - 50 MP, sensor size 1 / 1.12 inches, aperture f / 1.95, 1.4μm (in binning 2.8μm - 12.5 MP), OIS , autofocus Dual Pixel Pro AF;

Ultra-wide-angle module - 48 MP, field of view 128º sensor size 1/2 inch, aperture f / 2.2, 0.8μm (binning 1.6μm - 12 MP), fixed focus;

Telephoto lens - 48 MP, sensor size 1/2 inch, aperture f / 4.1, 0.8μm (binning 1.6μm - 12 MP), autofocus PDAF , 5x optical zoom (10x hybrid and 120x digital), OIS ;

front camera - wide-angle lens, 20 MP, 1/3.4", aperture f/ 2.5, 0.8μm, fixed focus

·        Video Recording: 8K 4320p@24fps, UHD 4K 2160p@30/60fps, FHD 1080p@30/60fps, Slow-mo FHD 1080p@1920fps/HD 720p@1920fps, EIS

·        OS : Android 11, MIUI 12.5 shell

·        Battery : 5020 mAh

·        Charger : fast charge 67W, wireless charge 67W, reverse charge 10W, support QC3.0/4.0+

·        Features : NFC , IP68 waterproof, Harman Kardon stereo speakers, Hi-Res Audio, Hi-Res Wireless Audio, in-display fingerprint scanner, 3.5mm headphone jack, IR port, 2 nano-SIM tray.

·        Colors : white ( Ceramic White ) and black ( Ceramic Black )


The top -end AMOLED screen in the Mi 11 Ultra will certainly please the eye of its owner. Lei Jun, Gen. the director of the company, very diligently talked about him at the presentation of the pioneer in the line - Mi 11. There is nowhere better, so far ...

Mi 11 Ultra Screen 120Hz


About smoothness with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, it makes no sense to repeat. Cheaper models with less powerful processors may not pull out those 120 hertz, and this will also affect their stability. Everything here is just gorgeous. Viewing angles and color reproduction are also excellent. In addition, there are many screen settings for your perception.

Mi 11 Ultra Screen 120Hz


Peak brightness of 1700 nits won't make you strain your eyes on a sunny day. To protect your eyes from flickering, there is a DC Dimming function . Glass Gorilla Glass Victus , that is, the 6th generation, is responsible for the safety of the display .

Mi 11 Ultra DCDimming



Camera Mi 11 Ultra

As we have already noted, the first thing the Mi 11 Ultra pays attention to (no, it just screams!), is the cameras. There is a lot to be said about them here. If only because this is the first smartphone that received an almost inch sensor from Samsung - S5K GN2.


In the DxOMark ranking , the smartphone took an honorable 1st place, receiving 143 points for its success, while the already former leader, Huawei Mate 40 Pro +, reached the bar of 139 points. We compare the results of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra with top flagships from competitors: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

1 Shot from iPhone 12 Pro Max

1 Shot with Mi 11 Ultra

1 Shot from Samsung S 21 Ultra

Here is another example of shots taken during daylight hours:

2 Shot with iPhone 12 Pro Max

2 Shot with Mi 11 Ultra

2 Shot with Samsung S 21 Ultra


In Pro mode, you can save photos in RAW format with full manual settings, but not at full resolution. For lovers of high-quality images, this will help draw out dark areas in particularly difficult conditions.


There is optical stabilization both on the main module and on the telephoto lens. By the way, the maximum zoom due to the telephoto lens and digital technologies is a record. Mi 11 Ultra boasts a maximum zoom of 120x! The closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, has a 100x zoom.

120x zoom Mi 11 Ultra

5x zoom with iPhone 12 Pro Max

5x zoom with Mi 11 Ultra

5x zoom with Samsung S21 Ultra

See how this approximation looks compared to the Samsung S21 Ultra:

120x zoom Mi 11 Ultra

120x zoom with 21 ultra


Of particular note is the telephoto lens - its aperture is quite "dark", f / 4.1. This means that the pictures on it will be good only during daylight hours.


Video in 8K resolution can be shot on all 3 modules (you can see video examples in the video review below). Directly in real time, video portraits can be recorded with Bokeh mode, although this function does not work perfectly yet. There was also a problem with recording sound on video: at one point, it briefly turned off.


You can completely forget about the front camera, having an additional display on the back. Although for video calls it will still be difficult to do without it. If we evaluate it against the background of similar flagships, then everything here is on the level. Processing algorithms differ, but only slightly.

Front camera iPhone 12 Pro Max

Front camera Mi 11 Ultra

Front camera S 21 Ultra

Well, you can check out how gorgeous the selfie looks on the main camera:

Selfie on the main module Mi 11 Ultra



Friends, for hardware, the smartphone is as charged as possible! At the head of the core in the Mi 11 Ultra is the top-end Snapdragon 888 processor. There is nothing more powerful than it on the market today. We know that such an animal still needs to be able to calm down, since it can heat up to cosmic temperatures. Here, a special cooling system is responsible for this: the Chinese announced a kind of “solid liquid thermal pad”, which has better thermal conductivity and better heat dissipation.

Heating Mi 11 Ultra

In practice, they could not overcome the heating to the end. Under maximum load, our case heated up to 51ºС. Although this did not affect the fps during the game, it is not comfortable to play in this case. Special throttling was also not observed. At the same time, the gaming Asus Rog Phone 5 heated up even more, and its performance immediately decreased.

Mi 11 Ultra throttling test

As for memory, this is also all top. While there are several memory options, both boast cutting-edge LPDDR 5 and UFS 3.1 technologies . Naturally, this also affects the speed of the interface, and not just the speed of reading / writing files.



Of course, the zhor of this sperm whale must be provided from a powerful battery. Xiaomi has equipped their creation with a new type of 5020 mAh battery. The material from which the battery is made is also innovative here. In practice, you are unlikely to notice innovations, but this most likely helped save space. And such a powerful battery needs to be charged with a powerful charger.

Mi 11 Ultra on charge

Luckily, it's great here too. Fast charging by wire? You are welcome! Comes with 67W unit. Fast wireless charging? On those! The same power is maintained. Even reverse charging will provide 10W for your other devices that support this feature. Manufacturers assure that a full battery charging cycle will last no more than 36 minutes.

Wireless charging Mi 11 Ultra

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It should be noted right away that the MIUI version on the test sample is still damp. In the commercial version, MIUI 12.5 firmware has already been announced. In the meantime, some strange things still happen to him, and, sadly, it is with the camera.

Of particular note is the rear mini-display (by the way, also AMOLED , exactly the same as in the Mi Band 5 fitness watch). It can be customized: set any picture, display a large clock or an inscription. But it can be active for no more than 30 seconds, after which it goes out.

Setting up the Mi 11 Ultra display

With the help of the second display, you can not only see yourself during the royal selfie, but also interact with the phone. For example, you can answer a call or reject it, but you won’t be able to work with messages (and why all this sadomasochism?).

2nd display Mi 11 Ultra

Here, too, you can mention a software bug - several times it was not possible to switch to the second display to take a selfie. I had to reboot. Probably, Xiaomi programmers will fix this in the next firmware updates.

And again, the mention of the proximity sensor - it works better than in the same Redmi N ote 10 Pro . But not perfect, there were still random taps during a call.

Sound and Features

The older brother from the line also sounds like a flagship! Speakers from Harman Kardon are responsible for the sound, which emphasizes its premium performance.

Waterproof Mi 11 Ultra

How about water protection? It could not be otherwise - Xiaomi provided the model with IP 68 waterproofing. It implies that the smartphone "can be briefly immersed in fresh water to a depth of 2 meters" (if anything, it was a quote from the official Xiaomi website ).


Waterproof Mi 11 Ultra


How much are you willing to pay for the above characteristics? 700$ ? 800$ ? 1000$ ? At the time of writing, its cost in China was $1400 for the 12/256 GB version. The 8/128 GB version will not enter the global market. It is unlikely that Xiaomi 's goal was to mass-produce a competitive model. She will not be able to boast of success and popularity. It is hard to believe that there are many people in the world who are ready to pay that kind of money for a product from a Chinese company. Moreover, so far it has not been possible to get rid of all the shortcomings inherent in the brand's products.

Mi 11 Ultra price

Pros :

  • The best display on the market
  • Great set of top cameras
  • The fastest processor
  • Size and type of memory
  • Premium body materials
  • Excellent stereo sound
  • Fast wired/wireless charging
  • The ability to take high-quality selfies on the main module
  • Moisture protection

Cons :

  • Price
  • Imperfect camera software and interface (yet)
  • Proximity sensor
  • Chassis heating under load
  • The design and size of the camera block (although this is individual)

Video review

All the best and may Android be with you!

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АКБ не 4500 и не 5020 мАч, а 5000 мАч. о водозащищенности на сайте Mi 11 Pro и Mi 11 Ultra защищены от брызг, воды и пыли. Они были протестированы в контролируемых лабораторных условиях, и их эффективность достигла уровня IP68 в соответствии со стандартом IEC 60529 (максимальное время пребывания - 1,5 метра на глубине). под водой) до 30 минут). Брызгозащищенные, водонепроницаемые и пыленепроницаемые функции не всегда эффективны, а защитные характеристики могут снижаться из-за ежедневного износа. Не заряжайте мокрый телефон. Гарантия не распространяется на повреждения, вызванные погружением в жидкость. утверждение "можно ненадолго погружать в пресную воду на глубину до 2-х метров» — отсебятина
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