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autonomy mi band 6

On April 2, the official start of sales of a fitness tracker from Xiaomi - Mi Smart Band 6 or simply Mi Band 6 - took place. There were enough expectations around the new Xiaomi model. But were these expectations justified? How the sixth Mi Band differs from the previous one and whether it is worth buying at all - this will be discussed in this article. We will also get acquainted with all the characteristics and features, discuss the design and ease of use.

Did you put down the spoon?

Let's start in order, with the box, which is made in a minimalist black color. No one will expect super-reliability from packaging for a price of up to $ 50, it is just ordinary. The package traditionally includes a fitness bracelet with a strap, instructions and a magnetic charger. Everything is as usual - concise. Here you should immediately jump ahead and pay attention that there is a version with NFC and without it.

mi gang 6 look

If it is present, then the NFC inscription will be highlighted on the box itself, but, unfortunately, this function does not work in our countries yet. It remains to be hoped that this will be cured, as was already the case with Mi Band 4. Perhaps it is not worth overpaying yet if you buy on Chinese sites, be careful when buying!


  • Size: 47.4x18.6x12.7 mm
  • Display: 1.56 inch AMOLED, 326 ppi pixel density, 152x486 resolution, 450 nits peak brightness
  • Battery: 125 mAh Li -Pol, 14 days of work without recharging
  • Memory: 2/32 MB
  • Sensors: Pulse and oxygen sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor
  • Water resistance: 5ATM
  • Communications: Bluetooth 5.0, NFC (optional)>
  • Functions: Fitness trainer, breath quality analysis, sleep quality measurement, stress monitoring, calorie counter, pedometer, weather forecast, "women's" calendar, control of the camera and smartphone player, "Find phone" function
  • Features: Vibration, call notifications and SMS / social messages. networks/Email, notifications from applications
  • Weight: 12.8g (24g with strap)

What's up with the face

mi band 6 display

On the reverse side is a heart rate monitor and a "socket" - if you can now call it that - for magnetic charging. It also migrated from the previous version. Agree, this is much more practical than inserting a cable into the connector.

The appearance of Mi Band 6 has not changed after the 5th. All the same black capsule of an oblong shape with a color screen. But to be precise, the overall dimensions slightly (by tenths of a millimeter) increased - so much so that these changes can be neglected. For comparison, here are the overall dimensions of the 5th version: 46.95 x 18.15 x 12.45 mm. The display itself has grown quite well, now its diagonal is 1.56 inches versus 1.1 inches in Mi Band 5 . But more information due to this can be seen only in some menu items. This is due to the fact that the diagonal was increased due to the oval shape of the display, i.e. Roughly speaking, they added a radius. The resolution with pixel density has also increased, so the picture should become a little sharper. The touch button decided to completely remove.

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The 2.5 D glass that covers the screen has rounded edges, a nice oleophobic and anti-reflective coating, but it's not Gorilla Glass . So thrifty users should consider purchasing a protective film for the watch. Is it worth writing that the watch case is made of plastic ...

On the reverse side is a heart rate monitor and a "socket" - if you can now call it that - for magnetic charging. It also migrated from the previous version. Agree, this is much more practical than plugging the cable into the connector.


In terms of ergonomics, everything is fine - you will not feel discomfort when wearing it, the strap is comfortable, although not the softest of all that you had to hold in your hands. Will the strap from the previous generation fit? Due to the slightly enlarged size, it will be difficult to insert the capsule, although it is real.

ergonomics mi band 6

Since now there is no button, the control has completely switched to gestures. Conveniently. The only negative, perhaps, is that to go back now you need to swipe left on the screen. I would like to see multitasking, but it is practically non-existent. For example, if a stopwatch is running, then it will not be possible to minimize it in a running state and then return to it. It is only possible to control music during a workout by swiping to the left.

Phone Interaction

With Mi Band 6, you can create calendar events and manage alarms, including creating new ones or deleting old ones.

In order to fully use the Xiaomi fitness tracker , you must have a version of Android above 5.0 or IOS 10. You need to install the MiFit or MiWear application , they are available in the Play Market or App Store . If you describe these two applications briefly, then MiWear is more beautiful and aesthetic in appearance, but still damp, and MiFit is more convenient and practical.

mi band 6 interaction with phone

After installation , you need to connect the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth . Directly from your smartphone, you can choose among a huge variety of different covers for the dial, which you can save no more than 3 directly in the tracker itself (except for 3 standard ones, we get 6 in total). You can also create your own watch face from your image.

From the bracelet, you can control the smartphone's camera, sound modes and player. There's a handy "Find Smartphone" feature if you forgot where you put it.

Notifications can not only be received, but also viewed. To be honest, doing the second is extremely inconvenient due to the small size and rounding of the display, so most likely you will still be reading messages on your smartphone.

Functions and features

mi band 6 functionality

It is also interesting to observe how mi band 6 recognizes stress and suggests using the “breathing” mode to restore the state.

Now you can train at least around the clock, because as many as 30 modes are provided to help (previously there were 11). Also announced is the automatic selection of the training mode, if you yourself have not done this. This assistant can determine whether his owner is riding a bike or, for example, running “on his own two feet” and will suggest the appropriate type of training.

Among the available modes, there is everything: walking, running, cycling, yoga, even various dances. The only thing missing is watching sports and eating hamburgers. It is felt that soon the bracelet will be able to count the goals scored or the balls thrown into the basket ...

Finally, MiBand fans got the opportunity to measure the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. With the fifth generation, something did not work out, so the sensor had to wait until the sixth. And here you go, measure. Measurement is surprisingly fast, but in addition to manual measurement, this can also be set automatically. The data will be recorded and detailed statistics will be generated. The manufacturer carefully warns that this is still not a medical device, so you should not rely too much on its testimony.

chips mi band 6

Mi Band 6 is ready to correctly track your steps, count mileage, calories burned, analyze heart rate, sleep, rest and even stress. As for the accuracy of heart rate measurements, the gadget copes with this task quite well. But again, not ideal (remember the warning from the instructions ) .

Also, the feature of the 6th Bend can be called work with the "female" calendar - that is, track the menstrual cycle, fix the duration and even, among other things, mood.

Mi life

autonomy mi band 6

The declared 14 days of operation of Mi band 6 can only withstand without the use of additional functions. Autonomy as a whole suffered a little due to the increase in the size of the display and the additional oxygen sensor. In practice, heavy users will have to recharge the battery after a week, and possibly less.

What do we think about Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and drawing of ten fitness bracelets

And there are those who, on the contrary, will not be able to connect their gadget to the outlet for more than 2 weeks. Recharging the 125 mAh battery itself will take no more than 1.5 hours. To be fair, it's worth mentioning that the charging connector is identical to the previous version, so you can use the charger from an old watch.

Are we surfacing?

For lovers of water procedures, moisture protection has remained at the same level - 5 ATM. This means that the device can withstand short-term immersion in fresh water if you accidentally drop it in water. That is, you can wash your hands and take a shower, but now it is not advisable to swim with a bracelet. Diving with it to a depth is even more not recommended.

So, if you are afraid of forgetting what time you will surface after diving deep, then you should consider purchasing a more suitable waterproof watch.

To take or not to take

screen mi gang 6

As a result, it is useful to discuss two questions: 1) if you already have a Mi Band 5 watch, is it worth changing it to Mi Band 6 and 2) should you buy it if this is the first purchase of a fitness tracker?

If you have a 5th generation watch, then updates in the 6th are not so important as to buy a six to replace them. Only if you fundamentally need an approximate oxygen level sensor. The price differs by almost 2 times when compared to new ones.

But if you're thinking about buying a watch in general, it's certainly a pretty good option given how versatile it is: 30 workout modes, monitoring sleep, rest, activity, and stress; many options for dials; improved interface and notifications, all in a still compact size. Whatever one may say, competitors cannot offer this for sure!

All the best and may Android be with you!

Video review

Publication date: 10.04.2021


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Что за приколы выпускать переводы обзоров? Может вы все переводить обзоры начнете? Нах нам ваше читать то тогда?
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Согласен автор статьи дилетант. У меня 4 с nfs я в Украине рассчитывают без проблем в супермаркете и тд браслетом.
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Так возьми и купи себе band 6 с NFC где-нибудь в Китае (потому что к нам эту версию даже не привезли) и попробуй расплатиться. Указано же, что в 4ке Сяоми это вылечили. Может, и 6-к версию это когда-то коснется, но маловероятно.
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В характеристиках же написаны габариты... А 6-ка вполне норм.
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Тоже размышлял по поводу 6ки. У самого 5ка- отличный браслет, брал китайскую версию с NFC, в надежде, что в рф когда-нибудь прикрутят, как было с 4кой. 6ку пока не вижу смысла брать вместо 5ки. Из плюсов, очевидных для меня - бОльшая площадь использования дисплея, ну и датчик кислорода неплохо было бы иметь, пусть и с погрешностями в показаниях
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Автор ппц, 5атм это погружение на 50 метров выдерживает, учитывая что он распознавать должен несколько стилей плавания, как заявлено, абзац автора про это вообще негативный, сразу видно чел в глаза мибэнды не видел, плавал в море уже с третьим, никогда его в ванной не снимал, ему пофиг всё это.
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Аплодисменты в студию! У xiaomi mi band 6 2/32 Гб памяти! Автор профи:) интересно как скоро народ поймет, что такими знатоками только подсерают сайт
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