Should I buy the OnePlus 9RT in the 11.11 sale? Comparison with the best smartphones under $500

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Should I buy OnePlus 9RT on sale 11.11

Brothers, I categorically do not have time to close some questions before the start of the sale and I understand that many of you are waiting for answers. Let's try to shoot in text format, it won't take long for me or for you. Should You Buy OnePlus 9RT? After all, on 11.11 they promise to give it away at a very sweet price, later there will be no such chance.

Onep Plus 9RT

About the interface and ColorOS 12

In general, even though this is the Chinese version, and the global one does not yet exist, it is quite possible to use it comfortably. The only thing that annoys me is the first desktop that cannot be disabled (as in iOS 15, you can place huidget widgets and other unnecessary nonsense). Oxygen has Google Feed in its place.

Sometimes Chinese is found on the menu, but very rarely, you can turn a blind eye to this. Google services are installed without problems, but things like Voice Match cannot be configured, and the assistant cannot be called quickly either. NFC with Google Pay works without problems.

OnePlus 9RT Firmware

In general, the ColorOS 12 shell went very well for me, it is 100% more functional than Oxygen. The level of customization is GOD (by modern standards)! It works smoothly, nothing freezes, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Well done BBK! I don't even know if it's worth installing Oxygen when it comes out.... Honestly.

The main features of 9RT: cameras, body materials and display

The cameras are simply gorgeous, there is no better in this price segment. You can count on the +/- levels of the Nord 2. To be really nerdy, the RT is slightly better due to the processing algorithms of the Snapdragon 888 processor.

According to the materials, few people offer glass + metal for this money. The assembly is chic, this is the flagship level. A display without adaptive refresh rate and color settings, but it's still a flagship level. The brightness is high, the colors are pleasant, the sensor is as responsive as possible.

OnePlus 9RT Display

PWM indicators:

  • 100% - 8%
  • 75% - 8%
  • 50% - 10%
  • 35% - 36%
  • 25% - 32%
  • 15% - 21%
  • 5% - 14%
  • 0% - 10%

The battery is holding just fine. Enough for a day is stable. In our test, the 9RT lasted 8 hours and 7 minutes. Those. stars, in this regard, it is not enough from the sky.

What about performance?

With the Snapdragon 888 chip, OnePlus was able to handle this model better than most other manufacturers, but these figures are still not ideal. In Genshin iMpact, the average FPS was 53 fps. In ShadowGun Legends  49 fps. After 20 minutes of playing, the case heats up to 50 degrees. In this situation, you can play, but I can’t call this process comfortable.

OnePlus 9RT Performance

Conclusions and competitors

New OnePlus 9RT

11.11 OnePlus 9RT will sell for $469 - offer link
Add to cart now, pay on 11.11!

Closest competitors:

So which of these smartphones would I take? Definitely not 9RT, if a metal frame is not important for you and the camera is 10-15% better than that of opponents. Personally, I would not overpay more than a hundred bucks for such minimal differences.

My favorite is realme GT NEO 2 ($314) ! But what if you live in Ukraine and the seller does not deliver the goods to this country? Then I would either wait or take the OnePlus 9R . For $375, this is a great deal.

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Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 10.11.2021


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Sid Den 0
скажите, отображаются ли уведомления от вотс ап и телеграм в always on display? единственное, что останавливает от покупки сабжа!
10.11.2021 23:35
Paletsky Dmitry -1
У меня 1+8 Pro и тут да, отображается
11.11.2021 18:02
Yakutko Sergey 0
Хорошая стать.Если есть время подскажите пожалуйста стоит ли переходить с ONE PLUS 7T PRO на более новую версию 9 или 9R.
10.11.2021 21:11
Макаров Никита -1
На 9р нет , только лишь на 9про
11.11.2021 20:45


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Should I buy the OnePlus 9RT in the 11.11 sale? Comparison with the best smartphones under $500