Operating experience Poco F3. About jambs, bugs and all that

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For a long time we did not have videos dedicated to a sufficiently long experience in operating a particular smartphone. There was no time, then there were not enough emotions accumulated. But now these two factors have coincided, especially in terms of the emotional component, and I really want to talk about Poco F3. The model has become very popular and we have a lot to talk about. And maybe even a warning.

Poco F3 once again confirms “that there are no freebies”, behind the low price tag there are always some reductions or simplifications that can spoil life. Proximity and light sensors have fallen into the category of fairly annoying factors. With an eye on how they work, the main idea arises that Xiaomi is still negligent about the little things, it does not consider it necessary to pay attention to some, perhaps not the most important functions at first glance, and works on the principle of “and so come down."

Operating experience Poco F3. About jambs, bugs and all that – фото 1

The main patrimony in Poco F3, where not everything is perfect, is software. This is something the company should be ashamed of. Xiaomi doesn't give a damn about software, and it's become the norm for an update to "break" or cause features to fail that worked well together. The impression of a smartphone is pretty spoiled by its software component: with bugs and jambs.

Another unpleasant moment is the autonomy of the Poco F3. And here the company managed to play a dirty trick on developers with crooked little hands. With the advent of MIUI 12.5, autonomy was cut by almost a third. And this is a catastrophic indicator. What other questions do you have for the Poco F3 and whether it can be recommended for purchase - in the video.

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 21.06.2021


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Aleksey Kazakov 2
чуть меньше 60 дней, но все тоже самое, один в один! датчик убивает. Дождусь MiUI13,, если не решат, буду продавать и назад к Самсунг.
22.06.2021 09:41


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Operating experience Poco F3. About jambs, bugs and all that