Oukitel K4000 and K6000: blitz video review of centenarian smartphones

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When you have Oukitel K 4000 and K 6000 in front of you, it's hard to choose the device you like. The first is compact and ergonomic, the second is metal and long-lasting. The main thing is that both smartphones look decent, and in our first short video review we will show you the appearance of new products in the segment of long-playing devices.

Oukitel_K4000 Oukitel_K6000

When Oukitel announced the release of three smartphones with large batteries at once, this news would not have caused such a stir if the company had not dared to embody a truly mega tablet autonomy in one of them. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to see the Oukitel K 10000 , but now its smaller brothers have already appeared before us. For some reason, I would like to talk about the design of two smartphones using the words practicality and smooth transition along the edges. Nothing catches the eye here and everything is very ascetic. However, the bet is made on a capacious battery and a long life, and for this you can sacrifice design finds.

It is difficult to draw any unambiguous conclusions about the firmware and performance of an engineering sample. Therefore, we decided to limit ourselves to a visual acquaintance with the Oukitel K 4000 and K 6000, but when gadgets enter the market, we will definitely do a full review and determine their endurance for a while. devices.

You can buy Oukitel K4000 with a guarantee and a discount in Ukraine, cash on delivery.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 05.10.2015


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Oukitel K4000 and K6000: blitz video review of centenarian smartphones