Oukitel U8 Universe Tap - video review of another budget smartphone with a fingerprint scanner

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The Oukitel brand appeared on the Chinese market only this spring, although the companies involved in its founding have a much longer history of existence. One of them is a large Chinese ODM / OEM manufacturer - Ouki, whose investment in the new brand largely determined its name, and another founder was Doogee, which we already know so well. Despite its youth, the Oukitel brand has ambitious goals - to enter the top 10 largest smartphone manufacturers, and the main focus is the international market. Therefore, we need to get used to the fact that in the future we will hear the name Oukitel more and more often.

However, not only the history of the appearance of the Oukitel brand, but also the far-reaching plans of the manufacturer, caused us to pay attention to the Oukitel U8 Universe Tap smartphone. We first talked about the company itself, as well as about its future innovations back in April, although it was the U8 Universe Tap model that we remember the most. In fact, this smartphone is a cheaper version of the successful Elephone P7000 smartphone, although this did not affect it externally. Even during testing, we have repeatedly emphasized that Oukitel U8 looks and sits in the hand like a $200+ device, although its actual cost is no more than $140. Throw in an excellent fingerprint scanner that allows you to unlock your device without waking it up first, and you will realize that this device really deserves special attention.


It is also worth noting that this is only the third device in our testing, which is responsible for the MT6735 processor, but the first with a fingerprint scanner among them. The Oukitel U8 Universe Tap smartphone has other interesting features, which we detailed in the video review of our testing of this device. Some of them, a fingerprint scanner and a premium look, we have already listed. Also worth mentioning here are good built-in cameras, a thin body of 7.9 mm and a decent battery capacity, which allowed the smartphone to show very good results in the autonomy test. But it was not without a fly in the ointment, however, we will not reveal all the secrets now, but we offer to find out by watching our special video review.

But we hope you enjoy Oukitel U8 Universe Tap. Although we are in any case interested in your opinion after watching this video, whatever it may be. Happy viewing!

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Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 29.06.2015


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Не думал, что этот смартфон выйдет по такой приятной цене 130$
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Oukitel U8 Universe Tap - video review of another budget smartphone with a fingerprint scanner