Useful applications that work without the Internet

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Spring has come into its own, the snow has melted, the weekends are dedicated to barbecues and outings into nature, where, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), there is no access to the Internet.

The first thing is to get to the right place. This requires a reliable, simple and versatile navigator.

Here , the Maps.Me application is an indispensable option.

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An application was created for those who like to travel in different ways, including hiking.

I will voice the positive features of the application:

1) Description of attractions

2) Navigation for hiking

3) Diagram with default height difference

Of course, you can get to the place not only by car. To show a slender body on the beach in the summer, which was covered with fat during the cold winter time, active training is needed. To control physical activity , the Strava application will help.

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Here, the application will not only build a workout map without the Internet (using GPS or GLONASS), remember the maximum and minimum speed, altitude difference, but also allow you to save the workout on the server when the Internet appears and share the data on the internal social network.

And when you are tired, seven sweats came down after training, it's time to do brain development.

As the saying goes, people who read books will always control those who watch TV. To read your favorite art books and books on self-development , the AlReader application is suitable . Also, remember what Steven Spielberg said: “The best movie theater is the human imagination. And you understand this when you pick up a good book.

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The application reads all formats of e-books, remembers the last position in the book, automatically scans the entire device for search

We read it, and now you can watch a movie with your girlfriend in a tent. Therefore, upload your favorite movies to your phone's memory in advance for offline viewing. I love doing it on the train. I threw in my favorite films, if I'm bored, I sat down with my wife and watched.

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Here the VLC player is out of competition. Many have loved this application even on computers. Here and the ability to change the playback speed, easy rewind. I like the brightness and sound control feature when you swipe up and down the screen. You have sound on one side of the screen, brightness on the other. To me, it's a brilliant solution.

And if I want to go somewhere with my family, it is necessary to control income and expenses in order to save for vacation. I have been using the same program for 7 years now: Finance in the palm of your hand .

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You distribute the categories yourself, assign colors to them yourself, there is a pie chart of expenses for visualization. You can create several accounts, separately control housing costs. The only drawback of the application is the calculator, which resets the value when the screen is rotated.

I chose applications that I myself actively use and my environment uses. Share in the comments, what applications without Internet access do you use? Feedback is very important to us in order to continue to delight you with useful content.

Author: Артур Гатин Publication date: 12.04.2022


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Useful applications that work without the Internet