Introduced LCD panel with dynamic refresh rate from 15 to 144 Hz

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Increasingly, among the characteristics of flagships, we hear about a display with an adaptive refresh rate from 1 to 120 Hz. This is an algorithm or technology that allows you to automatically set the best frequency for certain content displayed on the screen. For example, when scrolling through the menu, 144 Hz is appropriate, when playing a video, 60 Hz is enough, and when viewing photos, 30 Hz is enough.


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But speaking of dynamic frequency, we are talking about OLED panels, while LCD matrices are deprived of this privilege. Only the Redmi K30S Extreme Edition comes to mind, which had an LCD screen that offered 7 levels of adjustable refresh rate, allowing you to switch between 30 and 144 Hz based on scenarios.


Huaxing Optoelectronics has decided to reward the LCD with a dynamic refresh rate. She introduced a display that can change the refresh rate in the range from 15 to 144 Hz. This should ultimately have a positive effect on power consumption and autonomy.


At the moment, there is no information when the adaptive 144-Hz matrix will go into mass production. But there are those who believe that the serial release of such a panel could already start and the first device to be awarded it will be Redmi Note 11T Pro.


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Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 07.05.2022


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kis bobos25 10
Хорошо что разрабатывают такие, мне Amoled (и иже с ним), вообще не подходят, сразу же начинают болеть глаза и если долго смотреть на такой экран, (oled, amoled, т.д.) кружится голова и начинает даже тошнить. Такая вот история...
07.05.2022 16:30
Вова 6
Много лет был на флагманах Самсунга, но теперь беда болят глаза от амрлел. Думал мой поко хз навечно, но теперь может и нет.
07.05.2022 17:32
Poland Crypto 1
Такая же ситуация, постоянно сидел на амуледах Самсунга! Сейчас перешёл на поко х3 nfc
Так глаза начали болеть!
И кстати на redmi nout 8pro екран тож ips но картинка лучше показывает, на поко будто четкости нет такой как на редми нот 8про
07.05.2022 22:31


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Introduced LCD panel with dynamic refresh rate from 15 to 144 Hz